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1996/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:31861 Activity:nil
7/6     Soda now has approximately 700M more of home directory space. --sowings
1996/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:31862 Activity:nil
7/3     Today is a good day to change your password.
1996/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:31863 Activity:nil
7/8     Anyone know where I can find a 3D Studio type wire mesh of a Medical
        Symbol (Caduceus)?  I've been looking all over the place for one and
        am just about at wits end.  Thanks greatly for any help.   -ron
1996/7/8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31864 Activity:nil
7/8     Why doesn't chfn work?  My name is misspelled!
         \_ /usr/local/bin/chfn works perfectly fine.
        \_ only root can change that finger info
        \_ why?
           \_ Because you have to have your real name in your finger info.
           \_ Yah! we don't want any anonymity on the net.
              You might say FUCK or something, and there are MINORS
              in the CSUA.  We are watching you.
         \_so be good for goodness sakes.
         \_ We never said you can't use an anonymous remailer,
            or wall from lwall's account to hide your identity.
            However, the CSUA isn't in the business of providing
            anonymous access - we provide a community in which we
            want everyone to be able to know the people they are
            sharing the machine with.
1996/7/8 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:31865 Activity:nil
7/8     PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  caller id starts today.  to check
        your blocking status, call (800)386-0000.  you may change your
        caller id blocking preference for free until the end of 1996.
           \_ You can forget about calling for pizza deliveries if you
              have complete blocking.  They get too many prank calls and
              if they have caller ID, they won't deliver unless you give
              out yer number.  I know because I've delivered for Dominoes.
          \_ This is incorrect.  Even those with complete
          blocking can "selectively" unblock (*82) - crebbs
         \_ Congratulations on the great Dominoes job, but why can't
         you just give a fake number? They never call me back to
          You can't "just give a fake number" via caller id.
          \_ That's true, but can he make a prank call from a
             pay phone?  -yuen
        \_ anyone not blocking completely?  -jor
           \_ i would have gone with the selective blocking if i still
              had my own phone line.  it doesn't really concern me.
              why are you gung-ho about complete blocking?
              just curious.   --lila
              \_ To preserve every American's GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to make
          We will _NOT_ be OPPRESSED!!
          \_ that's why there's SELECTIVE blocking...  that doesn't
             explain why you'd want complete blocking.
             \_ Because I don't want my name/number on a mailing list to be
         sold to god-doesn't-even-know-who and it isn't anyone's damn
         business who I call.  Caller ID has nothing to do with
         stopping crank calls.  It is a mailing list creation device
         for businesses, nothing more.
         \_ uh, you can't block your number from 800, 888, or 900
            numbers, which are the people who might be selling your
            number in the first place.  -tom
         \_ Umm - how are they going to send mail to your phone number?
         (Besides, one of those CD's with the complete phone
          books of the US is much cheaper than recording caller-ids)

        \_ Selective blocking is a piece 'o shit. I went for complete
         \_ You suck. Don't call me.
1996/7/8 [Uncategorized] UID:31866 Activity:nil
7/7     Check out mankind's latest invention, the Polytron at

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