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1996/11/16 [Uncategorized] UID:32003 Activity:nil
11/13   /home/biff took another nose dive.  After futzing with it myself,
        Sandy fixed the problem.  It's hopefully permanently fixed.
1996/11/16 [Academia/GradSchool/MBA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32004 Activity:nil
11/15   Haas business school is looking for HTML coder type person with good
        PR skills.  See /usr/local/csua/jobs/Haas -dbushong
1996/11/16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:32005 Activity:nil
11/15   Any suggestions for good online html reference manuals?  All the ones
        I've used before seem to have mysteriously vanished.  (Okay, not all,
        but several, and now my boss wants a good one...)  -- tabloyd

vchoi:x:30506:31:Valerie Choi:/home/diff/vchoi:/usr/local/bin/tcsh
\_ we need a bchoi@csua.
          \_ bchoi is aliased to achoi@barra
             \_ I am greatly offended by this abuse of root on soda. - choice
         \_ regardless of the fact that this alias is a hell of a lot less
            offensive than a lot of others we've got, adding naughty aliases
            would not be an abuse of root, but rather of group aliases.
         \_ It's been there for quite some time...
1996/11/16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32006 Activity:nil
11/15   Can someone please point me to a free slip server and client for
        Windows 95?  -dpetrou
         \_ <DEAD><DEAD>     -sagarwal
        \_ Another godamn windoz h0zer
1996/11/16 [Industry/Jobs] UID:32007 Activity:nil
11/14   job openings at Drogin, Kakigi & Associates, see:
1996/11/16 [Computer/Domains, Industry/Startup] UID:32008 Activity:nil
11/14   All these litigations over .com domain names can be easily
        circumvented by allowing only registered/trademarked names
        to qualify for .com and then either create a separate TLD,
        say, .prv, or overloading .org, for those that aren't
        qualified.  -- cmlee
        \_ FALSE.  Multiple companies can trademark the same name in
         different industries.  For instance, Anheuser-Busch
         lost a lawsuit trying to keep florists from using the
         name "Bud Lite" because the court ruled it wasn't in
         competition with the beer.  Also, what country do you
         make the authoritative trademark decision maker for the
         world?  Many .com domains are outside the US, and different
         countries have different trademark laws. For many more
         reasons this is a bad idea, see
         \_ I hopped over and guess what I found in weblaw.sht?
            "Among other things, it is wise to obtain a trademark
            registration for the domain name immediately if one
            has not already done so."
            I am simply suggesting making it a requirement for
            .com TLD.  Sure companies are gonna sue each other,
            as they've done for ages.  But let them do it in the
            court of trademark law (internationally if necessary).
            Then for individuals place them in separate TLD or overload
            say .org so they don't get sued by the big boys. -- cmlee
            \_ so I've got to file for a trademark if I want a .com
        address for my web authoring business?
        \_ If you want a .com address you should be at least a
           registered company, which means most potential (not
           all) name conflicts would have been checked out
           by the time you finally receive your license.
           If you just want a .prv address then you get it
           on first-come-first-serve basis.  -- cmlee
           \_ hardly.  There are thousands of companies across
              america whose names conflict with other companies,
              but they don't care because they aren't in the
              same market.
              \_ yer just stating the obvious.  i am talking
          about on the web.  if there's any conflict
          over domain names, it'll be resolved by
          those company lawyers, who has to worry
          trademark laws.  and i'll bet a dollar most
          will settle by arbitration instead of in
          the court.
         \_ So I guess hh is in trouble now for snagging all those
            proprietary domain names to sell back to companies. :)
                   \_ it sounds like there is a fundamental misunderstanding
                      in that companies don't just trademark their
                      company names - they also trademark product names,
                      service names, combo product-service package names,
                      as well as ad slogans... so if I want to pick a
                      domain name, I have to avoid all those possible
                      trademarks, on an international level?  I don't
                      think so.  Also, trademarks run out after a number
                      of years if you don't use it. - mas
          \_  Only in US -muchandr
        \_ The sad reality is that if you DON'T get a trademark
           on your domain name, you risk losing it. Thats why
           NSI recommends trademarking it, not because you're
           required to trademark the domain name.  NSI's policy
           is to just suspend the domain and let the courts
           decide. Meanwhile the domain is basically dead. -ERic
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