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1994/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:31458 Activity:nil
1/26    Will there be a laser light show at the general meeting?
1994/1/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31459 Activity:nil
1/26    Why is soda acting so slow this semester?  Everytime I log-on
        now-a-days, I have to wait for a minute or more to type in
        "mail" or "ls."  What's going on?
        \_ There's a jerk named 'ho' who the politburo has authorized
         to screw the machine.
           \_  I belive he was part of the deal that got us soda.
           \_ Use yer "Caps Lock" key correctly, you utter moron.
         \_ read, you clueless twink
1994/1/27 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31460 Activity:nil
1/26    M$ is now coercing system sellers to bundle WFW 3.11.  Which
        means if you buy a new machine now you can't install OS2-Win.
        Which means you have to get OS2 the full version.  Brilliant.
        It's just fucking brilliant.
        \_ I don't get it, how does WFW 3.11 being bundled with a system
           stop you from installing OS2-Win?  Is there something in the
           software that won't let you delete M$ products or something? - norby
        \_ One can always get rid of WFW 3.11 and install W 3.1 followed
           by OS/2 for Windows.  What's so good about WFW 3.11 anyway
           other than 32 bit file access, especially for those who doesn't
           NetWork? - ricky
           \_ But how to find another copy of W 3.1?
           \_   IBM released a version of OS/2 called OS/2 for Windows.
         This version uses the Windows 3.1 code already on your
         system.  This way IBM doesn't have to pay royalties to
         Microsoft for usng M$'s code.  But with 3.11, OS/2
         can't function, because it doesn't understand all of the
         new 3.11 code. -rcham
        \_ Hooray for M$!  Death to OS2!  Windows will take over the world!
           \_ You don't think it was a coinicidence that once Windows was
               introduced, the Soviet Union fell apart?  These things just
               don't "happen". Bill is God. Bill's wife is the new Virgin.
               Bill's offspring will save the world. Repent! Repent! Buy
               Bill's stock! Buy Bill's products! LA wasn't buying enough
               of Bill's stuff, so Bill had to punish them. Remember...
               Always remember the consequences of disobeying Bill.
        \_ the cat?
        \_ Berry?
        \_ Clinton?
1994/1/27 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31461 Activity:nil
        soda 240 /accounts/blake% ls
        archive/  biglog    flux/     mail/
        soda 241 /accounts/blake% df .
 Filesystem            kbytes    used   avail capacity Mounted on
 /dev/zd4a             439106  387034    8161    98%   /usr4
        \_ Looks like his hour is over...
        \_ locate gif | wc -l
1994/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:31462 Activity:nil 52%like:31549
1/25    trn 3.4.1 installed in /usr/local/bin. the old version
        is now trn.old, if you care. bugs to amee.
1994/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:31463 Activity:nil
1/25    psb: you think 4 idle sessions are enough on soda? Or is that just
        to beat the stats?
1994/1/27 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31464 Activity:nil
1/25    Question: when I log into soda and telnet to another machine, am I
        slowing down the processors?  In other words, do my commands go
        directly out to another ethernet port or do they pass through the
        CPU and then go out?  -tawei
        \_ ObLameAnswer: yes.
           \_ Would this be a serious answer? Inquiring minds want to know.
             \_ You are using mostly memory.
        \_ Let's see.  You're slowing down the CPU, you're taking up memory,
           and you're slowing down the network.  In addition, you're making
           your own, remote login session slower, and you're creating a
           dependency on soda.  All in all, it's a stupid thing to do.  Think
           for a moment about why the annex boxes might have an attention
           character, and why rsh and telnet have escape sequences.
         \_ I'll bite. What is the attention character on annex?
                      \_ Usually marked "break" on your kybd.  Sometimes you
                         have to do ctrl-break.
1994/1/27 [Uncategorized] UID:31465 Activity:nil
1/24    lynx.hacked now accepts mouse clicks from both xterms & MacLayers 1.30
        Run lynx.hacked with no args for details.  - alanc -
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