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1998/4/6 [Uncategorized] UID:13901 Activity:nil
4/5     I am trying to become a better lover.  Please name the
        greatest love act you have done for your SO.
        \_ Talk to her.
        \_ listen to her.
1998/4/6 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13902 Activity:high
4/5     Spring forward.
        \_ how does it work?  like: 1:58,1:59,3:00,3:01,etc?  if so that
           explains why my 2am cron job didn't run.
           \_ Yes, the second at 1:59:59 PST is immediately followed by the
              second at 3:00:00 PDT.  You can verify that locale-aware Unix
              time code believes this with date -d '2:00 today' and similar.
              Daylight Saving Time is the mortal nemesis of cron.
        \_ Windoze gives users a nice reminder that the system time has been
           updated and please "verify" the new time is correct, because Gates
           isn't sure how to calculate DST.  Whereas UNIX users know that the
           system will do the right thing.
           \_ umm... yes.  this is a very good reason for me to use UNIX
             over windoze.
           \_ Actually since I may be multibooting I _don't_ want the OS to
              fuck with my system clock.  You really want each of 95, unix
              and NT to advance your clock an hour?  As only a semi-related
              issue, the whole daylight savings time thing is incredibly
              stupid.  This is no longer an agriculturally based society, so
              we don't need that crap screwing things up.  Although leap year
              and leap seconds are somewhat annoying, at least they're rare
              and more importantly, they are necessary to maintaining our
              current calendar system.  (Although it might be a long time
              before we noticed all those leap seconds adding up)  :)   I say
              we should scrap the whole damned thing.
                \_ Actually DST is an invention of the 20th century to get
                   extra productivity out of urban workers!  In an agricultural
                   society, people don't care as much about what time you say
                   it is as they do about when the sun actually comes up.
                \_ Japan, Taiwan, and many Asian countries have already gotten
                   rid of this shit. This is one main reason that Win95 asks
                   you what region you're in, and whether you REALLY want to
                   forward/fall back your clock.
              \_ I think every day should be shortned by about 2 minutes.
                 then at the end of the month, we can all get an extra hour.
                 This will allow us to work even harder for our employer, or
                  to catch up on sleep, or net surfing.
              \_ I don't really care what the heck the time is on my PC's,
                 so when Win95 asked me to fix the time, I laughed to see it
                 *hours* off.  I don't ask my pc to keep time, only to launch
                 gamez. That is, after all, all windoze machines are good for.
1998/4/6 [Uncategorized] UID:13903 Activity:nil
4/3     Does anyone have any images or know of sites where I can get
        images of Asami Katsuragi?
        \_ Who is the hell is (s)he?
                \_ She is a Japanese Idol, and quite beautiful.
1998/4/6 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:13904 Activity:nil
4/3     Does Linux run on any other platform besides PC?  Thanks.
        \_ Alpha, PowerPC, Sparc
           \_ Also ARM, 68k, MIPS, although the above are the only ones that
              are really usable.  Linux on the PowerPC is getting quite
              mature.  If you want Unix on a non-PPC Mac, there is also NetBSD.
1998/4/6 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:13905 Activity:moderate
4/6     This weekend I've finished my report on corrolation of the average car
        size that is manufactured vs. the state of the economy. Roughly
        speaking: 1920=midsize (bad/okay economy), 1950=huge car (++economy),
        1970=compact/small japanese cars (bad economy/OPEC crisis),
        1990=huge AND tall SUV (good economy).
        Isn't that an interesting observation?
        \- Interesting observation, but I think you don't have enough data
        points. I mean, maybe cars were that size/shape in the 20's because
        cars were more or less a new thing then. I agree about the downsizing
        from the 50's cars to the 70's. That was mainly due to the oil crisis.
        However, in the 90's, even the huge and tall SUV are getting pretty
        good mileage, arent they? They aren't necessarily fuel burners. -leblon
        \_ Toyota 4Runner gets about 18MPG. That compared to a Corrola or Civic
           with about 40MPG.... that's still a big difference. We're not even
           going to discuss Jaguar with about 8MPG or some luxury car with
           as low as 12MPG.
        \_ If I am not mistaken, they call the 1920's the "Roaring
Twenties," because, right up until the stock market crash of 1928,the
economy was incredibly strong. Cars of that era were some of the largest
ever produced, many with 400-500 cubic inch I-8, I-12, V-16, V-18, and
V-20s. True, horsepower and fuel economy were low, but that was mainly due
to poor metallugury of the engine componets. When you speak of the
Twenties, do not forget the Cadillacs, Duesenbergs, Lincolns and Pakers of
that era. In the thirties, despite the Great Depression, cars were still
produced, many of which were quite large and quite powerful for the times.
Even during the Gas Crisis, the Big Three still produced very large cars
(this is why the Federal Government had to bail out Chysler). It was not
until the early eighties that the Big Three finally caught on, and started
producing smaller cars to compete with the Japanese imports. Mid-size and
compact sedans in this country are often some of the largest cars on the
road in other Eurpoean and Asain countries.
1998/4/6 [Uncategorized] UID:13906 Activity:nil
4/6 Jabbar said the first item is the key to success for Sun and its
    value-added resellers. "Customer care is the killer app for
    the new millennium," he said.
    \_ If people are going to post random and possibly contextually deficient
       quotes, could you at least take the extra 3 seconds require to cut and
       paste the URL?
       \_ my point is that is statement by some big shot sun exec contains
                very little information.  Hence context (and the url) are
                         unimportant.  sorry to confyooooze you :)
                         \_ MY _GOD_, MAN!!!!!!  CORPORATE EXECUTIVES MAKE
                            STATEMENTS THAT CONTAIN VERY LITTLE
                            INFORMATION????!???  My faith in the system is
                            _SHAKEN_ . . . shaken to the core.  You'd better
                            hurry up and take your amazing discovery out to
                            the streets before you're shot to death by
                            agents of The Man.
                            \_ keep in mind the original poster posted without
                             comment.  Only when some nitwit replied did
                             he have to explain the obvious.
        \_ How come no one complained when someone misquoted Bill Gates's
           "640K is all you need."
1998/4/6 [Reference/BayArea, Health, Computer/Theory] UID:13907 Activity:nil
4/6     Re: PBS starts new series -> Teletubbies
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