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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1998/12/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15079 Activity:very high
12/5    I want some funky kool scientific looking thing running on my
        desktop with meters and stuff and rotating things, like in those
        movies where somebody's using a computer to do stuff. Any ideas?
        \_ which movies and scenes in particular are you refering to?
                \_ I dunno. Any typical movie with some "computer dude"
                   doing something on a computer usually shows some
                   stuff on the screen which has nothing to do with
                   what the person is supposed to be doing, but looks
                   kinda cool anyway.
        \_ I don't know how funky looking you want to get but I've seen
           some really neat stuff running on unix like top/netstat
           running on a transparent eterm.  If you run windowmaker or
           afterstep there are some really high-tech looking things
           like wmclock, wmcdplay, asload, as/wmppp, as/wmeth, etc..
           \_ For processes you can use something line perfmeter (solaris)
              or procmeter (linux). Other possibilites include gmemusage,
              loadmeter, qps, xosview, glload (an openGL based load meter)
                \_ Anything for NT?
                   \_ probably not.  Windows needs a huge makeover to even
                      look slightly kool/scientific/funky.  The best is
                      probably winamp plugins but unless you want to be
                      playing mp3 constantly you're SOL.
                   \_ perfmon can show some rolling graphs of current system
                      usage.  Better than nothing.  What sort of look are
                      you trying for?  Most movies use c64s.
                \_ is a substitute NeXTStep-ish shell for
                Win32, with themes and all ala Afterstep/Windowmaker. My
                personal favorite is Fallout2 theme.    -muchandr
1998/12/5-6 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15074 Activity:kinda low
12/4    /var/spool/mail/<user> holds our INBOX file. But where is our IMAP
        folders physically held?
        \_ IMAP a protocol used for online mail viewing.  By default, you
           don't have an IMAP folder unless you specifically ask for one
           (like you would get a uclink4 POP3 account). /var/spool/mail
           is the standard location on unix systems (/usr/mail on some)
           to store mail so I'm not sure what you're talking about when
           you ask where our IMAP folders are located.
         \_ it depends on a lot of things. seems like it depends on
            both the server, and the client.
            netscape4, for example, seems to somehow default to having
            server-side folders in your home directory. Which makes sense,
            after all. (caviate: I tried this on a sun box. I haven't
            tried it on soda.)
            \_ "caveat" is third-person subjunctive, not second-person
               imperative.  The plural is "caveant" ("let them beware").
            after all.
         \_ I have mine in ~/mail, so they're easily accessible to pine,too.
1998/12/4-6 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15069 Activity:low
12/4    UNIX graveyard shift opportunity in the City -- it's a Taos
        opportunity.  Thought I'd throw this out to see if anyone wanted an
        off hours job.  For more info, email or see
        /usr/local/csua/pub/jobs/TAOS --chris
        \_ you misspelled "punishment"  -tom
        \_ you misspelled "asshole"
        \_ Well, we found someone who took the position -- lots more openings
           at Taos, though (for our Santa Clara office, SF office,
           and NYC office). --chris
           \_ You have a NYC office, and not an LA office? Sheesh...
1998/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15064 Activity:moderate
12/3    According to "man www" if I want to have server side includes on
        my web page off of csua, I need to either change the file
        extension to .shtml or make it executable. Is there any reason why
        I shouldn't just change all my web page file permissions so I can
        avoid having everything end with .shtml?
        \_ for files identified as SSI-capable, the web server preprocesses
           them line by line for every page hit.  normal files are served
           up "straight" without this overhead.  --jwang
           \_ So we're talking about a difference of probably milliseconds
              per page load here?
              \_ I've done this on a Linux server. I found differences of
                 several seconds. I never did figure out why the huge
                \_ the only way there might be that much of a difference is
                   if your WWW server is CPU-bound (extremely unlikely) or
                   you're getting the documents off NFS or something.  It
                   should not be a noticable difference.  -tom
                   \_ But it is possible. It does depend on what is being
                      interpreted by the SSI. Use .shtml only if necessary.
                      \_ Are you implying it's better to make your file
                         executable then? Or in general, use SSI only if
                         \_ the latter.  -tom
1998/12/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15062 Activity:nil
12/2    Post meeting bash at:  Oscar's.  Then Spats.
1998/12/2-4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15057 Activity:nil
12/2    What are (or where do I look up) the colors I can use for -bg
        and -fg parameters in xapps, like xterm & emacs?
        \_ /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt (or equivalent path)
           \_ Thanx!
                M-x list-colors-display --psb
1998/11/30-12/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15043 Activity:moderate
11/30   Under tcsh, what's the diff. btwn 'setenv' and 'set'?
        \_ syntax:  set foo = bar, setenv FOO bar
           set is for shell variables, setenv is for environment variables
           setenv vars are inherited by child shells -jctwu (oops)
           setenv vars are inherited by child shells -jctwu
           \_ Of course, you spelled it wrong.  It's fubar not foobar. hehe
           \_ set foo = bar works for one var, but correct syntax is
              set foo=bar so that then you can say:
              set foo=bar blah=fwipple prompt="%B%m%b %~ %B[%t]%b "
           \_ thx.
              etc..  --dbushong
                \- the "correct" syntaxt is spaces on both or neither side
                of the =. if those two cases behave differenently, it is a
                odd-implmentation choice or a bug. This works just fine:
                set foo = "splat" bar = "frob". [with or without quotes].--psb
1998/11/26-29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15033 Activity:nil
11/25   I'm trying to find a copy of O'Reilly's UNIX Power Tools
        FIRST edition. The second edition has grey half-toned text that
        is difficult to read. Does anybody have a copy for sale?
        Or where is a good place to locate this book?
        \_ why? is it 'better'?
1998/11/23-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15006 Activity:low
11/21   What is a good unix command line utility that can create thumbnail
        pictures? Thanks.
        \_ /csua/bin/thumbnail_index
           I think there's a manpage somewhere if you
           add /csua/man to your manpath
           \_ Great!  What about /csua/bin/thumbnail_reap?  What does it do?
                \_ I reaps thumbnails.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1998/11/21-23 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14989 Activity:very high
11/21   I'm trying to gunzip and in-tar a file for the first time.
        When I type: tar -x sag-0.6-html.tar  I get this error message:
        tar: can't open /dev/rst0 : Permission denied
        what am I doing wrong? -brett
        \_ if it's a tar.gz try:
           tar xzvf sag-0.6-html.tar.gz
        \_ -f
        \_ tar -xf blah.tar.  read the man pages.
        \_ tar -xf blah.tar.  Not reading the man pages is what you're doing
           wrong.  man tar.  man gunzip.  Sheesh.
                \_  Thanks for the snotty advice. The first one worked
                    just fine thanks. -brett
                \_ Don't be a jerk. My csua manpath didn't work, and
                   the man that I had on my Linux box didn't explain it
                   well enough. It would be nice if people weren't so
                   judgmental. Don't assume that everybody is stupid and
                   doesn't try to do it themself first. By the way, the first
                   bit of advice did the trick.
                   \_ 1) Fix your manpath, 2) Fix your Linux box, 3) I didn't
                      assume stupidity on your part, you proved it pretty
                      well without any help, 4) The first bit of advice won't
                      work everywhere which leads back to my advice: read the
                      man page for tar which is what you should have done in
                      the first place.  I find it unlikely that you have a
                      special set of tar man pages that have a poor
                        \_ as it happens, the GNU man pages are pretty horrid
                           because they expect everyone to use info files...
                           it's incredibly annoying --brg
                           \_ .TR off .RU les .FO rever
                      explanation of how tar works while the rest of us have
                      the really cool version with examples and such.  What
                      I merely implied about your intelligence before I will
                      now state outright for those still impaired: you _are_
                      an idiot and possibly a liar as well.
                      \_ I remember back in the days when I was a unix
                         newbie I didn't have a clue on how to use tar.
                         Even after reading the manpages I still couldn't
                         get the command line arguments to work properly.
                         Finally, I ran into a friend who happened to have
                         a tar for dummies explaination that gave a decent
                         example.  Now I use tar almost everyday.  Go light
                         on the newbies. It doesn't help if you just keep
                         on saying "read the fucking manual" and "if you
                         still don't get it keep on reading the fucking
                         manual until you do get it"
                         \_ My girlfriend, a total newbie, as newbie as you
                            can get, doesn't have a problem learning anything
                            from the man pages.  What the fuck is wrong with
                            \_ so i'm dumb for not being able to understand
                               this manpage huh?
                            \_ she learns pretty well in the sack, too.

       tar - The GNU version of the tar archiving utility

       tar  [  -  ]  A  --catenate --concatenate | c --create | d
       --diff --compare | r --append | t --list | u --update |  x
       -extract --get [ --atime-preserve ] [ -b, --block-size N ]
       [ -B, --read-full-blocks ]  [  -C,  --directory  DIR  ]  [
       --checkpoint     ]  [ -f, --file [HOSTNAME:]F ] [ --force-
       local   ] [ -F, --info-script F --new-volume-script F ]  [
       -G,  --incremental  ] [ -g, --listed-incremental F ] [ -h,
       --dereference ] [ -i, --ignore-zeros ] [  --ignore-failed-
       read  ] [ -k, --keep-old-files ] [ -K, --starting-file F ]
       [ -l, --one-file-system ] [ -L, --tape-length N  ]  [  -m,
       --modification-time   ]  [  -M,  --multi-volume  ]  [  -N,
       --after-date DATE, --newer DATE  ]  [  -o,  --old-archive,
       --portability  ]  [ -O, --to-stdout ] [ -p, --same-permis-
       sions, --preserve-permissions ] [ -P, --absolute-paths ] [
       --preserve      ] [ -R, --record-number ] [ --remove-files
       ] [ -s, --same-order, --preserve-order ] [ --same-owner  ]
       [  -S,  --sparse ] [ -T, --files-from F ] [ --null     ] [
       --totals   ] [ -v, --verbose ] [  -V,  --label  NAME  ]  [
       --version   ]  [ -w, --interactive, --confirmation ] [ -W,
       --verify    ] [ --exclude FILE ] [ -X, --exclude-from FILE
       ]   [   -Z,  --compress,  --uncompress  ]  [  -z,  --gzip,
       --ungzip      ] [ --use-compress-program PROG ] [ --block-
       compress ] [ -[0-7][lmh]     ]

       filename1 [ filename2, ... filenameN ]

       directory1 [ directory2, ...directoryN ]

                      \_ The problem with manpages is that they're written
                         (horribly) by the technically-inclined, and they
                         assume some clue. Manpages are NOT for newbies.
                         Hell, I've been using UNIX for over eight years
                         now and I still don't understand some of them.
                        \_ Odd. I've never had a problem figuring out anything
                           from the man pages from Day One to today.  The man
                           pages follow a very simple format and the tar
                           manpage in particular is far more detailed than
                           most.  I stand by my words: he's an idiot.
                        \_ I wrote a short explanation of how to use
                           tar and gzip with examples and posted it to
                           ucb.class.cs61b a day or two ago. -brg
1998/11/14-16 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14955 Activity:nil
11/13  What's up with the following? just a routine passwd change...

        http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU% passwd
        Error: /dev/d0f3 Failure level 2
        \_ This means they just posted your password & login to the net.
1998/11/13-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14951 Activity:nil
11/12   When I was a student, I vaguely remember someone pointing me
        to an online copy of how to use AWK, possibly by the author of
        AWK. It was a TeX or nroff document. Can anyone tell me where
        to get this again?
        \_ 'man awk' is pretty good.
           \_ Yeah, but I'm beyond that. And besides which, I also
              want this document for historical purposes.
        \_ I thought awk had three authorS.
           \_ yeah, I'm referring to the "main one" that is most
              associated with it. ALthough now I cant remember which
              one. sigh. Oh hell, maybe I'm just hallucinating, and
              it was one of those "special" manuscripts made just for
              berkeley/UC folks.
              \_ Aho Weisenberg Kernighan. Pick one. -ali
                \_ Aho
        \_ Have you posted to comp.lang.awk?
1998/11/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14937 Activity:moderate
11/09   What are the bay area ISPs that offer unix shell accounts?
        \_ An account with lets you have both PPP and a shell.
                \_ Why is autobahn an "org"?  I thought that was reserved
                   for non profit organizations.
                   \_ Prolly cuz someone took
                        \_ That's really not a good enough reason.  It is
                           misleading.  People might think it is a charity
                           connected with the nat'l autobaun society.
                           \_ So is there really a society dedicated to
                              the German highway system here in America, or
                              is it just that you're an idiot who can't
                              spell?  Either way, people who think like that
                              deserve to have their money taken away.
                \_ Chill out guys. They are already renaming their operation
                   as Regardless of the .org, it is still quite
                   an affordable service for students.
1998/10/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14842 Activity:very high
10/27   What are the different meanings of the various ways a woman
        wears a ring or two.
        \_ If she's wearing a rock, she's engaged.  Stay away.  Hitting on
           her will only annoy her and maybe get you beat up.
           \_ you sound like you have experience.
                \_ On both sides.  I don't want mine getting hit on and who
                   would want a woman that would leave so easily once engaged?
                   If she leaves me, she'll leave you, too.
        \_ Rock on left-hand ring (next to pinky) finger = engaged
           Gold band on left-hand ring finger = married
           <= Silver on left-hand ring finger = almost-engaged, SO, or married
           Band on right-hand ring finger = likely SO
           single/multiple bands of questionable precious mineral = single
           ", and attractive ear-rings = single, looking
           \_ howerver, there is "white gold", which looks like silver.
              \_ You mean "platinum", right?  -- another Chinese
                 \_ White gold is gold and silver.  It is not platinum.
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary contains 15 items
relevant for "gold".
white gold n (1666): a pale alloy of gold esp. with nickel or
palladium that resembles platinum in appearance
           \_ Does rock mean (fake) diamond?  What does SO mean?
              \_ SO = Significant Other. If you need further explanation,
                 then you need help.
                 \_ I guess I do need help.  Does SO mean boy/girlfriend
                    partner, or what?
                        \_ can be either/or.  it's gender-neutral.
              \_ Yes, rock means diamond.  -- another loser
           \_ How do they show that they are divorced?
                \_ They have kids and they're desperate.  They'll sleep with
                   you.  They have no pride.
1998/10/26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14829 Activity:kinda low
10/26   What's the csh setting to allow me to read 2-byte Japanese characters
        in trn?  setenv LANG ??  -- mtbb
        \_ its not a shell-specific thing. YOu just have to make sure
           you have stty -cs8 or something. Then make sure you're running
           kterm on your end.
        \_ Making sure you can read the text that comes with your porn?
1998/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14818 Activity:nil
10/23   UNIX work in Etcheverry -- see /csua/pub/jobs/DECF  --dbushong
1998/10/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14778 Activity:moderate
10/14   How common is a tcsh.core file?
        \_ that's a new one
                \- actualy not that uncommon after certain releases.
                there are some buffer exploits in tcsh that LET YOU GET A
                SHELL AS ORIGINAL USER! :-) --psb
                \_ here's how I can get tcsh to give me a core dump:
                        soda% foo
                        foo: Command not found.
                        Segmentation fault (core dumped)
                        soda% ls -l tcsh.core
                        -rw-------  1  csua  704512 Oct 15 02:01 tcsh.core
        \_ upgrade to tcsh 6.08.00
                \-well since i dont know if it was complied correctly
                and you didnt even include the version number, i am not
                going to look into this. --psb
        \_ How about more.core?
                \_ Welcome to FreeBSD - <programname>.core is the same
                        as just plain core on other Unixes.
1998/10/12-14 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14767 Activity:kinda low
10/12  Is is true that if a user account is comprmised on a network of computers
       running NIS, the entire network of computers running NIS are compromised?
        \_ It will allow people to "ypcat passwd | mail",
           which should be considered a problem.  This is probably what whoever
           said that was thinking of.
                \-well, that isnt really enough info to make any guesses but
                my guess would be "if the user can log into one NIS client,
                the login in probably valid on other clients which would need
                to be checked out". the more involved question is "if someome
                breaks root on a NIS client, what are the implications for the
                whole domain". --psb
                \_ Not "enough info to make any guesses"?  The quality of
                   users' password choices has not gotten any better over time,
                   and Crack still works (even better, now that computers are
                        \-i mean the poster hasnt provided enough info for an
                answer ... we cant really guess what the question means. --psb
1998/10/11-14 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14766 Activity:moderate
10/11   What type of hardware does Soda run on? (Is this a FAQ? If so, where
        should I be looking?)
        \_ /csua/share/doc/machines
           \_ wow, i never knew we had such awesome machines in the lounge.
              last time i went there were a bunch of huge super-loud old
              computers with monochrome monitors.
              \_ they're still pretty loud, lots of background hum, but at
                 least they are color. --jon
           \_ What's the deal with all the Ultrix machines? Is it possible
              to go to Digital UNIX instead? --dim
              \_ DU is not supported on the ultrix boxes' hardware..
              \_ Would you like to donate 6 Alpha Workstations to the CSUA
                 so that we could run wonderful digital unix?  --jon
                 \_ Aren't the DEC 5[05]00's Alphas? I'm not that up on
                    older DEC hardware. --dim
                    \_ DecSystem 5(5|0)00's run Dig Unix since they are
                       Alpha based.  DecServer/Stations of the same number
                       run Ultrix and are MIPS based.  Go Dec System Name
                       Recycling. --phillip
                        \_ For clarity: MIPS = ultrix, Alpha = DU.
        \_ http://www.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU/computing/hardware/soda-mark-v.html
1998/9/22-23 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14648 Activity:high
9/22    look what i wrote. have fun cracking your wanabee gf's password!
        \_ and getting kicked off of soda
        \_ This assumes that you have a user readable passwd file.
            \_ or non-shadowed passwd, like soda's
                        \_ /etc/passwd must be world readable, so the


$twink = $ARGV[0];

do {
  $line = <PASSWD>;
  ($user,$passwd) = split(/:/,$line);
} while ($twink ne $user);
$salt = substr($passwd,0,2);
$passwd = substr($passwd,2,);

foreach $attempt (`cat /usr/dict/words`) {
  if($salt.$passwd eq crypt($attempt,$salt)) {
    print "password is: $attempt\n";
print "Unable to crack password\n";
                           "user readable passwd" implies non shadowed
               \_ soda has a shadowed passwd file.  all 4.4 bsd derivatives
                  have such a mechanism.  most modern unix like os's do.
                  only older's like ultrix, older irix, <= 4.3 bsd derivs
                        \_ even ultrix has shadowed passwds
                           \_ I am not sure if I would call that
                              monstrosity a passwd file, but okayn in that
                              case, I amend my earlier statement to include
                              ultrix and sunos as shadowable --jon
                \_where does soda keep its shadow passwd's?
                        \_ where no one but the people with enough clue
                           to RTFM can find them
        \_ Alec Muffett >> you
        \_ /usr/dict/words is a lame dictionary - real crackers use much
                much larger dictionaries
           \_ Real crackers kidnap the person, tie him/her up, and beat
              the shit out of him/her until (s)he gives you the password
                \_ REAL crackers get root shell...
                   \_ True crackers don't bother with gf's account. They
                      sift through her lingerie drawer for a diary
                      (amongst other items...)
                        \_ CSUA crackers sift through her lingerie drawer
                           and wear it.
                                \_ Free Kevin Mitnick!
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14604 Activity:high
9/15    Anyone know what hapens to people with uclink/uclink2 accounts
        after they get retired on Sept. 19? Do they automatically get
        uclink4, and does this apply to recent grads as well?
        \_ it's been delayed to November 15th per Jerry Smith.
           People who haven't used the migrate tool will have their accounts
           moved over but inactive until they use the migrate tool.  -tom
        \_ We should have a vigil to mourn the loss of University-supplied
           Unix shell accounts.
           \_ How 'bout a burning in effigy of IS&T
           \_ UCTwink accounts were so incredibly limited that calling them
                Unix shell accounts is an insult to true shell account
                providers everywhere.
        \_ So how much longer will last semester's grads still have access
           to UCLink?
        \_ By order of the Associate Vice Chancellor of IS&T all UCLink 1/2/3
           account holders who have not yet converted to UCLink 4 shall be
           forced to walk around campus wearing "I STAND IN THE WAY OF
           PROGRESS" engraved on their foreheads.  Anyone decrying the move
           to UCLink4 as a step backward will be forced to attend hours upon
           hours of IS&T indoctrination workshops until they lose all
           connection to reality (after which they can only function as an
           IS&T employee).
        \_ It's a shame they don't extend account lifetimes to 5-10 years
           after graduation as an "alumni courtesy", even with a limited mail
           spool.  The goodwill generated from a sustained benefit campaign
           could rake in some dollars and loyalty years down the line ...
           the El-Cheapo Public School approach sucks.  Go bears.
           \_ When they said "Go Bears!" they meant "Go Away Bears!"
1998/9/14-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14592 Activity:very high
9/13    How do you write a regular expression to NOT include a certain
        string wihtout grep -v... say I was to no include Tue but want Thu
        so ^[^T] wont work. I dont have to do [^T][^u][^e] do I?
        \_ [^T][^u][^e] won't work -- that doesn't match Thu.  If you want
           to match any three-character sequence except Tue with standard
           regexps, you have to do something like this: [^T]..|.[^u].|..[^e]
           (That reads: anything whose first character isn't T, or whose
           second character isn't u, etc.)  If you're using perl, it's much
           easier: (?!Tue) will match anything that isn't Tue.

           There might also be an easier way.  What are you trying to do?
           \_ shouldnt it be [^T].. & .[^u]. & ..[^e]??  if you use or,
              you wouldnt get a match for Thu since it starts with T?
              \_ The caret inside brackets means "not": [^T] matches any
                 character that is not a T.
                 \_ therefore, Thu will not be matched since it starts
                    with 'T'??
                    \_ No, because of the "|" ("or") operator: it will be
                       matched because its second character is not "u" (.[^u].)
                       and because those patterns were joined with or
                       operators.  Compare "a|b" -- it matches "b" even though
                       "b" is not "a".  It's really a clever application of
                       De Morgan's law to regexps.
                        \_ oh yeah...duh...stupid me... thanks.
         \_ or if you specifically know  you're always matching
            the output of `date`, for example, you could just use '^..[^e]'
            seeing as how that does not match Mon|Wed|Thr|Fri|Sat|Sun
                \_I am wondering about a general solution. Say I want
                to grep "last" for everyone logging on Tue but NOT from
       Can I do that with one egrep and not
                last | grep Tue | grep -v
                \_ Not easily.  What's wrong with calling grep twice?
                      \_Because I need to pass a single regular expression
                        to a differnt program.  I am only using grep to test
                        the regular expression for the other program.  I cannot
                        call the other program twice.
                        \_ This is too general. Why not use awk or perl to
                           pass the correct arguments to the second
                           program? Why do you want to pass a regexp? --dim
                           \_ I am not a UNIX newbie.  I thought about using
                                two different regular expressions but that just
                                isn't an option.  It has to be done in one pass.
                                \_ You sound like a newbie.  Why can't you use
                                   awk of perl as dim suggested?  -not dim
                                        \-you are begging the question. i can
                                certainly think of cases where you cant pipe to
                                to multiple greps. say you are doing an fgrep
                                type thing and have a file of regexps, one per
                                line. --psb
                                \_ Suppose I invent some totally arbitary and
                                   unrelated case to support my meaningless
                                   point?  Was it an African or a European
                                   swallow?  Who cares?
                                   \_ the swallow. Or, alternatively, the
                                        \-you know i talked to the person who
                                        asked the question. my example is
                                        actually pretty close to the real
                                        problem --psb
                                        \_ Exactly.  As I saifd, African or
                                \_ Is there a regular expression for a valid
                                UNIX UID?  That is faster than testing if it
                                is between 0 and 65000 on each line, isn't it?
                                \_ define "valid UNIX UID"
                                        \_ How about regexp for a number
                                        between 0 and 65678?
                                                \_ Recent Solaris versions
                                                   support UIDS > 64K -ax
1998/9/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14581 Activity:kinda low
9/12    How do you pronounce daemon?  Is it damon or demon?  And what's
        the origin of that word?
        \_ Ketchup . Catsup. Ketchup . Catsup. Boy, hard decision.
        \_ day-mon, from old english
        \_ day-mon; origin of word is in `webster daemon`, of course (either
           from christian or greek myth, depending on whom you believe).
1998/9/12-13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14580 Activity:very high
9/11    According to the cs9e reader there is a way to tell when the last
        time the tr command was invoked.  I personally think this is full
        of crap but I have to answer this question or I fail the class.
                \_ You make failing 9e sound like a bad thing.  I thought
                        it was such fun I failed it twice.
        \_ On some systems (depending how the filesystem is mounted, whether
           exec(2) updates atime, whether you have GNU ls) you can
           ls -l --time=atime `which tr`
           \_ how did you ever figure that one out.
                \_ i had the same cs9e assignment in Fall '92.
                   i used the lastcomm solution, but the grader
                   pointed out atime.  -jwang
        \_ Also "history | grep tr" to find the last time (ordinally) that
           you personally ran it.
                \_ only if your shell is tcsh and you've run it in the
                        last $history commands (often only 50 or 100)
        \_ "lastcomm tr" (see lastcomm(1) for details).
        \_ I personally think that anyone who thinks they need to take
           cs9e is full of shit and doesn't belong near this side of campus.
                \_CS9e is great for L&S majors who use that extra unit to
                   hit the 13-unit reqt.  And if you ignore it you can take
                   it over and over again and no one cares!
        \_ Why don't you tell Clancy that.
           file on the instructional computers listing everyone's account
                \_ Mike Clancy is almost as stupid as Tom Clancy
                        \_ Mike Clancy is much more stupid than Tom Clancy.
                \_ He's the worst prof of all, because he's not even PhD
                        \_ That's why he & bh are "Lecturers" not profs
                           (bh's PhD is in Education, not CS).
                   \_ Being a PhD doesn't mean you can teach, as many profs
                        here prove.
        \_ Are you really that lazy?  Look it up yourself!
        \_ CS9e was designed for the BSD-based UNIX systems that are all gone
           now - many things just don't work anymore.  (Hint:  there is no
           text file on the instructional computers listing everyone's account
           info - it's all stored in NIS+ databases now.)
           \_ since when was BSD or /etc/passwd obsolete?
                \_ neither one is obsolete, just not used on the EECS Inst
                        computers you have to do your CS9E homework on
                        (which run HP-UX 10.20, Solaris 2.6 & Digital Unix 4.0)
1998/9/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14568 Activity:moderate
9/9     On my linux box when I run netscape <DEAD>localhost<DEAD> or when I
        telnet/rlogin into my own domain name it doesn't seem to work.
        But when I dial in using ppp both of those seem to work.  I don't
        get why you have to have a ppp connection in order for
        <DEAD>localhost<DEAD> or telnet myname.hip to work.
        \_ You probably want to put localhost and your hipname into your
           /etc/hosts file.  See hosts(5) and soda's /etc/hosts.  --mconst
        what does this mean? /                  --stupidQuestionAsker
        \_ One of these (depending on version of man):
           % man 5 hosts
           % man -s 5 hosts
                \ $ man 5 hosts
                  $ No entry for hosts in section 5 of the manual
                  \_ get a better os
                  \_ get a MANPATH
1998/9/8-9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14562 Activity:kinda low
9/8     Where's "nslookup" on soda?
        \_ look behind you.
        \_ set path = ($path /usr/sbin)
            \_ use bash
1998/9/7-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14555 Activity:high
9/6     Someone should crack root on eecs instructional and administer
        that damn thing since no one seems to be.
        \_ In the last month, jenni, alanc, & monish left.  While they
           did hire brg, it will take some time to get back up to speed.
           \_ so is jon the only competent sysadmin left at berkeley.
                \_ no, there are many much more competent than jon, they
                        just don't work for eecs inst.
                   \_ to name a few, mike sinatra, brian shiratsuki,
                      rob mcnicholas.  --jon
           \_ brg >> jenni+alanc+monish   --brg #1 fan
              \_ but brg can only work << jenni+alanc+monish  --brg #1 realist
           \_ And I curse the life I'm living, and I curse my poverty,
              And I wish that I could be, oh I wish that I could be,
              Oh I wish that I could be root@cory.  -- schoen, who has
                                 actually written the other verses too
                \_ Yuk, i became a cs major because i hated poetry.
                   \_ it's amazing how telling that statement is.
                      read a book that's not published by o'reilly sometime.
                      \_ Really, ORA books have quite a lot of poetry in
                         them (they're pretty literate), but, in general,
                         poetry is a Good Thing.  - humanities h0zer
                                \_ Perl Poetry doesn't count.
                                   \_ I know.  Some of the books have actual
                                      poetry, in examples or in chapter
                                \_ According to Larry Wall, these programs
                                   actually do compile (yes perl compiles)
                                   and runs.  Incidentally, they do
                                   nothing interesting.
                      \_ It seems to me that CS majors in general have the
                         most depth of knowledge, yet least breadth. Not
                         necessarily a bad thing, but not all that great
                         \_ It is perhaps one of the tragic aspects of this
                            high-tech economy.  Depth of knowlege will get you
                            a cool job.  Breadth of knowledge will likely have
                            you flipping burgers.  Hard choice to make there...
                     \_ I bought O'Reilly's Posix Poetry.  Brought tears to
                        my eyes.  -poetry lover
        \_ I cracked it - what you do want done?  - rewt
           \_ The mailspools of all the cuties (null set?)
                \_ Mail is _always_ boring.  If you're going to ever break
                   root, please don't do it for something stupid like reading
                   some chick's boring email.
                   \_ not to mention it is usually easier to hack the "chick's"
                      account than root - if she is a true chick her passwd
                      should be something simple, try dddelta or such, or
                      there is always the social hack (ask her personal
                      questions - the name of her dog?), or just wait for her
                      to walk away from her logged in session and rhost, cp her
                      whole file structure, fwd her mail, or if you don't want
                      to be caught, xhost yourself and look at her screen :)
                      \_ ali, you sound as if you have experience
1998/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14553 Activity:high
9/6     Any recommendations on daily planner software (preferably free)
        for UNIX?  -dpetrou
        \_ ical - comes with RH linux
           \_ Can now HotSync with the PalmPilot, too. -- pilot h0zer
              \_ That's pretty cool;  where can I read up about pilots
                 under Linux?  -John
                 \_ If you're willing to cope with relatively high traffic
                    volumes, you should read the pilot-unix archives and
                    get on the pilot-unix list. -- pilot-unix h0zer
                    \_ Got a url for the archives?  Thanks.  -John
                          It's a _big_ archive, but almost every piece of
                          Unix software for the Pilot is announced/discussed
1998/9/4-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14547 Activity:low
9/4     For a humourous (and plausible) story of someone giving
        a MS Product Manager hell at Usenix NT, see:
            ~jon/pub/KornVsMS           --jon
        \_ This is great!  Has this been confirmed?
        \_ What's new? We already know that MS people don't have a clue
           about what they're talking about.  It's pretty funny though.
        \_ Not that I am a great fan of MS software but you got to give
           them credit for knowing how to kick the shit out of unix.
                \_ csua should turn off acounts of berkeley alumns who
                   live in Redmond Washington.
                \_ Not really.  Anyone with a Marketing division could do
                   that.  Who speaks for unix?  No one.
                   \_ I am the Lorax, I speak for the BSDs.
1998/9/4-7 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14543 Activity:low 52%like:14892
9/3  PA III (full time career position) opening in EECS Instructional &
     Electronics Support.
     or /csua/pub/jobs/EECS-Inst-PAIII   --brg
        \_ Noooo... don't do it!
           \_ kind of feels like going on a date with your sister, doesn't it?
                \_ I don't have a sister, but maybe.  It's more like a gilded
                   cage on a slave ship.
1998/9/3-4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14537 Activity:nil
9/2     When I use rcp/scp on some machines I get the message:
        MANPATH: Undefined variable.
        What the hell does manpath have anything to do with copying files?
                \_ it does if its in your .cshrc
1998/9/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14535 Activity:high
9/2     Can someone give me help on authenticating NT users to a Linux
        box running Samba?  Specifics in ~john/samba-nt.  No "NT sucks,
        run Unix instead", since if this works we can ditch all our NT
        servers...      -John
        \_ See the docs/security_levels.txt file distributed with samba.
        \_ You want to set "security = server" in smb.conf, and then add
           "password server = ntbox" (where ntbox is an nt machine that
           can authenticate users).  See the docs/security_levels.txt file
           distributed with samba.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly document in the samba docs.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly documented in the samba docs.
          \_ Answers like this suck. It may be better to say which docs
             and where in the docs to find it, not just rtfm.
             \_ You fucking idiot.  There's an obvious "docs" directory in
                the samba distribution with blatantly obvious filenames that
                a moron even of your caliber could figure out.  You want me
                to edit the smb.conf file for him and wipe his ass with my
                silk hanky, too?  Answers like this are perfectly reasonable
                when the docs are in your face and quite clear.  You are such
                a fucking idiot, I feel the need to say it twice.
                \_ Calling me an idiot isn't helpful nor is answering rtfm to
                   even the most obvious questions.
                   It doesn't matter if the docs are in his face, he's asking
                   for your help not responses that say rtfm.
                   even the most obvious questions. Its lame CS people like
                   yourself who don't promote or encourage the use of technology
                   because your "know it all" attitude hinders anyone from
                   approaching you to learn. No, you don't have to edit his
                   smb.conf for him, but answering the question and then pointing
                   to docs will be the most useful especially if he's a newbie.
           \_ It is not clearly documented in the samba docs.  From the
              smb.conf man page:  "If you mostly use usernames that don't
              exist on the UNIX box then use "security = share".  Plus,
              when I log into NT domain (y) from an NT workstation on
              NT domain (x) I get my authentication information from
              whatever NT server in (y) decides it's the most available
              bdc (or pdc) rather than from one specific machine.  Please
              don't make vicious, stupid comments like that, or at least
              sign your name, coward.  -John
1998/8/30-31 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14526 Activity:very high
8/30    (Pardon me for asking the same question again, but I couldn't read the
        follow ups before they all got deleted, and they escaped the log by
        I archived some files(using "tar") thoughtlessly from root
        directory, and now I moved to a different machine that doesn't have
        the same directories and I am not root. Could someone suggest some
        ways to retrieve files from the original archived file? Thanks!
        \_  Sheesh, it was in the motd for days.  Try using "gnu" tar.
            Next time if you want an answer why don't you include an email
            address?  Afraid of looking stupid?
        \_ ObGetAClue.
         \-  the chages would have to go bya pretty fast to escape my motd
            archiver. -ERic
        \_ Oh thanks for deleting my question a third time. (ERic, I am not
        whining about your archive. I just gave a reason that I put up the
        "ex-", "passed-on", question again.)
        \_ Oh thanks for deleting my question a third time. I really don't
        understand who I offended so much that s/he has to "step" on me so
        many times to feed his/her eog.
        (ERic, I am not whining about your archive. I just gave a reason that
        I put up the "ex-", "passed-on", question again.)

        Again the question was how to retrieve from a tar file not following
        the directory structure in the tar file.
        \_ You are obviously a troll. And it is more than just one.
        Again the question was how to spend time helping someone who has no
        intention of doing any research on his own.
                \_ Who are you? Did I ask you specifically to help me?
                Does it bother you so much that I get any help that you have to
                delete all my questions and all the answers people wrote?
                Get a life!
                        \_you know, if you just signed your message, we
                        could send you e-mail with the answer, then it
                        wouldn't have to take space in the MOTD...
1998/8/26 [Reference/Religion, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14517 Activity:kinda low
8/26    What the hell is going on with the SPAM!?
        Either finger is open, or there's some sellout has given our logins
        to some religious freak group on the net...
        \_ apparently the return address is real, BOMBS AWAY!!!!
        \_ Actually, I sold your login to the religious freak groups in hopes
           of raising some extra cash (money's been a little tight lately,
           since yermom doesn't have the drawing power she used to . . . )
                \_ Rumor has it that she's gone in for that new pussy
                   tightening surgery.  Only time will tell.
1998/8/26 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14511 Activity:high
8/26    "I have a problem with extracting from a .tar file.
        When I archived it,
        \_ Use gnu tar.
        \_ you should finish your question.
                tar xvf foo.tar to extract files
                tar cvf foo.tar foo to archive directory foo into foo.tar
                tar xzvf and czvf will handle tar.gz files.
           \_ I would have finished my sentence, but
                \_ I think the best bet is if you
                        \_ Yeah but that won't work becau"

        \_ Let me complete the part of the question that was deleted by
                I unthoughtfully archived from the root directory using
                "tar", but now I am under a different directory system and
                I am not root. So I have trouble extracting from the archived
                file. Could anyone please suggest a solution? Thanks!
                \_ give more details (do you have root access on this new
                   machine? what error msgs are you getting? why are you
                   trying to archive starting at the root directory and
                   untaring it to another machine.  From the info you put
                   above no one can help you and will only make fun of you
                   like the cock sucker below.
                \_ You don't have to be root to untar the damn file.
                   untar it somewhere else.  Wanting to write to the
                   root directory w/o root access is NOT a tar question.
                   But it makes sense that you don't have root access.
                   People w/o a clue shouldn't have root access.
                   \_ He's asking how to untar it somewhere else, you idiot.
                      \_ No, you moron.  He meant root directory on a
                         different system.
1998/8/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14505 Activity:nil
8/25    I have a problem with extracting from a .tar file. When I archived it,
        I thoughtlessly included the full path, starting from / directory. And
        I have no root access, wanting to extract the files, but don't have the
        appropriate diretories belonging to me. What should I do to successfully
        extract the archived file? Thank you very very much.
        \_ Use gnu tar.
1998/8/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14484 Activity:moderate 50%like:14101
8/19    There a way to print specific lines from a text file to stdout
        given that you know the line numbers?
        \_ tail +[line-number] filename | head -[number of lines to read]
           \_ sed -n X,Yp < filename
1998/8/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14423 Activity:nil
8/3     Is there a way via sed to capitalize everything within, say,
        \_ fuck sed, use perl.
           \_ Ok then, how in perl?
        \_ I don't know how to do this in sed, but the following tcl
           script should do what you want:
regsub -all {(\[)([^]]+)(\])} [read stdin] {\[[string toupper "\2"]\]} match
puts [subst $match]
1998/7/30 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14416 Activity:very high
7/30    Where the heck is kchang? I need my daily dose of idiocy.
        \_ WHITEY GO HOME
        \_ Oh my god, they killed kchang!  You bastards root!
           \_ Is that what /csua/adm/bin/sorry means?
           \_ Yes...I killed him cuz I was on his watch list.  My
              accomplice helped me cuz he was not on his watch list.
              \_ Sorrying kchang is morally equivalent to slavery and
                 discrimination against the black man!  Just because you
                 lily-white root bastards no longer keep black people in
                 chains and let millions of mexicans across the border every
                 day, you think "nobody can see us discriminating in all these
                 other ways in which we used to discriminate . . . so its okay
                 to sorry kchang because were are being so good and nobody
                 will notice!!!!!!!"  You are wrong!!!!!  I WILL NOTICE!!!!!!
                 \_ I didn't write this; I don't endulge myself in the
                    gratuitous use of exclamation points -(fucker)
                    \_ In this context, the use of additional exclamation
                       points is quite correct.  It emphasizes the mental
                       anguish and suffering of an AGGRIEVED MINORITY!!!!!!
                       WHITEY (root) WILL PAY!!!
        \_ kchang left soda to devote his full attentions to a career in the
           bath-house management industry.
           \_ i.e. he went to take a shower?
        \_ you guys are too sarcastic.
1998/7/29-8/3 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14411 Activity:nil
7/30    Anyone know if and HTTP-FILE-UPLOAD will be encrypted if you're
        using SSL on the server and the form POSTs to an https URL?
        \_ Watch it with tcpdump and find out.  tcpdump rules.  -- schoen
        \_ it should. HTTP file upload is basically a pretty way of
           including the contents of a file into an HTTP POST query.
           The query *is* the file transmission, so if the query is
           \_ I like that, making a statement as a question.  "Hey, server,
              did you know that the contents of the file foo are
              050775 117475 152557 033201 042626 110101 003330 133077?"
              "Of course!"
1998/7/29-30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14410 Activity:nil
7/29    Our Kerberos logins allow us to connect to and from any computers
        in the cs/eecs domain.  Can you use Kerberos to connect to and
        from other computers (ie. say I wanted to connect to the cs/eecs
        machines from my home computer through home ip.  how do i do that
        with kerberos?)
        \_ Dump kerberos.  Use ssh.
           \_ what are the advantages of kerberos over s(sh/login/cp)?
                \_ not many.  kerberos was around first, but ssh is more
                   useful.  one of the few advantages is kerberos can be
                   used to secure NFS connections, but the EECS/CS dept.
                   doesn't do that.
                        \-often what is more relevant thanthe "advantages
                        and disads" is kerberos is something that needs
                        kind of an institutional buy in, while ssh is much
                        more of a "self-help" product ... a little bit like
                        say AFS vs NFS. --psb
            \_ kerberos doesn't work well across the boundaries of kerberos
               domains.  Like, for example, to/from you home computer.
               ssh does.
1998/7/27-29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14400 Activity:high
7/27    One of the instructional computers was found cracked and was
        possibly running a sniffer. Since the machine in question was
        on the 43 net, soda accounts might have been compr[o]mised.
        \_ are there political problems w/ turning off rsh telnet and
          so on (in favor of ssh)
          \_ Is that a pretty elitist point of view?  Maybe we should just
             leave rsh/telnet enabled, but force them to use a one-time-use
             password scheme.
          \_ lots of people don't access to ssh.
          \_ lots of people don't [have] access to ssh.
          \_ SSH does not work well with some corporate firewalls
          \_ A more 3l33t plan would be to unplug soda's net connection, and
             have all interaction with the machine be via hardwired TVI 920
             terminals.  All the terminals would be in the same room as soda
             (to make sure that hackurs from the outside don't splice their
             way into the wiring), and that room would be TEMPEST shielded.
             \_ and what would we use soda for it it had no net connection?
        \_ Don't use telnet.  Don't use telnet.  Don't use telnet.
           (I have said it thrice; what I tell you three times is true.)
                \_...or ftp, or pop3...
           \_ Kerberized telnet?  telnet -x otherhost
                \_ not to soda
           \_ sometimes we have to connect to soda from devices that don't
              support anything BUT telnet. Like routers and access servers.
              We need one-time-passwords  on telnetd. -ERic
        \_ but was the snark a boojum?
           \_ The snark WAS a boojum, you see.
                \_ If your firewall is lame-ass (i.e. run by BBN because
                   some marketroid thought it would be a good idea) and
                   you are forced to use telnet, do what you can to set up
                   one-time passwords via s/key.  There is a free WinBlows
                   one-time password computer available out there (I got
                    my copy from somewhere on <DEAD><DEAD>) and if you want
                   to port it to another UNIX then we have source here on
                   soda.  Doesn't solve all problems, but at least prevents
                   scriptkiddies from grabbing your real password.
                   rtfm on skey(1) for more info.  -- tmonroe
                   \_ Might want to check out OPIE instead of S/Key. --dim
                      \_ urlP
                         \_ or
                   \_ One-time passwords are somewhat limited compared to
                      SSH, though, since they don't typically encrypt the
                      contents of your session (thus preventing you from
                      safely typing other passwords from within telnet).
                      Better than nothing, though.
                      \_ The point was not everyone can use ssh.
                      \_ ssh is also much better than telnet for dealing
                         with flaky connections that drop a lot of packets
                         for extended periods of time, if you don't want
                         to lose link.  For some reason.  Can someone
                         explain this?  I'm curious.  -John
                         \_ TCP_KEEPALIVES-- telnet uses them, ssh doesn't.
                            odd that the SO_KEEPALIVE would cause to lose
                            connections in a lossy network, but thats how
                            it works. -ERic
        \_ Since the 43-net runs through public access labs that anyone can
           bring their laptop into and start sniffing, always assume packets
           to soda are being sniffed.
           \_ Why isn't access at the public access labs run on switches?
              Is there a reason to expose the communications "backbone"?
                \_ What's the notation for "current PID" in most shells and
                   Perl?  There's your answer.
                        \_ Geek.  Just say $$.  Sheesh.  Had to be "clever"?
                \_ Switches cost money - the dept's just barely finishing
                    converting Cory Hall - Soda Hall is scheduled to be
                    converted as soon as they figure out who's paying for it.
                    \_ the cost difference between switched and shared is
                        negligible these days.  -tom
                        \_ But they already have shared and already paid.
                           Also, maybe they want to wait for Fast Ethernet?
                \_ Because the university by its nature is always behind.
1998/7/25-26 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14393 Activity:nil
7/24    What is the best way to do encrypted FTP? I'd like to do the data
        stream, but I'd settle for the command channel. Anonymous FTP would
        be nice, too. SSL is the only method I've investigated. Ideas? --dim
        \_ SSH port forwarding for this is pretty standard; you might need to
           use passive FTP.  Datafellows is also coming out with an FTP client
           with built-in SSH soon, they say.  If you don't need interactive
           capability, SCP is far better. -- schoen
           \_ Already using SCP, but have need for FTP. Port forwarding as
              described in the SSH FAQ is not an option. I need a more
              transparent solution. Thanks. --dim

   /- Whoa, news from the future!
1998/7/24-27 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14382 Activity:moderate
7/23    How do you do this in sed, not perl?
        \_ sed: 1: "s/(.*).gif/\1th.gif/": \1 not defined in the RE
           \_ try this instead (ugly, but works): sed 's/.*/&th.gif/;s/.gif//'
           \_ sed 's/\(.*\)\.gif/\1th.gif/'
              (sed uses \( and \) to mean "save this") also,
              don't forget to \ the . so it doesn't mean "any character"
                \_ woo woo, that's what i was looking for. you da man!
                   \_ This being said, perl regexps are significantly nicer
                      than sed, perl -e 'regexp' is nicer than sed 'regexp'
                      And if you're applying it to an entire file in place,
                      you can say perl -pi -e 'regexp', whereas you need to
                      create tempfiles for sed..  --dbushong
                      \_ but this is what i wanted to do:
                         foreach f (*.gif)
                         mv $f `echo $f | sed 's/\(.*\)\.gif/\1th.gif/'`
                         it seems like it's better done at the command
                         line. I didn't think you can do that in as few
                         bytes (and processes) in perl.
                          \_ You can do it in 1 process, and approximately
                             the same number of bytes, in perl.  -tom
                      \_ Yeah?  So?  sed is for real men.  You sound like a
                         limp-wristed, lisping girly-man.  You probably use
                         emacs instead of ed, too, I'll bet.
                        \_ ed? You pansy faggot!  I use cat, don't make any
                           mistakes and never need to edit a file because I
                           thought ahead and did it right the first time!
                      \_ why are perl regexps "nicer"?
                         \_ In general, they require fewer backslashes, support
                            all the standard operators, and add some new and
                            useful (if tricky) things like non-greedy qfiers.
1998/7/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14363 Activity:high
5/18    In how many languages can you say "stick your head in a pig"?
        Collect them all here and we shall rival the x = 3 list...

        UNIX csh: head $user >> /dev/pig
        60a OOP Scheme: (ask you 'insert-head pig)
        C:   insert(Listtype pig, Listelement yourhead);
         [This totally misses the point.  It's not OO
          or nearly as abstract as ~xxxxxxxx/pig.c]

                                is better than
                    ask2(you, stick, "head", pig);
                /* really the same as...
                   you->stick(you, "head", pig);
                        [NOT.  Try actually evaluating that.]
                   See ~xxxxxxxx/pig.c for details..... */
                Ever hear of varargs, Dan?  I thought not.
                These still pale compared to the old vanilla:

                       (*(you->insert))(head, pig)

        C++:    you->insert(head, pig); /* note the simpler notation */
                                                Note your mom...
                                                        \_ note my grandmother
        perl:   $pig = $body{head}  <--- BZZT!  Wrong.  Try...
                $body_part_location{$you, "head"} = $pig;
        FMPL:   ask(~pig, be_stuck(ask(.#self, head)))
        FMPL-SFG: pig's be_stuck(.self's head)
        fcl:    if pig is somewhat available
                    then locality(you.head, pig) is very high.
        forth:  pig you head @ !
        CL:     (setf (location (you head)) pig)
        PostScript:     /stick-in-pig {/pig exch def} def
                        /head stick-in-pig
        TCL:    proc stickit {head} {
                        set ${pig} [list ${pig} ${head}]
                        return ${pig}
        TCL#2:  proc stickit head {
                        uplevel #0 "lappend pig $head"
        OOScheme: (define head
                    (let ((contents nil))
                     (lambda (m . arg)
                        (cond ((eq? m 'stick)
                                (set! contents (car arg)))
                              (else (set! contents nil))))))
                  (head 'stick pig)
        Scheme: (define (stick pig head)
                           (lambda (c)
                                 (c (cons head pig)))))
        Kodiak: (a pig p1
                        (contents (a head h1)))
        Prolog: stick(H,P) :- in(H,P), !.
        FX90: (define-datatype container
                (pigholder->container object))
              (define-datatype holden
                (pair->holden container object))
              (match (pigholder->container pig)
                ((pigholder->container~ c) (pair->holden
                                               (pigholder->container c)
                                               (head->object #u))))
        680x0:  move    #PIG,D0
                swap    D0
                move    #HEAD,D0
                swap    D0
                move.L  D0,A7
        Z80:    LD      DE,#PIG
                LD      HL,#HEAD
                LD      BC,#$FFFF
        Cluless:  head:= [head insert pig];
        UnterMud: actor.$head = pig.$body
        Basica: <deleted>
        Postquel: retrieve into pig (person.head)
                                where = "xxxxxxxx"
        AWK: awk '{ pig += $person.head } END { print pig }'
                (defun new-world()
                  (clear-db 'db)
                  (make-world '((is-receptacle pig) (is-body-part head)
                      (at nowhere-special1 you) (at nowhere-special2 pig))))

                (setf *ops* (list (make-op
                             :name '(goto ?obj)
                             :pre  '((at ?loc you) (at ?loc ?obj))
                             :add  '((at ?obj you))
                             :del  '((at ?loc you)))
                  (make-op   :name '(stick ?body-part ?obj)
                             :pre  '((at ?obj you)
                                     (is-receptacle ?obj)
                                     (is-body-part ?body-part))
                             :add  '((is-inside ?obj ?body-part))
                             :del  '((have ?obj)))))

          (Mail blojo if you want a transcript of this code actually working.)

        OO91: "Compiler error.  Compilation aborted."

        Object Oriented Cobol: [solution deleted by author in the intrest
                                of good taste]
        Object C:

                  Isn't this getting a bit long?
                        You obviously haven't seen x=3.

        Fortran: STICK('Head', 'Pig', 'You')

You have new mail.
1998/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14346 Activity:low 66%like:14359
7/19    Random PC Unix kernel hacking job with Lloyd Ritter Consulting,
        /csua/pub/jobs/Lloyd-Ritter-kernel -- schoen
        \_ I dunno, hacking at random doesn't sound very fun.
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14326 Activity:low
7/14    WinCE 2.1 will have such new features as shutting down the
        when it's not in use.  How advanced!
        \_ <wince>
        \_ This is so fucking cool.  UNIX is dead on the laptop for sure now.
1998/7/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14309 Activity:very high
7/9     Unix time(2) passed 900,000,000 this morning, the 9th day of the month,
        at 9:00.  -- schoen
        \_ This an excuse to party? If not, who cares.
           \_ You need an excuse to party??
        \_ start training for the year 2038 problem now - danh
           \_ I am proposing a "One Billion Seconds of Unix" party for
              September 8, 2001.  Be there.  -- schoen
                \_ fucking geek.
                        \_ You mean geeks with sex lives exist?!  -- tmonroe
                  \_ who are you to be calling schoen a geek?
                     schoen is one of the nicest cs guys in soda....
                     i think you need to go shove it up /dev/ass before you go
                     calling someone a geek. -- smitty
                        \_ you have the right to your shitty opinion, as does
                           everyone else on soda. why do you have shove things
                           before calling a soda geek a geek?
1998/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14297 Activity:nil
7/7 Where's the fucking man page??
    \_ RTFM.
        Excerpt from /csua/chare/doc/FAQ -
        12. You keep telling me to "man" things. What are you talking about?
       "man" is short for "manual". "man foo" means "show me the manual
       entry on foo". Type "man rtfm" for a sample manpage.
                http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU% man rtfm
                No manual entry for rtfm
                \_ what is rtfm?
                    \_ Why don't you read the fucking manual!!!
                \_ lost with the old csua motd man page in the transition
                        to new soda
                    \_ why not create a new one?
                        \_ Because *you* haven't done it yet, dumbshit.
                           We're waiting for you to do it.
        \_ in your .cshrc file add a setenv MANPATH to include
           /usr/share/man, /usr/X11/man, and /csua/man.  Or you could
           just delete the line and see if it will inherit the path.
                        \_ It may not help you access the nonexistent rtfm
                           manpage, but it will let you access the motd one
                           and various others.  I highly recommend NOT setting
                           MANPATH in your .cshrc.
                           \_ Why not?
                   \_ At the risk of being blunt,
                        \_ Fine
                        \_ Manual
1998/7/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14294 Activity:insanely high
7/7 Where's the fucking man page??
        Excerpt from /csua/chare/doc/FAQ -
        12. You keep telling me to "man" things. What are you talking about?
       "man" is short for "manual". "man foo" means "show me the manual
       entry on foo". Type "man rtfm" for a sample manpage.
                http://soda.CSUA.Berkeley.EDU% man rtfm
                No manual entry for rtfm
                \_ what is rtfm?
                    \_ Why don't you read the fucking manual!!!
                \_ lost with the old csua motd man page in the transition
                        to new soda
                    \_ why not create a new one?
                        \_ Because *you* haven't done it yet, dumbshit.
                           We're waiting for you to do it.
        \_ in your .cshrc file add a setenv MANPATH to include
           /usr/share/man, /usr/X11/man, and /csua/man.  Or you could
           just delete the line and see if it will inherit the path.
                        \_ It may not help you access the nonexistent rtfm
                           manpage, but it will let you access the motd one
                           and various others.  I highly recommend NOT setting
                           MANPATH in your .cshrc.
1998/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14265 Activity:moderate
06/29   What file does a unix user account inherit its environment
        settings from (ie. path, etc...)
        \_ accounts don't inherit env variables, processes inherit them
           from their parents.  Most user shells read files such as
           ~/.profile, ~/.cshrc, ~/.login, /etc/profile, /etc/.cshrc,
           /etc/.login, /etc/csh.cshrc, /etc/csh.login, etc.
           Without being more specific about which OS & shell you are
           using, we can't be more specific with an answer.
           \_I'm running RH Linux 5.1 on my home computer and I want to
             be able to set environment variables globally across all
             or just some accounts. (I'm using tcsh)
                \_ RTFM
             \_ Well, you can either edit the skeleton files (the ones
                copied into new accounts), or edit the system default files.
                man tcsh/csh/login/read the linux webpage to find out
                where such things are --dbushong
           \_ I'm running DOS 2.1 on my 10mhz V20 8086 clone.
              \_ Casio Z-7000?
           \_ I'm running GUI friendly MACintosh D00DZ!!! R3WL MAN!!!!!!
           \_ I'm running Timex Sinclair 1000 with 4KB of RAM.
           \_ I'm running GEOS on a 10MHz 286 with 512K of conventional memory.
1998/6/27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14259 Activity:nil
6/26    Unix sysadmin jobs at CNet:
        \_ You might want to talk to me if you are considering this job,
           since I work for a CNet affiliate now. -ausman
1998/6/23-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14241 Activity:low
6/22    What's the difference between unix set and setenv?
        \_ setenv sets an environment variable that children of a process
           will have access to. set is accessible only within a given
           process. -dim
        \_ There is no difference - neither one exists.  Some shells
           have a "set" command, some have "setenv", some have both,
           some have neither.  It's a shell thing, not a UNIX command.
           \_ asshole...
           \_ set and setenv are, specifically, only used by csh and tcsh
              (and other shells that copy them).  "set" sets a variable for
              use by csh/tcsh, and "setenv" sets an environment variable
              for use by everything run beneath that shell (i.e. all commands
              run in it).  "set" requires an =, e.g.
                set ignoreeof=2 mail=/var/mail/$user filec
              (note filec equals nothing, it is merely being "set" in a
               boolean sense)
              where as setenv can only take one argument with no =:
                setenv HOME /tmp/hozer                  --dbushong
1998/6/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14202 Activity:high
6/10    I want to send some messages to a list of friends but do not want
        the names of everyone appear in the header.  How do I do it?
        \_ Bcc
        \_ use a script with a foreach loop:
                {foreach line} mail <message>
                \_ you enjoy wasting system resources, don't you? That spawns
                   a MTA (i.e. sendmail) for every recipient, while the BCC
                   method only does one.
        \_ Edit /etc/aliases to make a temporary local mailing list, send to
           the list, and then take it out of /etc/aliases.  You _do_ have a
           home Unix system, don't you?
           \_  No, I only have account on a public workstation like soda.
               I sometime see the recepient of a mailing list as
               <unlisted recepient> and wonder how that is possible.
                \_ Bcc you idiot.
        \_ again, since it was deleted, Cheap Hack:
           use your .forward as a temporary mailing list. --jon
          \_ that's incredibly stupid.  -tom
             \_ I never said it was a smart thing to do.
                \_ Why is it stupid? It works, it doesn't hurt anything.
                   \_ sure, so long as noone sends you mail during
                      the process.  But then, it is silly users
                      can't have mailing lists without the aid of root.
                      QMAIL FOREVER d00d!!11!!
          \_ Assuming you don't know how to spawn the rich header in
             pine.. do a ^r and you should see a Bcc: field appear.
1998/6/9-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14189 Activity:kinda low
6/8     2 pairs of tickets for Alice@97.3 birthday bash for sale.  -twaung
        \_ how much will you pay me for them? -=Aubie
        \_ you seem to not understand what "for sale" means.
            \_ kinda like how yer mom is for sale, right?
        \_ 1 pair of tix left.  -twaung
1998/5/16-17 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14101 Activity:high 50%like:14484
5/16    How do I remove repeating lines form a text file so that
        any line of text only appear once, at most?
        \_ uniq.  If the repeated lines aren't necessarily next to each
           other, use sort first.
           \_ But I want to keep the original order (of first appearance).
              \_ you could always write a C program to do it.  Not necessarily
                 the most productive way, but it could be fun.
              \_ thats why theres perl
1998/5/16-17 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14099 Activity:nil
5/14    Summer job with a startup in Berkeley: Unix, Java, Perl.
        /csua/pub/jobs/RodaGroup - schoen
1998/5/13 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14094 Activity:nil
5/13    CS dept. looking for highly-clued UNIX guru to become head sysadmin
        for all dept. research machines & manager of sww.  See http://www.cs
1998/5/12-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14090 Activity:low
5/12    As long as all these new jobs are getting announced in /csua/pub/jobs,
        a small request for people to please CLEAN OUT all the old jobs that
        are no longer relevant.  A number of postings there are owned by root
        because they were moved around.  Those responsible for them, please
        let me know if they are still relevant or can be deleted.       -lila
        \_ Princess Lila made a demand!  All must comply.
          \_ "small request".
          \_ Ohhh. Ahh.
1998/5/6 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14055 Activity:low
5/5     From the MOTD on
        >On June 1, 1998 Communication and Network Services (CNS) will be
        >enhancing the Web access to the Campus Directories. At that time,
        >we will discontinue platform-specific Directory Services, such as
        >Unix fspb and Macintosh HyperPB, and gopher and telnet access to
        >Infocal.  This will not affect telnet/host presenter access to
        >If you have any questions, please send e-mail
         \_Who cares?
           \_ _I_ care, dammit.  Platform-specific directory users,
              I feel your pain . . .
1998/4/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14018 Activity:nil
4/27    Berkeley Systems/Bezerk is looking for a Unix/NT admin.
        see /csua/pub/jobs/BerkSys      --jwang
1998/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13992 Activity:nil
4/21    I need WinNT 4.0 command-line equivalents of nice, sleep, and kill.
        Any around? -jctwu
           Unix95 Collection Version 7 contains the utilities you seek.
           \_ tanx! =)
        \_ Sure. The installer is at
          \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of religious stupidity?
             Out in the RW, you don't always have the religious CS school
             choice to use whatever you feel like.  Yes, NT pretty much sucks,
             and so what?  The answer to an NT problem is *not* "Uh uh uh!
             Install linux/freebsd/unix!  Uh uh!"  Get a clue.  Try real life
             for once.
             \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of "Oh _yeah_?????
                Why don't you pussy CS students try living in the _REAL_
                world???" macho bullshit?  If your job consistently forces
                you to use tools you dislike on a regular basis, then maybe
                you weren't thinking too hard when you selected your
                \_ Give that attitude to a prospective employer and you won't
                   have too many workplace choices, boy.  Or maybe not every
                        \_ The San Francisco Bay Area is by all accounts a
                           seller's market for technology jobs.  People who
                           prefer to work on Unix have any number of options
                           around here.  That's why this "real world" isn't
                           as dismal as all that.
                                \_ Wait until the market gets saturated.
                                   Then you'll beg for those MVS jobs.
                           \_ Yes, and an asshole with a bad attitude in _any_
                              market will have a shorter list of jobs at a
                              lower salary with less opportunity for
                              advancement and is less likely to get a good
                              reference in the RW, dismal or not.  The world
                                \_ "Asshole with a bad attitude"?  You've had
                                   a lot of personal experience here, I take
                                   it . . .
                                  \_ DOH! I am struck to the quick! HAHAHA!
                                     Spare me the attempted wit.  "I know you
                                     are but what am I?" is beneath a Cal
                                     student, any Cal student.
                                        \_ except saarp  -tom
                              is run by and for and is about people, not
                   one is the super genius techical guru you are and simply
                   wants a decent job to pay the rent?  We can't all be the
                   GiantPenis BoyWonder you obviously are.  Or... maybe some
                   people actually *prefer* NT and just want a few of the unix
                   tool ports but otherwise think Unix sucks?  I'll be looking
                   for open minds like yours the next time I interview.  I
                   merely implied it before, but since you said it, I'll
                   agree: you are a stupid CS pussy with zero RW clue.  Happy?
                   \_ yes, I am a giantpenis wonderboy.  and you're a nobody.
                      Men like me invent the technology that shapes the future.
                      You're a fucking nobody and you will stay a nobody for
                      the rest of your life because of your lack of brain power.
                      NEED IT.
                      \_ BoyChild, engineers are dime-a-dozen cogs.  Only
                         management and sales count, and sales only counts
                         when sales are good.  Don't fool yourself.  Boys like
                         you are hired by the dozen and fired by the dozen.
                         Given that I'm posting on the motd and I'm also not
                         a student, a clever boy like you could figure out I
                         already have an engineering/cs degree from Cal and
                         unlike you might know what I'm talking about.  What
                         makes your future degree better than the one I
                         already earned?  Perhaps the cognitive elite isn't
                         currently over-enrolled at Cal this semester?  Can't
                         wait for a chance to interview a few of you and ask
                         some of those personality/attitude questions.
                         \_ Uh, I (the person who posted the "why do you work
                            in a job that regularly forces you to do things
                            you dislike" comment) _am_ already out in the real
                            world, thanks.  And I regularly interview people.
                            The only difference between us seems to be that I
                            haven't decayed into a condescending, dour, bitter
                            asshole like yourself.
                            \_ I'm glad you have the talent, skill,
                               experience, and perfect personality that allows
                               you to choose your title, salary, and working
                               arrangements at the company of your choice.
                               I seriously doubt most here are in your unique
                               position.  Coming straight out of school, there
                               is zero chance they'll start like that.  Given
                               a choice between a smart, flexible kid who will
                               do the work I need done without religious lip
                               and a smart, religious, mouthy kid who will do
                               the work I need done but constantly bitches
                               about how >insert free *nix here< would do it
                               better because *nx is the answer to everything,
                               I'll take the smart flexible kid everytime.
                               When your only tool is a hammer, everything
                               looks like a nail.  BTW, send those flexible
                               ones my way, you can have the mouthy little
                               bastards.  Either way, they're all still
                               dime-a-dozen coming out of school.  (If I pay
                               you to run my Apple ][e network, that's what
                               you'll do, your choice is to go elsewhere).
                               \_ Not every free Unix advocate will insult
                                  a boss or tell a boss to switch operating
                                  systems.  I developed on VB once because
                                  that was what I was hired to do.  I was
                                  polite and did the work and didn't bash
                                  Microsoft horribly, but _I didn't stop
                                  caring about it_ either.  Behold, my old
                                  boss wrote me e-mail recently about how
                                  people keep telling him Linux is worthwhile,
                                  and he may have to try it one of these days.
                                  You don't have to insult everyone like
                                  certain OpenBSD founders we know do in order
                                  to make progress for free software.  If you
                                  can tell that all progressive groups != ISO,
                                  you can surely see the same about "*nx"
                                  advocacy.  We will win -- slowly.
             \_ who's the asshole that starts every post with, "Out in
                the RW...?" yeah, we really need life lessons from you.
                \_ You seem to.  What's your point, if any?
                   \_ that your "i'm out in the RW" crap is old. go away.
                   \_ And that you're assuming that we all live in a "real
                      world" that's as broken as yours . . .
1998/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13980 Activity:high
4/17    If I want to use ssh to connect to a remote machine and run xwin
        apps, what is the command line to start, say, xterm.  And what do I
        need to set up beforehand?  -emarkp
        \_ unix: /bin/rm -rf ~
           windoze: fdisk
           mac: drag all your icons to the trash can.  empty trash can.
           \_ Um, I assume this is a comment about the security?  I though
              ssh was a secure way to transmit x-events.  Furthermore, this
              does not answer the question.  -emarkp
              \_ someone buy this man a clue
        \_  with a properly configured ssh, its all hidden 'silently' from
            you.  ssh to the remote host and run your x commands normally
            SSH 'silently' sets your DISPLAY environment correctly for you,
            and your shell commands will inherit it. -ERic
            \_ Where can I go to find docs to do the setup correctly?  Or
               is it simple enough to post here?  -emarkp
               \_ Have you actually tried to run xterm already?  If it
                  didn't work, maybe you want to give the error mesg
                \_ The freeware 1.22 unix package had plenty of docs. RTFM.
                   It isn't that hard.
            \_ well the  'default setup' works 'correctly'.  If you have an
               idiot sysadmin who changed the defaults and put in things like
               disabling xforwarding in sshd config, then it won't work. -ERic
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13928 Activity:nil
4/9     What is the name of that Xprogram you can use to plot graphs on
        the unix workstations?
        \_ gnuplot will do that.
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13924 Activity:kinda low
4/8     How do I set up an FTP server as a Network drive on my Windows 95
        desktop?  The server uses NSF, if that helps any.
                                   \_ national science foundation?
                                      \_ Maybe the server is on NFSNet?
                                         (If only it still existed...)
                                         \_ The shadow government keeps
                                            the NSFnet alive and well,
                                            but horribly corrupted to
                                            new and alien purposes. -freedom
                                            \_ Hey! I'm the resident wingnut
                                               here. Who's trying to steal
                                               my title? -wingnut #1
        (I want to edit web pages locally but write remotely
        without having to upload and download updates manually.)  --pcjr
        \_ Have they exported NFS read/write to your windows95 desktop?
           If so, there's a chance you can do what you want, and they will
           get what they deserve when some miscreant trashes the server with
           NFS attacks ...
1998/4/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13902 Activity:high
4/5     Spring forward.
        \_ how does it work?  like: 1:58,1:59,3:00,3:01,etc?  if so that
           explains why my 2am cron job didn't run.
           \_ Yes, the second at 1:59:59 PST is immediately followed by the
              second at 3:00:00 PDT.  You can verify that locale-aware Unix
              time code believes this with date -d '2:00 today' and similar.
              Daylight Saving Time is the mortal nemesis of cron.
        \_ Windoze gives users a nice reminder that the system time has been
           updated and please "verify" the new time is correct, because Gates
           isn't sure how to calculate DST.  Whereas UNIX users know that the
           system will do the right thing.
           \_ umm... yes.  this is a very good reason for me to use UNIX
             over windoze.
           \_ Actually since I may be multibooting I _don't_ want the OS to
              fuck with my system clock.  You really want each of 95, unix
              and NT to advance your clock an hour?  As only a semi-related
              issue, the whole daylight savings time thing is incredibly
              stupid.  This is no longer an agriculturally based society, so
              we don't need that crap screwing things up.  Although leap year
              and leap seconds are somewhat annoying, at least they're rare
              and more importantly, they are necessary to maintaining our
              current calendar system.  (Although it might be a long time
              before we noticed all those leap seconds adding up)  :)   I say
              we should scrap the whole damned thing.
                \_ Actually DST is an invention of the 20th century to get
                   extra productivity out of urban workers!  In an agricultural
                   society, people don't care as much about what time you say
                   it is as they do about when the sun actually comes up.
                \_ Japan, Taiwan, and many Asian countries have already gotten
                   rid of this shit. This is one main reason that Win95 asks
                   you what region you're in, and whether you REALLY want to
                   forward/fall back your clock.
              \_ I think every day should be shortned by about 2 minutes.
                 then at the end of the month, we can all get an extra hour.
                 This will allow us to work even harder for our employer, or
                  to catch up on sleep, or net surfing.
              \_ I don't really care what the heck the time is on my PC's,
                 so when Win95 asked me to fix the time, I laughed to see it
                 *hours* off.  I don't ask my pc to keep time, only to launch
                 gamez. That is, after all, all windoze machines are good for.
1998/3/19-20 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13839 Activity:very high
        Incidentally, it plays all PlayStation games
        \_ I'm sorry, the web site looks exceptionally unprofessional. I don't
           see why anyone would pay $750 after looking at this web site.
                \_ Yeah, they can't do a good web site, therefore the product
                   they're selling *must* suck too.  How many times have you
                   failed Logic 1A so far?  Maybe Rhetoric 10 still has room
                   for you next semester.
           \_ Lower appeal means lower number of people buying. I highly
              suggest you take Econ10 and BA10 you fuckin' know-it-all.
              By the way psb, next time, SIGN YER FUCKIN NAME
                                \-you know i usually do sign my name. the
        university exempted me from econ1. the economist recently had a good
        ariticle on research on advertising. Having never taking typing, i
        never put two spaces after end-of-sentence. --psb
                        \_ *LAUGH*  Sign your own name, hypocrite.
                        \_ Uh... what was so bad about it?  It loaded fast,
                           it provided tons of info on their product.  What's
                           your problem?  A web critic *and* a logic genius?
                           You've got it made.  How can I be as k00l as y00?
                        \_ I highly doubt it was psb.  Not even a single
                           latin word.                  - not psb
                               \_ motd postum, ergo, sum psb est
                          \_ No, it was me, and I, Sir, am no psb!
1998/3/19 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13837 Activity:high
3/18            String foo = "help";
                byte[] b = foo.getBytes();
                ByteArrayInputStream bais = new ByteArrayInputStream(b);
                ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(bais);
                Customer customer = (Customer) ois.readObject();
                FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("Customers.DB");
                ObjectInputStream ois2 = new ObjectInputStream(fis);
                /* the next line causes the error */
                Hashtable Database = (Hashtable) ois2.readObject();

                \_ Well, clearly this line is in error.

                This JAVA code gives the following error:

                Assertion failed: GET_RESOURCE_ATTR( r1 ) == RaInt64, file
                /CLO/Components/SLLIC_LITE/Src/lwo/opt_driver.c, line 2514
                SIGABRT   6*   abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
                        location=7B041EB0. stackbase=7B03AF44,
                test.bat: 7927 Abort

        Does anyone know what the hell's going on with that error?  This
        doesn't happen on my PC, but happens on UNIX!!!
        \_ And Sun Microsystem is sueing Microsoft because Microsoft
           claims to be Java compliant.  Seems to me Sun should sue
           the other Unix vendor.
1998/3/16-17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13814 Activity:nil
3/16    (really)
        Anyone using Linux 2.1.x kernels noticing a big boost in
        networking performance (specifically PPP and NFS?).     -randal
        \_ I don't use 2.1.x, but the newsgroup
           'comp.os.linux.system.development' has various comments on NFS
           performance recently:  apparently, linux's NFS is very slow
           as a client to certain NFS v3 servers with buggy implementations.
           FreeBSD is supposed to be better, 2.1.x isn't finished yet.--PeterM
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13806 Activity:moderate
3/13    How [do] I trace ftp transactions? Is there a system log file?
        (want more information than 'last')
        \_ Depends on the ftpd.  Some log to syslog, others maintain a
           private log.  Others can be configured to do either.
           \_ wu.ftp has xferlog in your log directory, and is pretty common.
1998/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/VM, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13746 Activity:high
3/02    which term is the most capable? vt100,102,220,ansi...?
        \_ Why don't you show of your capabilities, big boy, and help
           the rest of us decide.
        \_ The TeleVideo 920s they had down in the WEB.  Those were the best.
                \_ And the handy location of the break key was a stroke of
                   genius.  The keyboard design of the tvi920 was second only
                   to the old HP keyboards (105 Cory) in pure key placement
        \_ web TV
        \_ whichever one your software emulates.  if you have choices,
                the larger the vt number, the more it can do, but telling
                soda you're on a vt320 will just screw you up if your
                software only does vt102
        \_ vt100 is almost certainly good enough for just about anything.
           for the most part, vt100 = xterm as far as terminal emulation
           goes.  [niggly idiots, note "for the most part". thank you]
        \_ Number 2 lead pencil
1998/2/25-3/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13734 Activity:very high
3/25    Any easy ways to calculate median via UNIX utils like bc?
        \_ use awk
        \_ use Statistics::Descriptive;
                \_ not found.
                        \_ get it from CPAN
        \_ whatever happened to BLSS? That had all sorts of cool statistics
           \_ can we scam a license off of the STAT dept? Think they'd want
              porting help, or a BSD platform to build on?
                \_ Mail to blss@stat.  Can't hurt to ask.
        \_ #!/usr/local/bin/perl
           @sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;
           print $sorted[$#sorted/2], "\n";

           or, if you prefer,
           perl -e '@sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;' \
           -e 'print $sorted[$#sorted/2], "\n";' 6 23 9 1 0 23.3 4
           \_ Just curious: if I've got "1 2 3 4" is "2" the correct response,
              according to any math texts?  -math ignorant
              \_ Yes, "2" is the correct answer, because Soda is really an
                 Apple ][ Plus running Apple Integer Basic.
                 \_ It's true!  Yes, the lottery scheduler is _THAT GOOD_.
          \_ I think, actually, that it should be the average of 2 and 3
             (i.e. 2.5).  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  -emarkp
           \_ can we scam a license off of the STAT dept? Think they'd want
              porting help, or a BSD platform to build on?
                \_ Mail to blss@stat.  Can't hurt to ask.
                \-the BLSS people seemed pretty amenable to work with us
                        \_                     watch your gramar^
                when i dealt with them on behalf of the ocf. --psb
                \_ Mark is pretty cool.  If he can do it legally, he will.
                \_ If there's an even number of items in the array, take the
                   middle two ($#sorted/2 and $#sorted/2 +1), add and div by 2
          \_ okay, here we go:
             perl -e '@sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV; \
             $half = $#sorted/2;  \
             print (($#sorted % 2) ? ($sorted[$half]+$sorted[$half+1])/2 : \
                 $sorted[$half]); print "\n";' 1 2 3 4
        \_ My version :-)
           Truly, a work of art.  :)
                #!/usr/local/bin/perl5 -w

                @sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;

                $len = $#sorted +1;

                if ($len /2 == int($len /2)) {
                        $avg = (@sorted[($len /2)] + @sorted[($len -1) /2]) /2;
                        print $avg . "\n";
                else {
                        print $sorted[$#sorted/2] . "\n";
        use Statistics::Descriptive;
        $stat = new Statistics::Descriptive::Full;
        printf("the median of [%s] = %s\n", join(',', @ARGV), $stat->median);
        \_ show off.  mine is easier to read. :-)
        \_Can't locate Statistics/ in @INC at ./ line 3.
          BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 3.
1998/2/22-7/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13724 Activity:very high
2/12    I hear this from some high sch00l kids: "Titanic is a real story?
        Wow, I didn't know that." I can't believe that kids today get easier
        SATs to score higher and inflated ACH scores and don't know shit about
        WWI and WWII history. Soon they won't even know what UNIX is. Sheesh.
        When I was their age I had to take a bus to school. Now, they just
        watch live internet cast. The quality of education is just going
        \_ You are a fucking MORON.  The Titanic had nothing to do with WWx,
           and has little place in a decent history education.  Unfortunately,
           even the "well educated elite", of which you are but the lowest
           echelon, knows more about the Titanic than either of the world wars.
                \_ Uh oh... back to Reading Comprehension 1A.  Come back when
                you have acquired this basic skill.  The person didn't say
                the Titanic had anything to do with either war anymore than
                they said it had anything to do with UNIX which was also
                mentioned.  Nor are any of these topics covered on the
                SAT/ACH which you fail to understand.  Learn to read before
                you troll motd again.
                you troll the motd again.
                \_But there is a Titanic/Unix relationship.  The graphics
                  for the movie were done on SGI's running IRIX, a flavour
                  of unix.
                  \_ What SAT scores did those SGI guys have?  They qualified
                     to work on a movie if they don't know any history?
        \_ well, sure. faking the tests is cheaper than actually teaching
           crack-babies something.
        \_ These are the same kids who think the Fugees write their own songs
        \_ Are they saying this about the actual ship, or are they talking
           about the people involved?  Of course the ship really sank (and
           probably similarly to how it was depicted), but Jack and Rose
           and the Gemstone were all fictitious.
           \_ you are full of shit.  It is a documentary of 2 lives in the
              last hours of the Titanic.  All true.  My prof told us.
            \_ "My Prof said so!"  BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA  There is no one in
               the universe more distant from reality than a Berkeley Prof.
               Take BH for example.  How much more distant can you get?
                \_ bh is not distant from reality.  You just fail to
                   understand and appreciate the new communist future that's
                   coming to envelop us all, SOONER THAN YOU THINK, CAPITALIST
                   SCUM RUNNING DOG!!!  How glorious will be the day when
                   \_ That's "FILTHY AMERICAN CAPITALIST PIG-DOG"  --PeterM
                   I once again sit in front of a VT100, programming in
                   Scheme on my PDP-10.  I will eat potstickers, and gaze out
                   the window with a feeling of elation and triumph at the
                   sight of the hammer-and-sickle flying on its staff above
                   a US Post Office.  Occasionally I will answer the phone
                   (since this is the future, and all software is
                   GNU-copylefted, I need to do customer support over the
                   phone to make enough money to pay for electricity for the
                   PDP-10 and -6.)  On long winter evenings, I will gather
                   the children around the fire, show them my knife
                   collection, and tell them how, when the day of revolution
                   came, I used every blade to KILL A CAPITALIST RUNNING
                   PIG-DOG OPPRESSOR _JUST LIKE YOU_!!  Accomodate your mind
                   to the true reality of Communist thought before it's too
                   \_ Exactly.  Thank you.
        \_ There are kids, even adults, who don't listen to BACH.
           \_ This has to do with choice, not ignorance.  I don't _like_
              Bach but I still _know_ who he was.  I don't listen to him.
              The Titanic story is a matter of history and not knowing
              anything about the ship has to do with a faulty education,
              not questionable taste in history (or music).  IMNSHO, you
              would do well to take a course or two in both logic and
              rhetoric.  "I know psb, and you, Sir, are no psb!"
                \_ Anyone who doesn't like Bach should go jump in
                  the Atlantic.
                  \_ Obviously your musical opinions are so powerful and
                     correct that any who dare to feel otherwise would be
                     be overcome by the wave of rightness flowing from your
                     perfect form, leading them to jump in the Atlantic with
                     their entire CD collection.  Or are you just stupid?
1998/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13694 Activity:insanely high
02/18   date +"x%m/x%d" | sed 's/x0*//g'
        \_ Why not just say "2/18"?
                \_ strangely enough, this is a university with an intl
                   reputation and many intl students.  this is also a
                   university with many pretentious students who want
                   you to think that they are suave and intl.
                   \_ You mean pretentious?  If its ok with you, I'll just
                      stick with "2/18" for today.
        \_ Why not say "18/2"?
        \_ Why not say
              date +"%m/%d" | sed 's/0\([0-9]\)/\1/g'
                \_ cuz you can use 'x' as magic marker.
                   \_ is it permanent or one of those water soluble ones?
                   \_ but using markers is inelegant.
                    \_ Actually its a nice trick and easier to read.
                      \_ but it doesn't teach you what to do if you don't get
                         to control the initial output format. The second
                         one does.
                        \_ but you do get to control date's output format via
                           '+'.  the date and sed are meant to work together.
                           \_ You're still missing the point.
                                \_ I see your point.  You're being academic.
                                   Out here in the RW, I think it's a nice
                                   trick and makes it easier to read.  I'm
                                   not in some CS class.  I work and like to
                                   see the little tricks other people use in
                                   their work which may apply to mine.
1998/2/11 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13656 Activity:nil
2/10    Unix/NT Sysadmin position available at Fujitsu PC Corporation.
        See /csua/pub/jobs/fpc-sysadmin for details -cdaveb
1998/2/10-11 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:13652 Activity:high
2/10    Does anyone know an easy way to decode an octet-stream attachment
        for word.  elm can't handle it.  -adr
        \_ If it's a word file, the MIME type shouldn't be octet-stream.
           Get the bozo who sent it to you to fix his mail program.
        \_ Read the message closely : elm means unix usually and word
           will be thought of as octet-stream .  Uncle Bill does make
          UNIX ports of Word.
                \_ Bullshit.  Word is for Windows and Mac only.
          \_ No, Word should be thought of as application/msword.  That's
             what MIME types are FOR.  octet-stream would be something like
             a raw binary.
          \_ Really?  I thought only WordPerfect has UNIX versions.  -- yuen
                \_ Whether or not there's a Unix version, the MIME type is
1998/2/5-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13626 Activity:high
2/4     Is there a simple UNIX utility that returns the width & height of an
        image, like jpg or gif? Or can the info be easily extracted?
        \_ CPAN:Image/Image-Size-2.6.tar.gz
        \_ its not exactly command-line, but xv can do this pretty  easily too.
        \_ has perl code to do it,
                and update your html files too while it's at it
           \_ Cool! Thx! This is exactly what I needed!
        \_ The "file" command does it for GIFs... Anyone interested in hacking
           soda's magic file to have it do the same in it's JPG
           matching? -mogul
1998/2/2-3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13607 Activity:high
2/1     What is the easiest way to allow people (actually myself) to upload
        stuff through my web page?  --- clueless
        \_ DON'T DO IT.
        \_ This may open you up to a lot of security risks; think carefully
           when you implement something.  How do you want to do it?  Do you
           want to enter text into a form and then have it available as a
           file in an account somewhere?
           \_ Don't listen to these idiots.  The easiest way is probably
              HTTP PUT; see the Apache documentation.
                \_ Oh really?  So where's a page you wrote that allows
                   uploads?  Post the URL so we can all have fun hacking it.
                   \_ Why don't you just tell us how to hack HTTP PUT.
                      \_ "There are few scripts available which implement PUT
                         handling securely." _Apache Week_, April 4 1997
                         In concept it _can_ be secure, but it's not an
                         unrealistic concern; frequently the PUT scripts
                         have holes, even more than other CGI stuff.
                         \_ PUT is fairly simple; it is not difficult to write
                            a secure PUT script.  You don't need "many"
                            scripts available which implement PUT securely,
                            you only need one.
                            \_ right, but first you've got to find it. :-)
                                \_ If you use suexec, it's not hard to
                                   write one.  Just make all paths relative
                                   to the document root and disallow ".."
                                   and other funky characters.
                \_ YES! suexec is much more secure! We really should run
                   httpd on soda instead of scotch so that one will not be
                   able to kill the "nobody" process arbitrarily.
                                   \_ I'm still waiting to see your secure
                                      page.  Post the URL when you're ready.
                   \_ Oh, give it up.
        \_ thanks for all your responses.  I wanted to do this as a way to
           replace ftp to transfer my manifestos:-).  The web server is going
           to be running only when I need to transfer file and is shut down
           the moment the transfer is done.  So I guess it does not need to
           be too secure.  Anyway, the question is now whether I will get
           enough clue to find out how to write a minimal script. -- clueless
           \_ You must be too sexy to use scp.
              \_  No, Jobs is too sexy to have scp developed for mac.
1998/1/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13577 Activity:nil
1/27    Can someone:
        1: add suexec to scotch's httpd
                \_ No.  Not an option. --root
                \_ adding suexec to scotch is not trivial.  --jwang
        2: move httpd to soda?
        \_ Why does it matter where it is? If you're concerned about having
           to go to some hard-to-remember directory, you could always make
           a symbolic link from your root dir to your html dir
           \_ can't edit /etc/motd.public through my cgi-bin, can't run
              my ps through my cgi-bin, can't kill, can't fork, etc.
                        \_ Those are all good things - people not logged in
                                to soda should not be able to do that.
                \_ can't even bother to log in to be a hoser ;-)
          \ Don't bring up the subject of CGI or SSI .. we ARE not trusted
                \_ We will be once someone sets up suexec. It's simple!!!
        \_ Root is discussing the pros & cons of doing this - if you want
                your opinion to actually matter, mail root, don't bother
                posting in the motd.
1998/1/21 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13530 Activity:nil
1/20    Sysadmin job available at Active Software.  UNIX/Windows/backup
        sysadmin mostly.  Webmaster experience also required.  See
        /csua/pub/jobs/Active. -eric
1997/12/3 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32174 Activity:nil
12/1    why is my display all messed up?  the screen isn't scrolling
        and clearing properly when reading mail.  is it still vt100?
        \_ works perfectly for me, get a new client.
         i'm using telnet
          \_ you are an idiot.
         \_ Yet you didn't have the balls to sign that?  -ax
          \_ I call people idiots in real life all the time.  I
             specifically called YOU an idiot (if you were the
             idiot who said "get a new client, I'm using telnet")
             because telnet has absolutely nothing to do with
             terminal emulation, and the client is almost certainly
             not the problem, anyway.  -tom
             \_ I wrote the "get a new client" line.  I did *not*
         write "I'm using telnet".  Relax Tom, it's only the
         MOTD.  You'll have a heart attack before you're 30 at
         this rate.   sign me, Concerned For Tom's Health
         BTW, I did *not* write that long ALL CAPS diatribe
         or call anyone an idiot, etc.  I'm just thinking of
          \_ "before" he turns 30? hahaahahaah.
            \_ How old is Tom?  I figured about 28 or so.
          --Concerned Even If Tom Is Older Than I Thought
           \_ 29.  -tom
             \_ Well, see?  Slow down or you could be
         dead before your next birthday.
            --Concerned About Tom At Any Age
1997/12/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32173 Activity:nil
12/2    Can someone please explain the *.asp format on web sites? What kind
        of language is it, and why is it prefered over traditional UNIX
        \_ it's not.
        \_ The above person means to say it's not prefered over UNIX scripts.
           In short, asp is yet another crime MS is trying to inflict on the
           rest of the world.  As far as I know, only MS's IIS uses it.
1997/5/2-15 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:32134 Activity:nil
4/25    Every new account on soda comes with a file called "FAQ".  (If
        you lost your copy, a fresh one is always available in
        /usr/local/csua/FAQ .)  Please read it and remember it when you
        have questions/problems.  Asking root questions that it answers
        is grounds for getting really snide or obnoxious responses from
        root, if your mail is answered at all.
1997/4/25 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:32127 Activity:nil
4/17    If you ever have problems logging into soda, please check the newsgroup for announcements of system problems
        before mailing root.  If there is a system problem, mailing
        root just fills root's mail spool once it's fixed and too late
        to do anything about it.  This and other useful information
        was in the FAQ file in your account when it was created.
        Please read it and remember it - if you lost your copy, a
        fresh one is always available in /usr/local/csua/FAQ.
        Asking root questions that it answers is grounds for getting
        really snide or obnoxious responses from root.
1997/1/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32028 Activity:nil
1/5     /dev/dsk/zd2s2        708588  641735      260    100%   /home/perl
 /dev/dsk/zd4s2        624388  561899     3796     99%   /home/grep
 /dev/dsk/zd6s2        682344  613869     4299     99%   /home/uniq
        --> CLEAN UP now already ...
1996/12/21 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32023 Activity:nil
12/20   I am considering having the adam glass memorial beer bash
        at my soon to be vacated house, but since i don't drink
        i'd rather play RED ALERT.  are there other people
        out there with Red Alert CD ROM's and a pc with ethernet
        card who'd be willing to haul their computer over for
        the alleged beer bash? - danh
1996/11/16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32005 Activity:nil
11/15   Any suggestions for good online html reference manuals?  All the ones
        I've used before seem to have mysteriously vanished.  (Okay, not all,
        but several, and now my boss wants a good one...)  -- tabloyd

vchoi:x:30506:31:Valerie Choi:/home/diff/vchoi:/usr/local/bin/tcsh
\_ we need a bchoi@csua.
          \_ bchoi is aliased to achoi@barra
             \_ I am greatly offended by this abuse of root on soda. - choice
         \_ regardless of the fact that this alias is a hell of a lot less
            offensive than a lot of others we've got, adding naughty aliases
            would not be an abuse of root, but rather of group aliases.
         \_ It's been there for quite some time...
1996/11/4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31987 Activity:nil
11/2    Is there anything called a .vacation file that autoresponds to any
        e-mail you get and tells them you'renot there?
        \_ look at procmail. the man page includes a trivial implementation
        of vacation. -aaron
         \_ Welcome to 1996.
        \_ "man vacation".  You make a hook to vacation via your .forward file.
        (actually I just checked. soda didn't seem to have a vaction page).
        Find the page on soda or try on another machine.  My manpath may
        just be screwed up.
         \_ Soda's "man" command is screwed up - use gman instead.
        \_Thanks.  Found it on beer.  Soda doesn't have a man page for it.
           \_ That's because soda doesn't have the vacation software at all.
         \_ I don't have access to beer.
          \_ so find another computer with vacation - almost
           every UNIX (except Dynix) has it...
1996/10/29 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31973 Activity:nil
10/28   Why aren't the web server logs mounted on soda? People do like
        to see who is accessing their web pages.
        \_ Try mailing root and asking them.  Most likely it's just something
           no one's bothered to do yet as part of the changeover.
        \_ I'll let you serve my logs baby
        \_ I wanna see who's accessing your web pages, too...
1996/10/29 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31972 Activity:nil
10/28   This IMPORTANT sniffer information:  who does it effect
        and over what time period?  Do we have any more information
        on what a sniffer is, its scope, its limitations, and
        who the $%@#$*%&@#$*%&@#$ was doing it?
        \_ A sniffer is a program that listens to all packets transmitted
           over a network and records the more interesting ones (usually the
           first part of telnet, rlogin, & ftp sesssion, since that's where
           the account name and password are sent).  If your information was
           found in the logs that were recovered, you have been squished or
           talked to in person already.  If not, but you used computers on
           that network (godzilla.eecs, EECS/TCS staff machines in Cory,
           CS 150 computers) sometime in the last couple of weeks, we have
           no way of knowing who you are, but you probably still want to
           change your password anyway.  (PS: if you want real answers to
           questions in the future, you're much better off mailing
           help@csua than posting to the motd) -alanc-
1996/10/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31938 Activity:nil
10/11/96 Why doesn't the libraries at Cal allow people to check their e-mail
        or programming when other schools allow it?  I mean some of us do
        real stuff like programming.
        \_ Because there are plenty of other places to do that stuff.
           (and you can login from the library terminals without trying
            too hard)
         \_ I know you can login library terminals easily but I mean
            like why do they allow people to surf on the web and
            not do stuff like telnet.  Besides, who said you can't
            do research by e-mail.  They said personal email not
            permitted but what about mailing lists and stuff.
            \_ Because there are plenty of MF's to telnet from
         where they get pissed at people spending too much time
          surfing the web.
          \_ That's true but the machines in the library are
             wasted when the ones in the MF's are Macintrashes
             and also, who cares what people do on the
             computer as long as they don't destroy the machine.
             Besides, since when was telnet defined as e-mail?
1996/10/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31936 Activity:nil
10/11   Was E-mail affected by this morning's internet outage?
        I have successfully been able to telnet in as of this afternoon,
        but my usual daily mail doesn't seem to have come in.
        \_ DOWN MEANS DOWN.  No web, no mail, no ping, NO NOTHING. AND
           IT'S STILL DOWN.
         \_ unless you're elite enough to be able to reroute your
            own packets via LBL or another UC
          \_ You can't do that unless you had access to the
             downstream routers at LBNL or another UC.
             \_ or you just login to one of those places and
           telnet here from there
        \_ That's funny, I'm on-line through a machine at CSUN (Northridge),
         telnetted into UCSD and telnetted again to Soda.  I'm here, but
         my mail is not.  What gives?
         \_ the routers of the internet are not as smart
            as people think.  you'll have to wait till bbnplanet
            is working again.
         \_ The UC's are all connected together - mail from other
            UC hosts are here - THE REST OF THE WORLD STILL CAN'T GET
            THROUGH because routers don't know they can get to us via
          \_ We're just talking about it, not being impatient.
          And how do YOU know nothing in our e-mail is
          important? You don't.
1996/10/9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31929 Activity:nil
10/8  I want to transfer about 5 megs off of soda which will both
        clear up space around here, and make my life easier.  Problem is,
        I can't seem to be able to transfer using sz or kermit.  Ftp is not
        an option, anyone have any ideas?
          \_ get a fucking PPP connection you moron
         \_ Who's the idiot coward who wrote this?  I am using
          \_ Probably Supreme Asshole Holub
          TeraTerm 1.3, which can use either a TCP/IP
          or Serial connection.  It also has built in
          Zmodem and Kermit across a PPP connection.
          I have tried uploading a 600 kb .wav file
          to my soda account with ZModem last week, and it
          worked. Lots of
          features yet very streamlined.  Other programs
          are either too large or if too small, are too
          bareboned.  You can find TeraTerm
          on the tucows web site.  --pcjr
        \_ You might try going to one of the computer labs on campus
           and ftping it there...  It wouldn't take very long.
         \_ 1.) I'm about 1,000 miles from campus at the moment, so
            going to lab is not really an option.  2.) I've had no
            problem sending files TO soda using rz, that works just
             fine, it's when I type "sz *" on soda that things choke.
         \_ Why don't you just zip the files into one large file and
            then ftp it over, that way you won't have to hit 'y' for
            1,000 files?
        \_ i believe he said FTP was not an option at all.  but if you do ftp,
           try ftp -i, and then at ftp prompt, type mget.
           this will get multiple files without prompting yes/no.  then
           you can bypass the whole zip process. (whew, my first
           non-question contribution to the motd!)

         \_ Is there a zip program on soda compatible with a DOS pkzip?
                \_ zip and unzip are compatible...  There aren't man pages
                   but if you just type 'zip' or 'unzip', their respective
                   helps show up. (Also, as an aside, tar and gzip are
                   available for DOS.)
        \_ last i knew ftp was broken on soda both IN AND OUT.. in which
           case ftp would not be an option at all. --shac
         \_ I can use ftp just fine to and from soda. why isn't
            ftp an option?
        \_ 'sz -w 2048' works better for me than just 'sz'. -- jsjacob
            \_ You know, I sympathize with your problem and all, but please
               either sign your post or mail help@csua. Think about the fact
               that 1000/day read this motd. -ausman
         \_ I second the motion.
1996/7/8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31864 Activity:nil
7/8     Why doesn't chfn work?  My name is misspelled!
         \_ /usr/local/bin/chfn works perfectly fine.
        \_ only root can change that finger info
        \_ why?
           \_ Because you have to have your real name in your finger info.
           \_ Yah! we don't want any anonymity on the net.
              You might say FUCK or something, and there are MINORS
              in the CSUA.  We are watching you.
         \_so be good for goodness sakes.
         \_ We never said you can't use an anonymous remailer,
            or wall from lwall's account to hide your identity.
            However, the CSUA isn't in the business of providing
            anonymous access - we provide a community in which we
            want everyone to be able to know the people they are
            sharing the machine with.
1996/6/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31842 Activity:nil
6/4     Unix Sysadmin and Engineer jobs at IMV Internet located in
        /usr/local/csua/jobs/IMVI -cdaveb
1996/2/20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31821 Activity:nil
2/20    WWW and FTP should be back within the next few days.
        Thank you for your continued patience.

        *** WWW AND FTP ARE DOWN ***
1996/1/8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31798 Activity:nil
01/06   Does anyone know anything about the book "Unix Unleashed"?  I'd
        like a one-book tutorial/reference for various aspects of UNIX.
        Is this any good?  Can anyone recommend anything else? -calbear
        \_ A little (very superficial) about everything.  Good for unix,
         rather short for sys admin work.  (The red Sys Admin book w/ cd
        is good for that)  -jor
        \_ Stay away from any "... Unleashed!" books from Sams Publishing.
           They're all just bloated articles of crap thrown together
           to make the book as thick as a phone book. Especially
           stay away from Linux Unleashed, which contains a lot of errors.
           - atom
1995/3/1 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31773 Activity:nil
3/1     Anyone knows where on campus can I find Xterminals to login directly
        to Soda without a facilities/departmental login?
        \_ yes.
           \_ what a jerk giving these smart ass remarks.
         \_ fuck you. if you want nice friendly advice, get off soda.
             \_ i won't give you the pleasure you nerd.  you can't get
          any.  :P  -word2yomomma!
        \_  343 soda has some xterminals you can use for this, and probably
            the machines in the lounge across the hall also.
            help@soda is generally more cheerful about giving answers.
           \_ Where is the lounge located exactly and are the machines there
              color terms?  What are the hours for the lounge and 343?
        \_ that _jerk_ can learn something from PeterM. - dookie
1995/3/1-4 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31767 Activity:nil
2/21    If you would like your account moved to /usr10, mail root. /usr10 has
        lots of space, but has been known to crash.
1995/2/9 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31751 Activity:nil
2/9     Christ on crutches, Spamter & Siegel are at it again...

        Spam them hard, flood-ping 'em, mail 'em /dynix
        That's, -- floodping away.
        Also send em some false positives just to make the
        signal-to-real-signal ratio unbearably low
        \_ I didn't see it.  Did Robo take them out again?
           In any case, the subject alone seems fradulent.
        \_ here's the orig header.  is forged.  hit every group.  -hh
From: (Consumer Credit Advocates)
Newsgroups: alt.cesium
Date: 9 Feb 1995 03:14:19 -0500
Organization: Consumer Credit Advocates, PC
Approved: postmaster
Message-ID: <3hcisr$>
        and check out:
[soda] /~> fm
Login name: ccapc                       In real life: David Markowitz
Directory: /net/u/11/c/ccapc            Shell: /net/u/11/c/ccapc/spamsh
Last login Thu Feb  9 04:15 on ttypd from
This account has been disabled.  It was a trial account and was
used to spam netnews.  Our apologies.
1995/2/9 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31748 Activity:nil
2/9  Theodore == multiple login from different annex boxes man. Can we turn
        off the little fuckers account now?
          \_that is fucker's ... where is your grammar boy?
             \_ that should be "grammar, boy", as it is
         unlikely that you are talking about a
         child schooled in English who goes around
         explaining mistakes.
           \_ he was just being obtuse. he really meant:
            "... where is your aaron"

theodore  ttyrn    annex-64-1.Berke Thu Feb  9 03:03 - 03:25  (00:22)
theodore  ttyri    annex-64-1.Berke Thu Feb  9 02:58 - 09:40  (06:42)
theodore  ttypC    annex136-4.Berke Thu Feb  9 01:04   still logged in
theodore  ttyrY    annex136-4.Berke Thu Feb  9 00:40 - 02:57  (02:16)
1995/2/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31734 Activity:nil
2/1     i think i have foinds some bugs in tcsh. if you use "bindkey -b ..."
        syntax stuff, can you please send me the relevant lines. i am trying to
        isolate what breaks. --psb
1995/1/21 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix, Health/Women] UID:31725 Activity:nil
1/20    Do not ask to be blown by root. Rumours of us rendering such
        favors to account holders are highly exaggerated.
        \_ Blow me.
         \_ mail whoeveryouare < prostitute
        \_ Rumor not exaggerated, but we need more women on CSUA staff.
          / \_ This isn't the way to get them...
         | \_ It's a better way to scare them off.
          \_ this pungent tang of feminism confirms a musing I had
             about how a feminist with insight is not a feminist
             at all, but I won't get into it here.
           \_ What makes you think this display of tast
              and maturity only disgusts women?
          \_ I'm sure that's the intent, o wise visionary.
           \_ Men give *way* better head than women.
            \_ You just haven't met the right women.  Or maybe you've just met
        exceptional men.
        \_ You obviously don't understand what I am talking about.
        \_ Rumor has it that ali gives good head.
           \_ not as good as partha (sorry, ali)
              \_ With a name like Banerjee, you know it has to be good
1995/1/16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31709 Activity:nil
1/15    what is the phone number to dial into netcom up here in berkeley?
        \_ telnet to, login guest, no password. see  local
        numbers. -hanan
         \_ 845-9004 -gabe
1994/12/23 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31689 Activity:nil
12/21   Mail help@csua for Unix questions and www@csua for WWW questions.
1994/12/23 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31686 Activity:nil
12/22   What does the biod program do?
        \_ Why don't you RTFM?  from TFM:
            Biod starts nservers asynchronous block I/O daemons.  This
            command is used on a NFS client to handle buffer cache
            read-ahead and write-behind.
        \_I read that but it didn't mean anything to me. Please explain.
         \_ If you don't understand that, you just don't
          understand enough for any explanation to be
          at all meaningful.  Go read some Intro to Unix books
          and then maybe you can try reading the O'Reilly NFS
          book.  Or just wallow in your ignorance -- we can't
          spoonfeed all that into you through the motd.
          \_That is just a poor excuse by someone who doesn't
          understand the material well enough to explain it.
           \_ If you need a fucking tutor go hire one.
              We're not here to explain simple concepts
              like caching and NFS to morons for free.
1994/12/15-1995/1/5 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31669 Activity:nil 68%like:31662
12/15   Read ~helper/volunteers if you are interested in helping
        with next semester's UNIX help sessions.
        Send mail to helper if you have any questions or comments.
        Handouts and information is available via anonymous FTP from
        ftp.csua, or by www at http://xcf/help-sessions.html
1994/12/12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31668 Activity:nil
12/9    The Unofficial Computer Science Undergraduate Association Adam Glass
        Memorial End of Semester Beer Bash is currently scheduled for
        Wednesday at 7:00 pm in/around the office.
        (Not ASUC or CSUA sponsored, but is wheelchair-accessable). - danh
        \_ someone get the csua cory account password so we can all DOOSH
        \_ 5 player griljor, dude. -danh
1994/11/11-1995/1/5 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:31649 Activity:kinda low
1/5     WWW is now setup on soda.  If you want to setup your own
        home page, cd in /www/<first letter of your login>/<your
        login name>/public_html and put your files there.
        If you do not have a directory in /www/, run
1994/7/22-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31639 Activity:nil 66%like:31529 85%like:31586
3/15    Mail help@soda if you have UNIX questions.  root@soda is for
        administrative problems.

1994/6/14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31634 Activity:nil
6/14    Shit.  Trying to ftp to my soda account from different system:
        "write failed, device must be full" or somesuch.  Why not
        clear out all the public directories every Friday midnight?  That
        way, everyone knows when to move their stuff.  Anyone disagree or
         \_ agreed.
         \_ ditto
            \_ sounds good
        \_ beable beable
        \_ futplex
        \_ meow
1994/5/30 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31616 Activity:nil
5/30    anyone, the expert of Windows 3.1. I can't download a file from
        the account, Because I get a invalid path error when transfering
        using terminal in accessory. But I don't think I type in wrong way.
        If anyone has the solutione, please email to isamu@soda. Thanks
        \_ learn english, you punk.
          \_ Learn capitalization, you punk.
             \_ Why? To make you stupid punks happy? I think not
        \_ Clue.  Get one.
         \_ I sense tom's all-purpose response to a legitimate
            question that he doesn't know the answer to...
            \_ duh. he's a punk, that's why he does that.
1994/5/24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31608 Activity:nil
5/23    Does anyone know what VMS is? / Why any school would want use it?
        \_ Isn't there a VMS instruction on the VAX-11?  Remind me
           if I'm wrong, but did they remove the UNIX opcode? -ali
        \_ Oh, and VMS is a VAX operating system. -ali
        \_ Could be worse... it could be MVS...
         \_ How can one not know what a VMS is?! H0ZERS!
        \_ There are some nice features in VMS.  But then, the only VMS
         command I regularly use is "telnet" - alanc
        \_ Go CMS!!!!
1994/5/15-17 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix, Recreation/Media] UID:31599 Activity:insanely high
5/12    The Unofficial CSUA End-of-Semester Adam Glass Memorial Beer Bash
        & Final Episode of Startrek Party is scheduled to take place on
        May 23, 7:00 PM, in the 'old' CSUA office.
            \_ That's 343 Evans, right?
        \_ Party on, dudes!

1994/5/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31593 Activity:nil
5/9     Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity Mounted on
 /dev/zd3a             762464  686217       0    100%   /usr3
 /dev/zd1a             762464  676587    9630    99%   /usr2
        \_ Filesystem 512-blks    used   avail capacity  Mounted on
           /dev/wd0a    219226   99262   98040    50%    /
           /dev/wd1a    563486  143912  363225    28%    /usr2
         \_ So what's yer point?
1994/5/2-1995/3/6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31586 Activity:nil 85%like:31639
3/15    Mail help@soda if you have UNIX questions.  root@soda is for
        administrative problems.

1994/4/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31580 Activity:nil
4/27    will software installers on soda take a little bit of trouble to do the
        following ... cd into at least /usr/local/man/man1 and do an
        ls -l | grep $user and make sure your stuff is w+r and also there
        are many instances where we have both foo.1 and foo.1.gz ... figure
        out which one we *should* have and prune appropriately. tnx. --psb
        \_ As I said before, Partha, /usr/local/bin/man often leaves both
           around even when you started with just one.  Don't blame the
1994/4/28 [Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31579 Activity:nil
4/27    mailagent sort of installed. have fun reading the man page: --psb
        soda{400}[/usr/local/man/man1]% ls -s | sort -nr
           176 mailagent.1
           112 gcc.1
            95 trn.1
1994/4/28 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:31578 Activity:nil
4/27    Someone has a 2.5-megabyte core file in /tmp which has been sitting
        around since 4/26.  Now *I* can't read news because the filesystem's
        full.  Why can't people be even slightly considerate?
        \_ This is soda, that's why.  Nobody gives a shit about what's in
           /tmp and so they don't delete it 'cause it's gonna get nuked
           eventually.  How often does the /tmp sweeper go through anyway?
         \_ Every week or so -- not nearly often enough.  Maybe we
            should have /tmp quotas too.  Say 1 meg soft, 10 megs
            hard or something like that.
          \-that is a stupid idea. look files have names attached
         to them ... just mail the person with a lot of old shit and
         tell them to delete it. cc: root if you want and if someone
         is incessantly a bozo, then root can send something stronger.
           \_ Something stronger you want?
              about a little chsh or passwd gift?  Or
              maybe just an rm -r on the hoser's acct.
         \_ You twinks, /tmp is cleared of stuff not accessed in 3
            days every night.  Get a clue.
1994/4/11 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31558 Activity:nil
4/10    Still looking for a machine that doesn't crash.  Mail me - root
1994/4/7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31550 Activity:nil
4/6     Please finger leesteve@bigbang if you are interested in buying
        cheap CD-ROM drives. (sorry, about the sl thing)
        \_ Sorry about earlier, but finger sl is working now. -sl
1994/3/20 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31536 Activity:nil
3/19    Due to popular request, I stuck a function to get you xterm-style
        cutting and pasting under e19 in /usr/local/lib/Emacs19/ll/X-hacks.el.
1994/3/20-4/28 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31529 Activity:nil 66%like:31639
3/15    Mail help@soda if you have UNIX questions - seidl
1994/3/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31518 Activity:insanely high
3/10    If you are having problems with your soda account, please
        email to help@soda. This is a group of soda volunteers who
        have generously volunteered their time to help people with
        UNIX problems.
                \_ This should be in the official part of the MOTD
                        --the clueful ones.
                        \_ Great..where do I sign up for being a volunteer?
                                \_ mail staff@ocf
           \_ Or if you just wanna help@soda, mail seidl
        /- What does this have to do with soda?  Mail staff@ocf or post it
        | to
1994/3/9 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31517 Activity:nil
3/9     Speaking of "keep(ing) twinks off," has the politburo been giving
accounts to just any bum off the street, or what? :

Login: randyc                           Name: Randy Yen-pang Chou
Directory: /accounts/randyc             Shell: /usr/local/bin/tcsh
Office Phone: 415-328-3818              Home Phone: 415-595-0573
;On since Wed Mar  9 12:16 (PST) on ttyrq, idle 0:33, (messages off) from elaine4.
No Plan.

He's working in the South Bay, ya twink. gettaclue
1994/3/6 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/HW] UID:31501 Activity:nil
3/6     For those experienced in the installation of Linux: My Xterm won't
        work for some display reason. Seems to think that I'm already using
        the display.
        \_ who the hell are you? it might be nice to know this, so that
           we can get more info/answer your question via email, etc
           I for one am not going to post an exhaustive treatise on how
           to get X running with at least some idea what's wrong --sowings
1994/2/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31492 Activity:nil
2/21    I've tested sz and rz and they both seem to work fine.  You can't
        use rz when you are telneting from another account and want to
        send through another account --- you have to be connected directly
        to the annex for that to work.  --hob
        \_ that's b/c sz and rz requires a 8-bit clean path, which
           telnet may or may not provide, use rlogin.
           \_I tried rlogin.  It works!!
           \_ Depends on the implementation of telnet and rlogin, some are
              8-bit clean, others aren't.  -hob
              \_ i know.  usually, only one implentation is 8-bit clean.
          rlogin was rec'ed b/c it works here, you may have to
          switch to telnet on other sites/annexen  --jwang
1994/2/14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31486 Activity:nil
2/13    GNU "faster bigger stronger" textutils installed in $localbin.
        Names are the same as std bsd utils ... "gwc" just sounds kinda dumb.
        but i might create link to g<prog name> anyway to avoind putting
        $localbin in my path first. comments? what you get for man pages
        deps on your MANPATH. some behaviour is diff so it behooves you to
        RTFM. the *are* faster and more buff, BTW.  --psb
        \_ maybe it's time for /usr/gnu/bin with links under g-names
         in /usr/local/bin
         \_ And maybe not.

ASAP Please add your resume's to the CSUA resume' book!
        This isn't just if you are looking for a job now, but if you plan
        to be looking for a job in the future. The thing is, we're compiling
        the book NOW, so you need to submit a resume' NOW if you want it to
        be included in what we supply recruiting companies that visit the
        campus.       -- Marco
         \_What format? Postscript okay?
           \_ PostScript is my favorite, actually. -- Marco

You have too much mail. Delete it all now.
1994/2/14 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31485 Activity:nil
2/13    GNU c++filt installed to demangle g++ link errors. -alanc-
1994/2/14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31482 Activity:nil
2/14    Love stinks.  Happy Couple-Bashing Day.  Feel free to puke on
        the next couple you see kissing, screwing, or even holding
        hands.  Better yet, bash their skulls in with a heavy blunt
        object. *kiss*kiss*SMACK*THUD*

V-day  can someone tell me which we want in the emacs init file:
        (autoload 'gnus "gnus" "Read network news." t) OR
        (autoload 'gnus "gnus-speedups" "Read network news." t)
        I deleted a couple of links in the emacs18 installation that i dont
        think were doing anything. i also might start compressing some el
        files to save space ... since everyone should be loading crypt++
        anyway. let me know if anything breaks. --mr. emacs
1994/2/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31477 Activity:nil
1/31    Anyone knows where I can ftp some gifs of the Berkeley campus?
        \_ used to have some, but recently they lost
           a lot of the files, so I don't know if they're still there.
           BTW, anonymous logins at wuarchive are no longer
           available.  boo hoo....  Does anyone know if there is a mirror
           site of wuarchive somewhere?
         \_ what happened?
            \_their machine crashed, so they are having to completely
          restore from a backup.
         \_ Re: what happened?  The person failed to get a clue.
            wuarchive has a user *limit*.  This means that anonymous
            ftp is denied when there are too many people.  You think
            that people would get a fucking clue from using ftp enough
            but I guess clue is not available via ftp anymore...
           \_ has (had?) a lot of the same stuff
1994/2/1 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31473 Activity:nil
1/31    Well I've been experimenting with x over slip for the last couple
        of days.  However, If I rsh to soda & run xterm or if I use
        a XDMCP query and run soda's XDM I have problems using the
        control keys.  This only happens if I use a login shell.
        Anyone have any suggestions? -- rcham
        \_ Don't
1994/1/28 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:31468 Activity:nil
1/27    gnu as (gas) updated to version 2.2. It's not a perfect port, but it
        gcc updated to 2.5.8, supposedly the 'last' of the 2.5 line. (sheayah,
        right!) lemme know if it breaks anything.  -ERic
        gmu make is now updated to 3.70.  its /usr/local/bin/gmake.  -ERic
1994/1/27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31464 Activity:nil
1/25    Question: when I log into soda and telnet to another machine, am I
        slowing down the processors?  In other words, do my commands go
        directly out to another ethernet port or do they pass through the
        CPU and then go out?  -tawei
        \_ ObLameAnswer: yes.
           \_ Would this be a serious answer? Inquiring minds want to know.
             \_ You are using mostly memory.
        \_ Let's see.  You're slowing down the CPU, you're taking up memory,
           and you're slowing down the network.  In addition, you're making
           your own, remote login session slower, and you're creating a
           dependency on soda.  All in all, it's a stupid thing to do.  Think
           for a moment about why the annex boxes might have an attention
           character, and why rsh and telnet have escape sequences.
         \_ I'll bite. What is the attention character on annex?
                      \_ Usually marked "break" on your kybd.  Sometimes you
                         have to do ctrl-break.
1994/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31461 Activity:nil
        soda 240 /accounts/blake% ls
        archive/  biglog    flux/     mail/
        soda 241 /accounts/blake% df .
 Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity Mounted on
 /dev/zd4a             439106  387034    8161    98%   /usr4
        \_ Looks like his hour is over...
        \_ locate gif | wc -l
1993/12/10 [Reference/BayArea, Computer/Theory, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31442 Activity:nil
12/7    There is some sort of showing of a work in progress of a movie
        of the book 'Neuromancer' at Mills at 9pm on Friday.
        Anyone interested in going with me? -danh
        \_ Currently, we're thinking of pub trans... anyone drive? -marco
              \_ sparky's
        \_ anyone willing to risk the Payam-mobile can go with me
           \_ 1 space left
        \_ It is showing at 9pm at Mills College Concert Hall,
           5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA.  Supposedly AC Transit
           bus lines 57 and 58 N stop directly in front.
           mail for even more detailed info.  -danh
        \_ Mebbe we should meet someplace in Berkeley so the AC Transit
           clueless (like myself) don't get hopelessly lost in Oakland.
        \_ I can pick up and take 1-2, or 3 really uncomfortably but,
           it's free and not that long a ride. -thorn
        \_  I'd be willing to drive a load out, too. --ERic
        \_  Anyone have enough room to give me and my email babe a ride? - danh
              \_ How fat is she?
              \-this a virtual babe?
        \_ I might be able to make it.  If so, I can drive people. -phr
        \_ if i can't find a spot in a car, i might offer a spot on the back
         of my Suzuki.  -hh
1993/12/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31438 Activity:nil
12/9    Anybody know of a good book on Unix network programming?  --SMurF
        I believe that there is a book by that name...  -- marco
        \_ There is.  It and another good (but expensive) book called
        "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Enviroment" were written by
        Richard Stevens and are highly recommended. (Adv. Prog. isn't
        all that advanced.  If you've had 60b&c and know C pretty well
        you're probably ready for it)
         \_ yes, both are excellent reference texts. I highly
            recommend them. --vchang
1993/12/10 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:31434 Activity:nil
12/8    Apparently some idiot is going around calling soda users, telling
        them he's root@soda and that he needs their current password.
        root@soda would never do this, and if you're stupid enough to be
        duped by this guy, your account will be shut off.
1993/10/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31414 Activity:nil
10/10   Where can I find the source code for cjpeg and djpeg?
         \_ You can get them via anonymous ftp from various sites.  Try
            using archie.  - hob
            \_ Anonymous ftp from in /graphics/jpeg  -- hob
1993/9/26 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31400 Activity:nil
9/22    Soda crashed due to a kernel panic caused by nfs.
        Thanks to kmorgan for coming and kicking soda.
1993/6/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31373 Activity:nil
6/24    Did anyone ever figure out how to get onto the net in LA with a local
        phone call?  -ming
        \_ ya pay yer money to NetCom.
           \_ If you live in San Jose and are considering Netcom, also check
              out a2i; it's a little slower (no T1 link til later in the
              summer) but at/crontab allowed, support more helpful, etc.  On
              the other hand Netcom has 4 machines to choose from to telnet to.

         \_ 213-225-6082 or 818-701-0478   If someone picks up the phone
           instead of a modem, don't blame me.
        \_ Those are CSUnet numbers.  Try ~jctwu/pub for additional info.
           Found another way in since sf/40 went down... -jctwu
        \_ for a 2400 baud telnet dialup: 516-3347
         Enter port # 25 < wait and then hit a couple returns >
         at the next prompt type: c .swrl/80
        \_ I though it is illegal to use CSUnet debugging ports.
         \_ Oh, it definitely is.  And, even better, the Cal States
            have started prosecuting people by tracing back phone
            calls.  Guess they need the money with the new budgets.
                \_ HA!  Bullshit.
        \_ Why didn't anyone say anything before?  Files are officially
           off-line, now. -jctwu
         \_ great.  the soda.cop wins again.  fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou
         \_ What, you think you have some fucking god-given right
            to free access to phone lines?  Someone has to pay
            for your connect time, you know.
1993/6/4 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:31346 Activity:nil

         51351 mehlhaff (usr4)         27258 eshieh   (usr3)
         45694 norby    (usr3)         25034 psb      (usr3)
         40364 genki    (usr4)         20730 hh       (usr4)
         30195 youngc   (usr3)         18331 kenji    (usr4)
         27967 scheng   (usr3)         19909 dpassage (usr3)
        Total Usage: 308938 kbytes

        That's 3 elites (mehlhaff, hh & dpassage), one person who has already
        lost his soda account once for disk usage (norby) and psb (psb).

 Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity Mounted on
 /dev/zd1a             762464  674865   11352    98%   /usr2
 /dev/zd3a             762464  665213   21004    97%   /usr3
 /dev/zd2a             762464  667531   18686    97%   /usr5

        Please note that /tmp is a 356M partition.  Inefficient?  yes.
        \_ And whaddaya know...most of the pace there is controlled by
           the elites too, like mehlhaff, seidl, hh, root.boyd and psb.
           Where the fuck do they get off asking us to reduce our usages when
            they're using shits of space for their own little pet projects.
1993/5/26 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31325 Activity:nil
5/24    Anybody know of an annex port in the Los Angeles area (818 area)
        that would allow me to connect to Berkeley computers?  kmanoj
        \_  dunno, but netcom has a Point Of Presence in LA area somewheres,
            if it's local to you it'll only be 17.50/mo, and you can use it
            in the bay area also....
        \_  How about numbers for UCLA, USC, or CSUN annex ports?  Anybody
            have those?
               forget it bud.  even if you have those numbers, the annex
            port is like berkeley's, won't let you connect outside its system
        \_  I've heard that the annex port at CalTech allows you to telnet
         out, but you need the IP address for whatever machine.
         Sorry, don't know the phone number.  -jesse
        \_ Okay, here's the story boys and girls.  Connect up to a CSU
           server that's local to you.  There's one in Northridge at
           (818) 701-0478; one in Los Alamos at (310) 985-9540.  From
           there, open a connection to SF State with "sf/40" (port 40).
           Then do a "connect <your-favorite-MUD>" command, and you're
           there!  Connection's kinda slow; but hey, it's semi-free!
           (Dunno about legality, so use at your own risk!)  I also
           have those CalTech numbers, so mail me if you want 'em
        \_ I've warned them of this security hole and it will shortly
           be turned off.
1993/5/8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31307 Activity:nil
5/7     NN NEWS: nn's database got moved and the daemon didn't know about it.
        It's currently running a consistency check and will likely complete
        by 6am, Saturday.  Problems to dwallach, flames to tom.
1993/5/4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31297 Activity:nil
5/4     A good fraction of the <DEAD><DEAD> gif collection is now in
        /tmp/warez/asia.  Readmes and FAQs included.  It includes the
        now-famous "tank" picture.  I didn't grab the popstar directory
        (aww) because there's too many to ftp at this time of day.

main(){unlink("/etc/motd");link("/dev/null","/etc/motd");printf("no hosers");exit(0)}

D00D!!1 U FERG0T DA WHILE(!){F0RCK()]:!!!1111
1993/4/18 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31274 Activity:nil
4/17    /usr/local/csua is a goddamn mess, as is the life file.
        Some root hoser should clean it up instead of looking for
1993/4/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:31248 Activity:nil
3/31    I have (finally) created a default.el file for emacs. If you have a
        problem with it, or have an addition, send me mail. If anyone has
        the autoload code for daveg's calc, please send it to me, or add it
        if you know what you are doing and have approp privs. Right now it
        provides gnus, motd, wall, and bash-bush. If you dont know what this
        is and use emacs, it probably wont hurt you. If you dont use emacs,
        you are a loser. If it fucks-up your load path, tell me.  --psb [why
        does this prose sound like cimarron's?]
1993/4/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31238 Activity:nil
3/26    Soda was down from 8 pm to midnight. SVAE reinstalled, NFS
        installed.  Thanks to BIFF for the kernal help.

1993/3/17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31233 Activity:nil
3/14    If you are having problems with your soda account, please
        email to help@soda. This is a group of soda volunteers who
        have selflessly agreed to help soda users with their UNIX
         \_ I seriously think people writing to list asking stoopid
            questions should not get accounts on soda...  They
            should stick with the OCF or UCLink until they get
            more clued...  After all, this *is* the Computer
            Science Undergraduate Association computer... --nevman
            \_ and just what does the Computer Science Undergraduate
        Association mean?  you ain't no CS major and neither
        are some of the people running this machine.
         \_ Actually Nevin, I think people who just want basic comp.
            and net services should stick to the OCF. But a clueless
            person who WANTS to learn about computers SHOULD be able
            to come to the CSUA and get HELP...  -- Marco
1993/3/17 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31222 Activity:nil
3/15    Mail help@soda if you have UNIX or other non-soda related CS
        questions - seidl
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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