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1998/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/VM, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13746 Activity:high
3/02    which term is the most capable? vt100,102,220,ansi...?
        \_ Why don't you show of your capabilities, big boy, and help
           the rest of us decide.
        \_ The TeleVideo 920s they had down in the WEB.  Those were the best.
                \_ And the handy location of the break key was a stroke of
                   genius.  The keyboard design of the tvi920 was second only
                   to the old HP keyboards (105 Cory) in pure key placement
        \_ web TV
        \_ whichever one your software emulates.  if you have choices,
                the larger the vt number, the more it can do, but telling
                soda you're on a vt320 will just screw you up if your
                software only does vt102
        \_ vt100 is almost certainly good enough for just about anything.
           for the most part, vt100 = xterm as far as terminal emulation
           goes.  [niggly idiots, note "for the most part". thank you]
        \_ Number 2 lead pencil
1998/3/3-4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:13747 Activity:very high
3/02    A new constitutional amendment is being introduced to eliminate
        the seperation of church and state.  In effect, the majority of
        a locality will be able to mandate religious practices.  Jewish
        children in southern towns will be graded on their essay on the
        topic "Why Jesus Loves Me"
                \_ call for references please -- it's not April 1 yet.
        \_ I love watching the right try to generate election year issues
           that they think will help them.  Minimum wage, nuking the tax
           code, and now this... --scotsman
           \_ Isn't the minimum wage a traditional democratic issue?
           \_ when you pay taxes, you'll be glad to see a flat tax too
              \_ I do pay taxes.  But if there's going to be tax code
                 reform, i'd like to see it done with responsible
                 legislation, and not as some election year ploy. --scotsman
                 \_ I don't care what the reason is, I'll take a flat tax
                    any year.  Sooner the better.  Why do you care what the
                    reasoning is as long as the end result is positive?
                 \_ Hellloooo!!  *EVERYTHING* these days is an election year
                    or poll making ploy.  You've lived here how long?
        \_ It probably will fail to get the 2/3rds vote it needs, and then
           the Republicans will use it in the offyear election as a campaign
           issue, emphasizing the "anti-God" vote of the Democrats. -mel
           \_ Uhm, yeah.  Don't go into politics mel.  Stick with computers.
        \_ And they are also considering a constitutional amendment to sell
           The Brookyln Bridge to the highest bidder.
        \_ Did I tell you about the Swamp Land Amendment from Sen. Jason
           Crock of Florida?
        \_ What about the Hank Hill Propane Gas Consumers & Small
           Business Act", sponsored by Rep. Spennncer Bachus of Alabama?
           (I kid you not).
                \_ Oh ya?  Cool.  Who does it give my tax money to?
1998/3/3-4 [Science/Space] UID:13748 Activity:high
3/02    My officemate is trying to convince me that the Apollo program
        to go to the moon gave a tremendous push to computer technology.
        Is this true?
        \_ Of course it's true.  In fact, the OCF used to run entirely on
           Apollo workstations, which were (as you can probably guess from the
           name) direct lineal descendants of the powerful desktop mission
           control workstations developed for the unprecedented computing
           demands of the moon mission.  Apollo Computer was a public
           corporation run by NASA as a technology-transfer testbed until the
           late 1980s, when the Bush Administration privatized the company
           and sold it to H-P as a deficit reduction measure.  -- kahogan
                \_ the older versions of the apollo os & manuals had a cool
                   logo featuring the planet Saturn (similar to the NASA logo)
                   until they got replaced with the boring "Apollo, a
                   subsidiary of HP" logos (except of course for the OCF
                   where the HP boot logos got replaced with all sorts of
                   silliness) -alanc-
                \_ Apollo is widely regarded as the first company to
                   sell workstations & the inventor of the workstation market,
                   which they dominated for years until Sun finally caught up.
                   \_ Wait... so those Apollos weren't running OS/2 afterall?
                \_ Apollo was the first company to sell workstations and
                   basically created the workstation market, which they
                   dominated for years until Sun finally caught up.
                   \_ Oh, I once thought Sun was the first.  Never mind.
                        \_ Sun was the first UNIX workstation.  Apollo used
                                their own multics-based OS at first and added
                                a UNIX layer to it after they started losing
                                sales to Sun.
           \_ The Apollo DN4500 had a secret hidden switch (activated by a
              special key which could only be legally posessed by NASA
              employees and members of the UN "black helicopter" multinational
              response team) that, when flipped, upped its processing power to
              approximately that of a Cray Y-XMP.  Pretty snappy for a 1980s
              desktop machine.
                \_ The real reason Soda Mk I died was a booby trap set to
                   destroy the motherboard triggered when CSUA'ers decided
                   to try and activate this switch.
        \_ The government poured billions into the Apollo program not just
           so we could get stupid pride over "beating the russians" but to
           help finance major improvements in all sorts of technologies.
           \_ Little does the public know about the truth behind the "Space
              Race"... in fact, the United States waged war in space
              against the Russians until the late '70s when the 19th
              Stellar Fleet and the Russian 4th Fleet were destroyed by
              some unknown force.
              \_ Mojo Riser?
                \_ Tom is a patriot.  He was on the ground out of rotation
                   when the 19th was burned from the skies around Io.  Now
                   commander of the 32nd, Tom is burning both Russians and
                   the Alien Menace from space on a daily basis.  Quoted
                   recently in Space Marines (issue 5, vol 3), Tom says,
                   "We're going to doosh those bastards til there's nothing
                   left to doosh and then we're going to doosh 'em some more!
                   SB+25 at Rom!"  -tom #1 Fan
1998/3/3 [Uncategorized] UID:13749 Activity:moderate
3/3     Come join the American Atheists:
1998/3/3-4 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:13750 Activity:low
3/02    Again, job at LBL doing work under linux available, more info at
        /csua/pub/jobs/lbl-linux. --Jon
1998/3/3-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13751 Activity:very high
3/3     How do I steal someone else's gf?
        \_ You don't unless you're a fucking idiot.  Who wants a slut whore
           that is willing to bed hop like that?
                \_ Roomates usually like to steal your gf. They shouldDIE!
                        \_ haha, lost a girl to a roommate?
                        \_ Lost two girlfriends to two different roomates :<
                                \_ next time get our own apt!!
                \_ why are you assuming she's sleping with him?
                        \_ what do you think they do you idiot.
        \_ If their relationship isn't working out it's easy, if not it's a
                bit harder - been there/done that
                \_ assuming their relationship is working out ok, then
                   what? I'd give up anything for this girl!!
                        \_ what, can't get youself any other girl?
        \_ rope, duct tape, and a handgun
        \_ Ask nevman.
                \_ who's nevman?
                        \_ nevman@csua
                \_ why? been there? done that?
        \_ You don't unless you're a fucking idiot. [or fucking an idiot?]
           Who wants a slut whore that is willing to bed hop like that?
           \_ me! me!
                \_ $20 on most streets in Oakland will get you what you
                   want, and cost less in time money and emotional grief
                   when slut girl dumps your stupid ass for some other loser.
1998/3/3 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/Rants, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:13752 Activity:very high
3/3     Jim Barksdale admits that he is a Bill Gates "admirer".
        \_ Who is this and why do we care?
                \_ Ok, now why do we care?
                \_ If you admir your enemy, then you are STUPID. And you NSCP
                   people, don't even try to erase this message again!
                        \_ Your spelling and attitude demonstrate your
                           ignorance clearly.  Mr. Barksdale on the other
                           hand obviously sees Mr. Bill has built Microsoft
                           into an incredible juggernaut, and can admire him
                           for that while trying to compete against it.
        \_ This is like saying "I think Hitler is c00l, but I hate him."
                \_ No, this is like Jason Kidd saying "I think Michael Jordan
                   is a great basketball player even though I have to try
                   and beat him when our teams play each other."
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