Welcome to, Now Go Home! or When Geeks Collide. Some documents shake the universe to its very core, sending out shockwaves across the galaxies that will resonate forever. Some documents irrevocably change the perceptions of their readers, replacing closely-held worldviews with dangerous and exciting new vistas. Failing that, some documents at least are worth the paper or magnetic media that encode their existence, thanks to the usefulness of their content. This is not one of them. So, you've logged onto wall just in time to hear that yermom's philbiff is fubar, and so you never got the elevatorP, and SPARKY'S is a no go. Rather than saying, "What the hell?" and logging off, you finally have another option. Now you too can learn the secret language of the computer science geeks. This encyclopedia explains the culture and history behind the hidden terminology of the CSUA. By spending mere minutes a day, you too can become a member of the CSUA clique, able to spout vahmifqy and think about the brain at a minute's notice. Join the club now (secret decoder ring and replica Luna, Luna sign not included. Offer is for a limited time only. Act now.) Entries are listed in alphabetical order. Translation from the original hexadecimal by Phillip "Edward" Nunez. Thanks Phillip! Contents here came from and KAIS MOTD volunteers. Thanks to Shannon Appelcline and Eric van Bezooijene Additional thanks to Partha Banerjee, Jon Blow, Van A. Boughner, David Bushong, Nevin Cheung, David Chia, Alan Coopersmith,Paul Dubois, Tom Holub, Ed James, Donald Kubasak, Ahm Lee, Mike "No Relation" Lee, Julie S. Lin, Scott MacFiggen, Peter Mardahl, Mel Nicholson,David Paschich, David Petrou, Kurt Pires, Aaron Smith, John Salomon, Gary Tse, Rand Wacker, Nick Weaver, and Yermom.

Below are definitions over 2 years old: