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1998/10/15-16 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:14775 Activity:high
10/14   Candlelight Vigil for that gay guy who was beaten to death in WI
        Tonight at 8:00pm on upper sproul
        \_ got what he deserved... gonna stay home and watch TV.
                \_ I'll feed the troll.  Here goes:
                   He deserved to be bound naked to a barbed wire fence,
                   beaten to the edge of death and left there all night in
                   the freezing cold?  (Their nights are a fuck load colder
                   than ours, btw).  He did exactly what to deserve this?
                   Ooooh yeah... He was born different from you.
                   \_ grow up for once
                   \_ grow up dude -- 2nd party
                      \_ Some trolls really hit home, you know. -- 3rd party
                         \_ Damn, if you aren't the dumbest mother fucker soda
                            has seen in a long time.  Obvious to everyone but
                            you, the 2nd party was showing how ridiculous the
                            troll was.  If you're going to troll, do it right.
                                        -- 4th party
                         \_ well, i personally don't know much about gay
                            politics nor do i really care but if you think
                            stripping another person and brutally murdering
                            them is in any way funny then you must be one
                            real sicko. i hate my math prof but i don't
                            think it would be funny if i saw their carcass
                            on a fece.
                            \_ what if I don't strip them first?  Is that ok?
                                \_ no it's not ok, and it isn't even as funny.
                                \_ Whenever you commit murder, it's not ok.
                                   \_ it's not murder.  it's self-defense.
                                      gonna wipe out the virus breeders.
                                   \_ but my pappy said killing gays isn't
                                      murder, it's "Cleansing the earth"
                                        \_ that's what Hitler said about
                                           the jews...and we all know how
                                           great of a roll model he is.
                                           \_ Okay, discussion over.
                                              Discussion ends when someone is
                                              compared to Hitler.
                                           \_ Hitler made a great start
                                              but he shoulda realized that just
                                              like roaches, you caint git rid
                                              of all dem jew vermin.
                                        \_ Please cleanse your pappy from
                                           the earth for us.
                                           \_ are you some sort of faggot-lover?
                        Time to kick some FOB Asian ass again.  _/
        \_ WI is Wisconsin.  WY is Wyoming.
                \_ Thanks for some elementary education.
1998/10/15 [Health/Women] UID:14776 Activity:high
10/14   Just gimme the naya BABY!
                Just give me yer mom, BABY!
        \_ but... you haven't exercised in two years...
1998/10/15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14777 Activity:high
        \ Life god uses M$ - thus he must be a false prophet
        \_ Unable to connect to host ye twink!
        Sorry, but EECS is hardcore, and CS isn't. It has much more presteige,
        and the recruiters know it - that we EECSs have been abused by
        Hilfinger (willingly) and deserve a few pennies more per year to make
                \_ Dumbshit, I wasn't even CS and I willingly took Hilfinger's
                   classes.  Oh woe is you, the EECS major, boo hoo.  Grow up.
        up for it. Go to hell EECS, and go to hell Berkeley CS proffs.
        who think we should have no lives.
        Go to hell all those of you who drop courses after getting a B on
        the first midterm to f-ck up the curve for the rest of us.
        \_ Gee, if I had been in EECS/C the only difference would have been
           taking EE40 instead of 42.  Oh, and I wouldn't have gotten to
           take as many elective, I expect.  That's why I switched OUT of CoE
           Who says LSCS lusers can't take Hilfy?   --pld, 2x Hilfy vet
                \_ Did you take Physics 7ABC? Math 53, 54, 55
                   or did you take 45 sci/design units?
                   \_ Actually, I took Physics H7AB, 7C, 105, 110A, as
                      wells as Math 50AB, 55, 110, Stat 101.  And that's in
                      L&S.  Oh, and don't forget CS60ABC, 150, 162, 164,
                      170, 174, 184, 188, 294 and of course the lowly EECS
                      42.  On the side I took Spanish 25, and Vis Studies
                      181 (photography).  Could I have done that in EECS?
                   \_ you want an L&S pecking contest?
                        Try: 162. 164. 170. 182. 184. 284. 288. 294,
                        slavic, cogsci1, cogsci101, pacs, swing-dancing!
                                -eecs major1
        \_ If EECS is so fucking hardcore, why are CS majors required to
           take CS150 when EECS weenies can skip the fucker?
                \_ the only way an EECS major can skip 150 is to take many
                   extra courses for the sci/design units...
                        \_ Compared to "no way for a CS major to skip 150".
                           I would've happily taken 10 non-150 courses
                           \_ hell no, cs170 is the bitch ass class you want
                              to skip. 150 is probably the most bad ass
                              class i've taken at berkeley.
                                \_ 170 was merely annoying.
        \_ Look, obviously you have a small penis.
                \_ Or no penis but desirious of one.
        \_ That's why I was an English Major.
           All I did in college was fuck and play video games.
           Now I work in the CS field, best of both worlds!
                \-I laugh at all of you. --psb
        \_ L&S rocked. I got a 3 on the Chem AP in high school.
           Didn't have to take science classes in Berkeley.
           Got to take Folklore and Children's Lit. --vchang
        \_ Pure fantasy.  No such pics exist.
1998/10/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14778 Activity:moderate
10/14   How common is a tcsh.core file?
        \_ that's a new one
                \- actualy not that uncommon after certain releases.
                there are some buffer exploits in tcsh that LET YOU GET A
                SHELL AS ORIGINAL USER! :-) --psb
                \_ here's how I can get tcsh to give me a core dump:
                        soda% foo
                        foo: Command not found.
                        Segmentation fault (core dumped)
                        soda% ls -l tcsh.core
                        -rw-------  1  csua  704512 Oct 15 02:01 tcsh.core
        \_ upgrade to tcsh 6.08.00
                \-well since i dont know if it was complied correctly
                and you didnt even include the version number, i am not
                going to look into this. --psb
        \_ How about more.core?
                \_ Welcome to FreeBSD - <programname>.core is the same
                        as just plain core on other Unixes.
1998/10/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14779 Activity:low
10/14   RedHat was too lame to include the xtetris package.  Does anyone
        know a good place to find source code for that?
        \_ Install a real OS and I'll give you a real copy of tetris.
        \_ Gameboy still has the best version of Tetris.
        \_ What are you talking about?  Get a real game.
           \_ Tetris is as real as it gets... next to Pac Man.

        This posting removed in the name of good taste
1998/10/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:14780 Activity:nil
10/14   woohoo!!play with pocket knives at Sendmail!!!
1998/10/15-16 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:14781 Activity:high
10/15  Do hardware raid drivers exist for linux yet?  url, if available
       (yes, I can search, but Im lazee :) )
           \_ boy, looks like you are lazy too; i was looking for something
             a little more specific :)
                \_ then go to and SHUT THE FUCK UP
          But this may not be exactly what you are looking for. -- jsjacob
          \_ This is a nice start.  Thanks!
       \_ I would think it would depend on WHICH HARDWARE you were using.
        \_ If the RAID implemntation is truly in hardware, shouldn't the
                linux machine be able to access it as just a regular
                scsi disk?
                \_ I was referring to those PCI RAID cards ive seen around.
                  That is hardware raid, but you will need drivers for those.
                  Also, even if it is an external hw raid, you might have
                  some problems.  For example,  you can't boot a solaris
                   box off an _external_ hw raid (well, atleast the ones
                    Ive got).  Once you get by the boot, then, yes, a hw
                    raid drive should just look like a scsi device.
1998/10/15-16 [Reference/BayArea] UID:14782 Activity:moderate
10/15   Anyone know of a decent art supply store in the South Bay?
        McWorther's doesn't have what I need.
        \_ University Art Center, in Palo Alto and San Jose.  -- kahogan
           \_ thx!
           \_ Do they sell condoms?
1998/10/15-16 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:14783 Activity:kinda low
10/15   Anyone have any friends that are Nevada residents?  It could be
        worth several hundred dollars if they would do me a small favor
        that would take 5 mins. of their time.  Thanks.  --sky
        \_So is it cool to use the motd to solicit accomplices in
          low-risk fraud?
           \_ Only if you don't get caught
        \_ I was born in nevada - is that close enough? -alan-
           \_ Needs to be a current resident
        \_ LOL. :)  Tax is stupid. Particularly mail-order instate/intrastate
                -it's a big scam, and we're punished for living in hi-tech
                california where it's all sold/net stores...
                even if that's not the point of sky's post, I can think of
                much worse things on the motd. Go Sky!
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