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1998/7/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:14343 Activity:nil
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14344 Activity:nil
7/19    WindowMaker or AfterStep?
1998/7/20-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14345 Activity:high
7/19    MASSIVE ATOMIC WARFARE!  Warheads falling from the sky like rain!
        A judgement that will destroy the puny works of a vain humanity!
        It's coming -- AND SOONER THAN YOU THINK!  Don't say I didn't
        warn you!
        \_ Which theatre?
        \_ A strange game, the only way to win is not to play at all.
           \_ The game of Life?
              \_ The game of Global Thermonuclear War.
              \_ The game of Global Thermoundie War.
              \_ The game of Global ThermoNucleaUnder Wear
           \_ A good line but really this is more like "not losing" than
              actually winning.  If you had enough subs firing enough MIRV
              nukes at just the right moment....  We'd win that.
           \_ you're a hard man to find, professor.

        /csua/pub/jobs/Lloyd-Ritter-kernel -- schoen
        \_ I dunno, hacking at random doesn't sound very fun.
           \_ "Random" because I don't know the company or what the job
              entails. -- schoen
1998/7/20 [Computer/SW/OS, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14346 Activity:low 66%like:14359
7/19    Random PC Unix kernel hacking job with Lloyd Ritter Consulting,
        /csua/pub/jobs/Lloyd-Ritter-kernel -- schoen
        \_ I dunno, hacking at random doesn't sound very fun.
1998/7/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14347 Activity:moderate
7/20    fatsex deleted for lack of conent.
        \_it had plenty of content!
          \_ quantity != quality

        \_ seano's white male oppressive penis
        \_ The CSUA bat
        \_ The Campanile (Go Bears!)
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14348 Activity:nil
7/19    question deleted for lack of context.
1998/7/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:14349 Activity:nil
7/20    ass-polito
        \_ cle-ver
        \_ talausman
           \_ businausman
        \_ esJORary
        \_ uncle tom
        \_ col' kane
1998/7/20-21 [Reference/RealEstate, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14350 Activity:nil
7/20    2BR 1.5 BA 2-story apt.  $800/mo.  avail. Sept 1.
        (see /csua/pub/housing/CV.txt for more info) -sony
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14351 Activity:nil
7/20    question deleted by kchang.
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14352 Activity:nil 80%like:14354
7/20    Which device should kchang be sodomized with?
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14353 Activity:nil 66%like:14354
 be sodomized?
1998/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:14354 Activity:nil 80%like:14352 66%like:14353
7/20 With which device should k c h a n g be sodomized with?
        \_ seano's white male oppressive penis
        \_ The CSUA bat
2018/03/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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