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1998/11/30 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:15039 Activity:high
11/29   Antz > Bug's Life.
        \_ yer just tryin' ta hurt mah feelinz -=Aubie
        Bug's Life >>>>> Antz
        dood: listen: Bug's Life >>>>>>> Antz  >> EECS life
        dood: listen: Bug's Life >>>>>>> EECS life >> Antz
1998/11/30 [Reference/Celebration] UID:15040 Activity:nil 66%like:15768
11/29   Happy birthday, me.
        \_ Wait, today's not my birthday...
1998/11/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15041 Activity:high 63%like:15042
11/29   Antz > Bug's Life.
        Bug's Life >>>>> Antz
        \_ What do you both mean, story-wise, or cgi-wise?
1998/11/30 [Uncategorized] UID:15042 Activity:nil 63%like:15041
11/29   Antz > Bug's Life.
        Bug's Life >>>>> Antz
        dood: listen: Bug's Life >>>>>>> Antz  >> EECS life
1998/11/30-12/2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15043 Activity:moderate
11/30   Under tcsh, what's the diff. btwn 'setenv' and 'set'?
        \_ syntax:  set foo = bar, setenv FOO bar
           set is for shell variables, setenv is for environment variables
           setenv vars are inherited by child shells -jctwu (oops)
           setenv vars are inherited by child shells -jctwu
           \_ Of course, you spelled it wrong.  It's fubar not foobar. hehe
           \_ set foo = bar works for one var, but correct syntax is
              set foo=bar so that then you can say:
              set foo=bar blah=fwipple prompt="%B%m%b %~ %B[%t]%b "
           \_ thx.
              etc..  --dbushong
                \- the "correct" syntaxt is spaces on both or neither side
                of the =. if those two cases behave differenently, it is a
                odd-implmentation choice or a bug. This works just fine:
                set foo = "splat" bar = "frob". [with or without quotes].--psb
1998/11/30-12/2 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:15044 Activity:high
11/29   Is there some way to telnet into uclink4 and manually delete things?
        Say someone sent me a 30MB file and I can't download it over my
        modem.  Is there a special port number or something?
        \_ the third option under Pine's setup lets you set your SMTP
           server. You can just set that to <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ why would you do that?  your smtp server is your outgoing
              mail server which the unix server you're running pine on
              already has (unless you're running pc-pine or your sysadmin
              is too stupid to not install sendmail).
        \_ the easiest way might be to use PINE (or any other similar mail
           client), and set uclink4 to be your mail server, browse through
           your messages, and delete the 30MB file.
           \_ Pine doesn't support POP.
                \_ Pine has supported POP for years for those with
                   enough brains to read the F'qing FAQ, plus UCTwink4
                   now supports IMAP, so you just fucking lose all around.
                   \_ I would have read the F'qing FAQ but all I had
                      was the pine man pages.  Perhaps you could post
                      an url for the official pine faq.
                        \_ From the pine main menu, choose setup, then
                           update.  It gives you some messages to read,
                           one of which is a pine FAQ.  - mikeym
                   \_ Plus, you can use fetchmail, so all Unix mailers now
                      "support" POP.
        \_ slap your friend.   -jor
        \_ When uclink4 was young you could get in using ftp, but the
           uclink4 nazis stopped it.
        \_ Easy.  Mail consult@uctwink4.
        \_ never mind, i found it.  for anyone interested it's
           telnet uclink4 110
           user [your user name]
           pass [your password]
           dele [message index]
           If anyone has an url describing POP3 syntax that would be
           greatly appreciated.
           \_ is appropriate.
              The man page for fetchmail(1) is really good for listing most
              of the big standards that apply to Internet e-mail (though it
              doesn't cite RFC 974, "Mail Routing and the Domain System",
              which is very important). -- schoen
           \_ It's also a good idea to do this (and POP3 in general) through
              SSH tunnels.  This is very feasible with UCLink4; see e.g.
              "" (and
              yes, it works with non-Unix SSH clients).  -- schoen
1998/11/30-12/1 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:15045 Activity:high
11/29   Hey all, my company is paying for my relocation from SF to LA.  they
        said that i can just give them a fair quote of what it would cost
        if i hired movers and they will just give me the cash and i can
        rent a uhaul.  anyone know a fair price to move a one bedroom
        apartment with furniture down to LA?
        \_ What company is this.  If you're a CS major I'm surprised that
           you're passing up possible bay area jobs for something down in LA.
           \_ 1) Questions end with a question mark: '?'
                 \_ csua motd grammar is different than traditional grammar
                    ie: f u cn rd ths thn u cn gt a jb n cptr pgmmg.
                        \_ that wasn't funny when you posted it yesterday,
                           either.  -tom
                           \_ tom, you should be the last person to judge
                              other people's sense of humor.
                           \_ sign your name, wimp.  -tom
                                \_ It's not a motd standard to sign name.
                                \_ it's still cowardly to insult someone
                                   without signing your name.  -tom
                     \ It's not so != that u can use ie when u mean e.g.
              2) By moving to LA, he may get a significant raise in buying
                 power.  And hey, maybe he doesn't want to live in the bay
                 area--had you thought of that?
                 \_ And the less people who stay in the Bay Area, the
                    better the standard of living for the rest of us
                 \_ I would have loved to stay in the SF bay area. But
                    as it is, I can actually afford a 3 bedroom house with my
                    $70K salary (on a 15-year mortgage) down here, and not
                    have to dodge bullets or druggies going to the corner.
           \_ He also has few alternatives to moving out of LA if he
                decides he wants to leave this company.  BTW, the money
                they give you for moving may be taxable. -jor
                \_ It's tax-exempt if (simplifying) you stay with the
                   company for a year, but if they pay it to you as
                   income, you'll have to itemize deductions to avoid
                   paying taxes on it. Better yet: save receipts for
                   all move-related expenses (including movers,
                   transportation to LA, temporary LA hotel, etc.)
                   and have company reimburse you -- then they
                   handle the deduction.
        \_ Why not call some movers for 'an estimate?'   You're shopping around
                \_ Exactly.  How much it'll cost depends on weight and their
                   time.  If you have them pack, get better insurance than the
                   standard 80 cents/pound, etc, the price goes up.  Getting
                   that insurance requires that they pack your stuff.  That
                   costs also.  Get an estimate that includes proper insurance
                   and packing costs for breakables and give tham # to your
                   employer. --been there
1998/11/30-12/2 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:15046 Activity:high
11/30   does anyone know a good reason for or against the laptops
        by IBM? I'm thinkingoof the i-series $1999 with 13.3TFT screen
        any advise is greatly appreciated...
        \_ Once you start using a ThinkPad you probably won't go back to
           anything else.  You can tell that IBM spent a lot of effort
           in the ergonomic design.  Sure, you can't do any hard gaming
           with the nipple, er, TrackPoint, but it is far superior to
           a touch pad, and the button layout is also *sane.*  (Apologies
           to Toshiba users.)  The keyboard's pretty nice too.  I am
           very pleased with my 380D.  Too bad I can't use it at work,
           since "work" assembles a competing product.  -- tmonroe
           \_ bah. Give me a trackball any day. HP laptops.
        \_ if you don't like IBM laptops, you don't like laptops
           \_ agreed. actually, IBM makes high quality machines in general.
              It used to be advertised that you could drop an IBM box
              and it will still function properly.  That was a while ago
              \_ While running?
                 \_ probably not.  It's like a Volvo. Sure it can survive
                    a 10G impact but it won't look pretty.
        \_ The IBM ThinkPad 600 I have seems to work well. -appel
          \_ what do people think about chembook, sony and toshiba laptops?
             \_ you don't want anything but ibm.  ibm laptops rule.
             \_ Sony Laptops are pretty but somewhat fragile
                Toshiba's are nice, esp the polished magnesium casing.
               \_ i'd like sony on top of my lap.
                  \_ Give it up Daveh
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