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1998/4/17 [Uncategorized] UID:13974 Activity:nil
4/17    What's all this I hear about webwatch?  Is it new tech?
1998/4/17 [Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:13975 Activity:high
4/17    A Cappella Against AIDS V - a cappella concert.  Wheeler Auditorium,
        this SATURDAY, April 18, 8pm.  $10 general / $5 students/seniors.  -- I sing in Press
        Any Key.  -caos
        \_ FAGS BURN!
1998/4/17 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:13976 Activity:high
4/16    I need to buy tickets to fly to Newark in slightly over two weeks.
        The costs I'm being quoted are outrageous ($770+rt) using & calling the airlines directly.  Any suggestions
        of other, possibly cheaper places to check?  Thanks!  --tabloyd
        \_ buying tickets less than 30 days in advance is way expensive
           \_Yes, thank you, I'm aware of that.  It's unavoidable in this case.
             That's why I'm asking if anyone knows a (legal) way to help
             save at least a little money on this...
             \_ I think flying standby is cheaper
        \_ If twa flies there, there's a travel pack, 4 one ways to
           anywhere for about 500.  You might want to call for info.
           flights need to be booked 14 days in advanced.
        \_ Try STA at the MLK Student Center. I flew from SFO to Newark to
           Detroit and back for about $400 this past winter break through
        \ lists a flight on United from SFo to EWR for 5/1
          for $624.  It's not dirt cheap, but...
1998/4/17-18 [Computer/Networking] UID:13977 Activity:moderate
4/17    Giganet's Cluster LAN will vie with Fibre Channel and P2100 -- PC
        interconnect rides on Intel's bus strategy
        \_ How does it compare with TeraBit OptoChannel from Terabit Network
        \_ How does it compare with TeraBit OptiChannel from Terabit Network
                \_ TB OptiChannel outperforms Cluster LAN by %40 in most
                   situations and up to %135 better in some rarer cases.
1998/4/17-18 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:13978 Activity:high
4/17    Thanks to everyone who helped with airfare suggestions.  Last night
        United opened up some cheaper seats (thank goodness!).  For those
        of you who are still students, the TWA student pack is indeed a good
        deal and you may want to check it out.  --tabloyd
        \_ Hey, tabloyd, you secretly got married with norby without telling
           the soda community!
           \_ you say that as if it were a bad thing.
                \_ shit, norby's more sick minded than I thought.
                \_Heh, we certainly didn't keep it a secret ... we just didn't
                  feel any need to announce it in the motd!
           \_ How did norby and tabloyd first meet?  Did norby hit on
              tabloyd with write and hit jackpot?
                \_Uh, no.  Thank goodness -- I'd have ignored him if he'd
                  tried the write thing -- it's so cliche...
                \_ I used the old lame excuse "It's dark, I'll walk you home"
                   to get into her place, then raped her and we became
                   famously in love.  It was so romantic living out the Luke
                   And Laura story in real life.   -norby
                   \_ This is just ultra-rude
                        \_ Go ahead, lie, say you didn't laugh, or at least
                           \_ I didn't laugh.  I didn't even smile -aspo
                           \_ I laughed.  I cried.  It was better than Cats!
1998/4/17 [Industry/Jobs, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:13979 Activity:high
4/17    Heard my boss said something like "tech skill is petty skill". Is that
        \_ To some extent. You can go to ITT Technical or Devry and learn very
           specific skills, and to a lot of management and upper level people
           they will not know any difference. So the answer is-- yes and no.
        \_ Meaning what?  People who install memory and disk drives?  Yes.
           People who write new apps in <insert language here>, do real
           sysadmin work, or design hardware?  No.
        \_ I heard a similar comment saying techies were "unskilled"
           I don't think he was referring to disk drive installers tho.
           Corporate management does not respect tech workers (in general)
           That's why they whine about the shortage on one hand and then
           threaten to fire/lay you off if you don't put in 50-60 hour
        \_ Heard _my_ boss say something like "people who troll the soda motd
           hoping to generate massive flames by making random derogatory
           comments about tech workers suck."  Is that true?
        \_ _MY_ boss asked me what my biggest flaw was.  I stood up, unzipped
            my pants, and said "Obviously, it's not the size of my dick"
1998/4/17-18 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13980 Activity:high
4/17    If I want to use ssh to connect to a remote machine and run xwin
        apps, what is the command line to start, say, xterm.  And what do I
        need to set up beforehand?  -emarkp
        \_ unix: /bin/rm -rf ~
           windoze: fdisk
           mac: drag all your icons to the trash can.  empty trash can.
           \_ Um, I assume this is a comment about the security?  I though
              ssh was a secure way to transmit x-events.  Furthermore, this
              does not answer the question.  -emarkp
              \_ someone buy this man a clue
        \_  with a properly configured ssh, its all hidden 'silently' from
            you.  ssh to the remote host and run your x commands normally
            SSH 'silently' sets your DISPLAY environment correctly for you,
            and your shell commands will inherit it. -ERic
            \_ Where can I go to find docs to do the setup correctly?  Or
               is it simple enough to post here?  -emarkp
               \_ Have you actually tried to run xterm already?  If it
                  didn't work, maybe you want to give the error mesg
                \_ The freeware 1.22 unix package had plenty of docs. RTFM.
                   It isn't that hard.
            \_ well the  'default setup' works 'correctly'.  If you have an
               idiot sysadmin who changed the defaults and put in things like
               disabling xforwarding in sshd config, then it won't work. -ERic
1998/4/17 [Uncategorized] UID:13981 Activity:nil
4/17 is complaining he doesn't get enough mail. Send him
        the interesting bits. -- jeph
        \_ Don't be a mail bomb spamming idiot you fucking moron.
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