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1998/7/14 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:14324 Activity:nil
07/13   And yet another SCSI panic. Film at 11, to be followed by SCSI CAM
        patches to fix the problem.  (But at least quotas got 'fixed' by
        resetting everyone's higher!)
        \_ What this means is that soda will be rebooted (intentionally)
           on July 15th.  Be aware, be prepared.  Duck and cover.
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Virus] UID:14325 Activity:nil
7/14    Big report from CDT to the FTC about spam.
         - seidl
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14326 Activity:low
7/14    WinCE 2.1 will have such new features as shutting down the
        when it's not in use.  How advanced!
        \_ <wince>
        \_ This is so fucking cool.  UNIX is dead on the laptop for sure now.
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:14327 Activity:nil
7/14    Does anyone know a guy named Leo who graduated from MIT a couple
        years ago and worked for Oracle?  --pcjr
        \_ Yeah me and Leo go way back.
            \_ I was knockin' down a few Buds with Leo yesterday. Leo's
               a fine man. He cried when Brazil lost on Sunday.
               Had to wipe the tears from his eyes. Poor Leo.
               Now that Leo has recovered from his hang over, I'll tell
               him that you are looking for him. -- Lord Vader
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:14328 Activity:high
7/13 crack the Data Encryption Standard
        using idle time on your computer, prove it's inadequate.
        \_ get a life.
           \_ Oh SURE . . . you say that now, but wait until 3:30 AM on that
              fine Sunday morning, when the black helicopters hover over your
              house, and the black ropes come out, and zombie Nazi mind-slaves
              (vat-grown by the UN) wearing black body armor rappel down them
              to burst through your front door and kill you and the wife and
              little Timmy, ALL BECAUSE THAT E-MAIL TO GRANDMA FLO AND
              used WEAK DES ENCRYPTION . . . don't expect me to cry for you
              _then_.  Bastard.
                \_ We don't work on Sundays.  -Black Mask Man
           \_ Why do you not like announcements of techie stuff?  This IS the
              "Computer Science" Undergraduate Association, is it not?
                \_ "using idle time on your computer [soda]"....
                        \_ soda is not your computer
                                \_ soda is our computer.  keep this stupid
                                   crap off.
                                   crap off.  It's already well known that
                                   DES is inadequate.  It's been proved.
                                   This is nothing more than a GeekEgo thing.
                   \_ Don't do that, then.
           \_ Think of it this way.  You get $$$ if you personally break
              it.  Of course, people who do CS only for that reason
              deserve to be shot.
              \_ That's not CS, it's CE.
                \_ It's not even CE.  It's running a black-box program on your
              \_ There are other reasons to do it money: curiosity, politics.
        \_ Is there a Cal team this time?  -- yuen
           \_ Not unless I hear a lot of interest or unless the RC5 teams carry
              over.  Or ask Trey (rhyde@uclink4) if he wants to take it over
              again.  This contest is supposed to end in 9 days; it's not worth
              doing a lot of organizational work for something that's gone a
              week after you start. -- schoen, inheritor of UCB RC5 team contact
1998/7/14 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14329 Activity:moderate
7/13    Someone was asking about using Perl DBI::Oracle modules before
        soda crashed.  Print your login so I can email you some sample
        \_ Actually, I am interested in knowing whether it is possible to
           use Perl DBI::Oracle on Linux.  I am getting this impression
           (from the DBI::Oracle readme) that it requires SQL*NET and PRO*C
           to make DBI::Oracle.  I don't know if Oracle have SQL*NET or PRO*C
           for linux.
           \_ I didn't get a chance to read your message completely before
              soda crashed so I didn't know what you were asking.  I'm
              personally using DBI::Oracle on Solaris and I'm not sure why
              that wouldn't work on Linux (I don't have experience as
              \_ Isn't that what session locking is for?
           \_ You are SOL, unless you can find a rogue port of SQL*NET for
              Linux build by charitable Oracle employees/contractors.
              \_ There are continuing rumors of an Oracle Linux port coming
                 up.  It might happen.  In the meantime, there are excellent
                 free RDBMS systems for Linux, although they are not as
                 scalable as the commercial products.
                 \_ try PostgreSQL. It comes free with the RedHat
                     \_ DONT use postgres. it sucks and is slow.  Use mysql
                      (not msql)
                 \_ Try Solaris or HP.  I am sure you must have some unix box
                    that you can install your application server.  If you are
                    running Linux, you'll be relying too much on freeware
                    support.  It's a waste of your time searching for them.
1998/7/14 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14330 Activity:moderate
7/13    Wow, 2 crashes in one day.  2 more crashes and you practically
        win 95.
        -Gates knows all; sees all; does all
        \_  % uname
        \_ Linux is better.
           \_ Linux is a nightmare.
              \_ Sure linux is a nightmare.  But when something goes
                 nightmarish it's because the user did something wrong
                 and you have a chance to fix it. When Winblows goes
                 nightmarish it's because some idiot at Mircrosoft never
                 took 61c and 162 and all you can do is pray.
                 \_ Winblows is the best!!!  Over 80% Americans use it.
                 \_ And how is that any different than *BSD?
                 \_ Hmmm...for any average user?  I don't think my mom can
                    fix the OS if it goes nightmarish.
1998/7/14 [Uncategorized] UID:14331 Activity:high
7/14    God Damn! isn't there at least ONE good looking women on this
        whole campus? !
        \_ Yes.  She's hiding from you.  (And waiting for a man who can
           spell and capitalize correctly.)
        \_ She graduated.
        \_ Try Berkeley High
           \_ Good advice. What's-her-name (blonde model, UCSC alum) went
              there. Oh, yeah... Rebecca Romijn. --dim
        \_ Yes.  She's in my office.  HA.
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