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1998/2/18 [Computer/Domains] UID:13689 Activity:high
02/17   Gates says DNS is "digital nervous system" for networks of personal
        computers.  -- yuen
        \_ you left out "and so he invented 'DNS'"
                        \_ no he didn't - not alone at least - other people
                           at Micro$oft helped...
        \_ digital_nervous_system: get your competitors to use it, so that
             you can be the only one left standing.
1998/2/18 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:13690 Activity:high
2/17    VB rules too much.  I am never going back to C++ programming
        again.  Fuck Java also.
        \_ VB sucks so horribly if you have to go beyond what little
                it provides
           \_ "VB rules" "VB sucks" mmm... intelligent arguing.
                \_ Play nice, children.
        \_ And it looked so much like you'd be fully recovered after that
           massive, traumatic brain injury.  A shame.
1998/2/18-20 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:13691 Activity:high
02/20   INTEL PENTIUM 200Mhz  $115
        INTEL PENTIUM 166mHZ  $89
        INTEL PENTIUM 150mHZ  $75
        INTEL PENTIUM 133mHZ  $55
        If interested, please email swings
        \_ Are these old processors you have, or is this a business?
           \_ well, they're definitely old processors....
              \_ okay, you got me there.  But I meant, is he selling
                 'pre-owned' or not.
1998/2/18 [Computer/Domains] UID:13692 Activity:nil
02/17   Anyone know how to track email sent from a remailer?  I've tracked the
        message to what I think is the host computer.  It gives a message ID
        and the domain name.  Any ideas?
1998/2/18 [Uncategorized] UID:13693 Activity:nil
02/18   ROBERT SMITH VS. MECHA-STREISAND, new ep of south park tonight - danh
1998/2/18-19 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13694 Activity:insanely high
02/18   date +"x%m/x%d" | sed 's/x0*//g'
        \_ Why not just say "2/18"?
                \_ strangely enough, this is a university with an intl
                   reputation and many intl students.  this is also a
                   university with many pretentious students who want
                   you to think that they are suave and intl.
                   \_ You mean pretentious?  If its ok with you, I'll just
                      stick with "2/18" for today.
        \_ Why not say "18/2"?
        \_ Why not say
              date +"%m/%d" | sed 's/0\([0-9]\)/\1/g'
                \_ cuz you can use 'x' as magic marker.
                   \_ is it permanent or one of those water soluble ones?
                   \_ but using markers is inelegant.
                    \_ Actually its a nice trick and easier to read.
                      \_ but it doesn't teach you what to do if you don't get
                         to control the initial output format. The second
                         one does.
                        \_ but you do get to control date's output format via
                           '+'.  the date and sed are meant to work together.
                           \_ You're still missing the point.
                                \_ I see your point.  You're being academic.
                                   Out here in the RW, I think it's a nice
                                   trick and makes it easier to read.  I'm
                                   not in some CS class.  I work and like to
                                   see the little tricks other people use in
                                   their work which may apply to mine.
1998/2/18 [Uncategorized] UID:13695 Activity:high
2/18    Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. is now free.
        \_ FREE WAREZ!!!
           \_ Is it really warez if the author has released it free to the
              public?  I think not.  Anyway, is this something you *really*
              want installed on your system?  Keep in mind Derek Smart is
1998/2/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13696 Activity:nil
02/17   Illegal ads from swing deleted.  Using CSUA resources for personal
        or commercial profit is verboten.
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