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1998/9/2-3 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14535 Activity:high
9/2     Can someone give me help on authenticating NT users to a Linux
        box running Samba?  Specifics in ~john/samba-nt.  No "NT sucks,
        run Unix instead", since if this works we can ditch all our NT
        servers...      -John
        \_ See the docs/security_levels.txt file distributed with samba.
        \_ You want to set "security = server" in smb.conf, and then add
           "password server = ntbox" (where ntbox is an nt machine that
           can authenticate users).  See the docs/security_levels.txt file
           distributed with samba.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly document in the samba docs.
        \_ RTFM.  This is all clearly documented in the samba docs.
          \_ Answers like this suck. It may be better to say which docs
             and where in the docs to find it, not just rtfm.
             \_ You fucking idiot.  There's an obvious "docs" directory in
                the samba distribution with blatantly obvious filenames that
                a moron even of your caliber could figure out.  You want me
                to edit the smb.conf file for him and wipe his ass with my
                silk hanky, too?  Answers like this are perfectly reasonable
                when the docs are in your face and quite clear.  You are such
                a fucking idiot, I feel the need to say it twice.
                \_ Calling me an idiot isn't helpful nor is answering rtfm to
                   even the most obvious questions.
                   It doesn't matter if the docs are in his face, he's asking
                   for your help not responses that say rtfm.
                   even the most obvious questions. Its lame CS people like
                   yourself who don't promote or encourage the use of technology
                   because your "know it all" attitude hinders anyone from
                   approaching you to learn. No, you don't have to edit his
                   smb.conf for him, but answering the question and then pointing
                   to docs will be the most useful especially if he's a newbie.
           \_ It is not clearly documented in the samba docs.  From the
              smb.conf man page:  "If you mostly use usernames that don't
              exist on the UNIX box then use "security = share".  Plus,
              when I log into NT domain (y) from an NT workstation on
              NT domain (x) I get my authentication information from
              whatever NT server in (y) decides it's the most available
              bdc (or pdc) rather than from one specific machine.  Please
              don't make vicious, stupid comments like that, or at least
              sign your name, coward.  -John
1998/9/2-5 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:14536 Activity:high
9/2     Anyone up for Ice Skating tomorrow (thursday) evening?  If so, meet at
        Berkeley Iceland at ~7:30.  Open hours are from 7:30-10:30.
        Price (with rental) is $5.00 with student ID, $7.50 without.
        \_  whats the occasion?
            \_ She did yermom and yersis and wants to share his experiences
        \_ I'd like to see a TV ad for Geeks on Ice.
                \-give blood, play broomball. --psb
                   \_ I gave blood and went running.  Close enough? -PeterM
        \_ You all missed out.  2 soda people, 4 non-soda people,
           3 male, 3 female.  --PeterM
                \_ Interesting way of counting.  --alawrenc
           \_ so, 1 non-soda male?
                \_ By definition, there are no "soda females".
                        \_ Being a soda female, I beg to differ.
                           \_ You can beg.  It won't change cold hard reality.
                   \_ Soda females, yes. Soda babes, no.
                        \_ Take some basic anatomy classes and try again.
                           Thank you for playing.
                                \_ last time i checked, i was pretty
                                   darned female...  -lila
                                   \_ hang on a minute, let *me* check...
                                        \_ I've checked.  "She" is wrong.
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