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1997/5/2-15 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:32134 Activity:nil
4/25    Every new account on soda comes with a file called "FAQ".  (If
        you lost your copy, a fresh one is always available in
        /usr/local/csua/FAQ .)  Please read it and remember it when you
        have questions/problems.  Asking root questions that it answers
        is grounds for getting really snide or obnoxious responses from
        root, if your mail is answered at all.
1997/5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:32135 Activity:nil
5/2     Chelsea decides to go to Stanfurd. I wonder if I would make the
        front page if I went to Stanfurd.
1997/5/2 [Computer/Networking] UID:32136 Activity:nil
5/2     ] Apparently, when Sprint's veterans passed the baton on to
        ] the new network plumbers they didn't tell them everything
        ] they needed to know about running the network. Insiders
        ] tell me the Sprinters misconfigured its routers so that a
        ] problem with one of its smaller ISP customers, MAI Net, was
        ] amplified throughout the entire global Internet (MAI's
        ] problem was triggered by a faulty Bay router).
        \_ The above from the Rumor Mill at  -- cmlee
1997/5/2 [Science/Space] UID:32137 Activity:nil
5/1     Support supersonic transport! If one thought the Concorde was an
        awsome display of technology, wait until one sees what NASA has to
        offer now.
        \_ Space Shuttle Challenger?
        \_ The Concorde was an awesome display of government hubris.  There's
           a REASON it's on the cover of a book called "Great Planning
1997/5/2 [Uncategorized] UID:32138 Activity:nil
5/1     There's a new evil... and it takes the form of an egg..
             \_ Tamagotchi?
        \_ there's one heck of a waiting list for them at FAO
        do hotbot searches on tamagoochi or tamagotchi .. lots of info is one of the
        best I have seen - ramberg I
         \_Hotbot is one of the best search engines that I've used.
        \_tamagotchi is neither evil nor good - just very interesting
          especially with respect to how people treat it, and in the
          context of other simulated interactions.  for intelligent
          discussion (rather than prolish media hype) see:
          and pay close attention to the juxtaposition of DK96.
          \_ kyoko is kuul!1!!
1997/5/2 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:32139 Activity:nil
5/1     Programming, Graphics, and Web Design jobs available at
        OnlineFocus.  See /usr/local/csua/jobs/OnlineFocus  -cdaveb
1997/5/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32140 Activity:nil
5/1     Ellen Degeneras - she rocks.
        \_ that's Degeneres.
             \_ That's Degenerate.
        \_ Her show's so lame, though
        \_ Rocks?  Uh, why?  Because she pulled a publicity stunt to save
           her dying show?  Oh yay.  >yawn<
         \_ what have _you_ done that's comparable to baring your
         soul on national tv? nothing? oh! <yawn>
         \_ Gotten a life, a job, a girlfriend, and a good
            enough attitude that I don't care about baring my
              soul on national tv?  Oh, whoops, that's not nearly
            as noble or admirable, I guess.  Silly me.  -John
          \_ "What does [blank] matter?" is a favorite
          ploy of straight white males when minorities
          get uppity.  You can marry your girlfriend.
          Queers can't, for one.  You can get a job
          without being discriminated on the basis
          of your sexuality.  Queers can't.
          People like you are like dumb jocks in
          mosh pits, who step on little kids and then
          go "DUH, huh?"  --pcjr
1997/5/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic] UID:32141 Activity:nil
5/1     i will not work for c.e.o. who makes seven figures
        \_ What do you care?  No matter what the ceo is getting paid, your
           salary won't change, wage slave.
           \_ And where do you think the extra money for the CEO's paycheck
              comes from? "we'll just have the elves in back print out some
          more money" And just maybe he has some ethic issues regarding
              completely irrational distribution of income. -lars
         \_ As if the ceo worked for free the extra money would go
            to employees?  Hardly.  Think shareholders.  Market
            forces will take care of poorly managed companies. Ethics
            has nothing to do with it.  I'll refrain from making an
            ivory tower comment about someone who majored in PACS.
            You should get in on the ucb.class.cs162 socialism debate
            and explain how BH's ultra progressive -300% to 100% tax
            structure will eliminate all of society's ills.
            \_ I feel little need to justify the value of one of my
        majors, faceless hozer. However, I feel that I learned
        a great deal more in that major that affects my life than
        I did in my CS classes. Have you even taken any PACS
        courses,or are you just speaking based on your prejucies?
          \_ Yes I have.  *Everyone* got an "A".  It was
             insulting and ridiculous.
        \_ You should have majored in Business.
           \_ Right, so that one day you can explain to your kids how you spent
              the best years of your life dutifully studying to be a capitalist
              stooge and an intellectual vampire.
         \_ Yeah, business sucks.  Imagine how many CS majors there
            would be if we were all still hunter/gatherers and kept
            strictly to a barter system of trade.  Whoever invented
            money was clearly evil.  Get a grip hypocrite.  You have
            advantages as a member of the US that no one else on the
            planet has.  They were created, in part, by American
            businesses.  Surprise, businesses are run by business
            people who, (surprise!) were mostly business majors.
            The looney left never ceases to amuse me.
          \_ Well said!
                        \_ Judging from the business majors in my classes,
             it must have taken a very exceptional business
             person to move beyond a barter system.
            \_Well I can't help that the average business
              major today is a clone.  The basic point remains
              the same, despite the lower life forms currently
              enrolled in classes.
         \_nanofabrication promises a post-economic era within
           100 years - in the future, the only commodities will
           be ideas and dirt- with this much, all things are
            \_ you've been reading too many stupid books.
           \_ If you want my dirt, you're going to have to pay big
              bucks for it.  This is high quality dirt, especially
              formulated for the latest in nanofabrication
              techniques.  My ideas are freely available however.
              Only the dirt has a price tag.    --Dirt-R-Us(tm) Inc.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1997:May:02 Friday