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1998/6/29-30 [Uncategorized] UID:14263 Activity:moderate
6/29    happy god now nominated, go vote:
        \_k kchang, don't you understand that the aura of soda is
          supposed to be negative? Get out of here with yer dumbass
          happy bullshit.
          \_ People are innately good. I refuse to believe that.
        \_ Death to happiness.
                \_ There never was any happiness.  It can't die.
                \_ my gawd, you guys are overly negative.
                        \_ guys?  fuck you, sexist pig!
1998/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:14264 Activity:high
6/29    M$ doesn't own the name "Internet Explorer"
        \_ Uhm yeah... go try to get any form of legal ownership or use
           the name for your own product or commercial venture.
                \_ MS'es lawyers argue that "Internet Explorer" is a generic
                   term and can't be trademarked, otherwise MS would owe
                   milllions to a defunct startup that trademarked it before
                   MS knew what the internet was.
                   \_ Funny the kinds of crap M$ gets away with these
                      days.  Next thing you know they'll be claiming
                      that they invented the operating system and
                      compiler and will start suing everyone in back
                      fees including gnu.
                   \_ Generic . . . yeah.  I used to throw around "Internet
                      Explorer" all the time in my everyday conversation
                      before MSIE.  "Honey, I'm going to the store to pick up
                      a pound of sugar, a gallon of milk, and a couple of
                      internet explorers -- anything else you need?"
                        \_ I just put in PO for several internet explorers.
                           So, what's your point?
                           \_ That you're buying a _specific product_.  People
                              don't use the name "Internet Explorer" to talk
                              about a _class_ of generic, interchangeable
                              products that come from multiple sources.  Did
                              you ever hear somebody using the term "Internet
                              Explorer" before MSIE came along?
                                \_ Then you are arguing what can be trademarked
                                   and what can't.  This is still the line that
                         characteristics of compression.  You can't compress
                         infinite amount of data to fit in finite storage
                         unless the compression is lossy.
                         \_ Clearly you don't know how philcompress works.
                                \_ I understand both concepts.  I assure you
                                   the MS legal team would overcome the
                                   abilities of even the mighty philcompress
                                   features of the philFS.  And yes I do
                                   understand the technical abilities of
                                   philFS/compress, its just that MS's lawyers
                                   would overcome it.
                                   \_ No.  If you knew what philcompress
                                      was you'd understand, and not have
                                      to make up BS to hide the fact that
                                      you can't tell the difference between
                                      a running joke and an industry
                                      standard. -mel
                                   \_ I find your lack of faith in PhilWare
                                      \_ Philtrust.
                                   \_ Philistine!
                                   \_ No, you still lack understanding.
                                      Remember during the first antitrust
                                      fracas how MS said that they weren't a
                                      monopoly, because nothing was protecting
                                      them from somebody, sometime, coming up
                                      with a better idea and eating their
                                      lunch?  Well, Phil is it.
                                   is very subjective.
           \_ "Internet Explorer by Phillip Nunez"
                \_ MS would dump so much legal crap on Phillip, even
                   Phil's file system would fill.  MS would find a way.
                   \_ Microshaft: Where do you want it today?
                   \_ Philsue!!!!!
                   \_ Clearly you don't know about one of the great features
                      of philfs -- its impossible to fill it up!  When a philfs
                      file system starts getting close to full, it automatically
                      starts philcompressing files.
                      \_ Cleary you don't know about one of the key
                         characteristics of compression.
                         \_ Clearly you don't know about one of the key features
                            of philcompress.
1998/6/29-30 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14265 Activity:moderate
06/29   What file does a unix user account inherit its environment
        settings from (ie. path, etc...)
        \_ accounts don't inherit env variables, processes inherit them
           from their parents.  Most user shells read files such as
           ~/.profile, ~/.cshrc, ~/.login, /etc/profile, /etc/.cshrc,
           /etc/.login, /etc/csh.cshrc, /etc/csh.login, etc.
           Without being more specific about which OS & shell you are
           using, we can't be more specific with an answer.
           \_I'm running RH Linux 5.1 on my home computer and I want to
             be able to set environment variables globally across all
             or just some accounts. (I'm using tcsh)
                \_ RTFM
             \_ Well, you can either edit the skeleton files (the ones
                copied into new accounts), or edit the system default files.
                man tcsh/csh/login/read the linux webpage to find out
                where such things are --dbushong
           \_ I'm running DOS 2.1 on my 10mhz V20 8086 clone.
              \_ Casio Z-7000?
           \_ I'm running GUI friendly MACintosh D00DZ!!! R3WL MAN!!!!!!
           \_ I'm running Timex Sinclair 1000 with 4KB of RAM.
           \_ I'm running GEOS on a 10MHz 286 with 512K of conventional memory.
1998/6/29 [Uncategorized] UID:14266 Activity:nil
06/28   billy barf and the vomitones
1998/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14267 Activity:high 66%like:13852
06/28   Does Linux or FreeBSD compile for Win95/98?
        \_ Can you play CDs in a VCR?
           \_ No, but my computer has a retractable cup holder.
           \_ Should be "Can you play a CD player in a VCR?".
                \_ Yes.  What of it?
        \_ It compiles on NT (Open-Something environment)
                        \_ on != for
        \_ Are you trying to get Winblows to emulate the entire Linux or
           BSD OS?  It won't happen.  Anything M$ makes will crash
           if it does anything remotely interesting.
        \_ You want to run unix as an application under Win95?  Are you
           fucking stupid or just a fucking stupid troll?
           \_ nuff said
        \_ I think this person wants to create Linux or FreeBSD binaries
           using Win95/98.  But then why???  Just borrow some CD rom from
           some Soda geeks.
                \_ Sounds more like they want to compile binaries FOR Win9x
                   on Linux/FreeBSD, which would make developing Win code
                   less painful since you wouldn't actually have to use it.
                   \_ Possibly you can use the Cygnus stuff as a
                      cross-compiler to do that.
        \_ Whatever they want, if they don't explain it fast, this whole
           troll is getting purged.
1998/6/29 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14268 Activity:nil
06/28   A friend of mine who's a CS grad student over at UCLA had his
        research advisor / boss buy him a SPARC station for him to take
        home. Is this ... like, not out of the ordinary? BTW, any
        recommended Solaris, SPARC books for a newbie that you would
        suggest for him? Thanks!
        \_ Probably not bad to buy some general (presumably ORA) Unix-type
           books.  _Unix in a Nutshell_, _Essential System Administration_,
           etc.  It is difficult to go wrong when buying Unix books from
           O'Reilly.  Also, if your friend doesn't need any Solaris-specific
           software, you might think of installing SPARC Linux -- for which
           it is far easier to get free technical support in universities.
           Many grad students have very spiffy machines, for which we may envy
        \_ Unix System Administration Handbook by Nemeth, Seebass, Snyder ...
1998/6/29-7/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:14269 Activity:moderate
06/28   If there is anyone who has experience setting up a RedHat Linux
        box as an IP Masquerade gateway, and who would be willing to answer
        questions should I have any when I do the setup this week, please
        let me know.  --davidf
        \_ I've done this five times and given a lecture on it, and I will
           be willing to answer questions should you have any. -- schoen
                \_ who is this prick?
                        \_who is this prick?
                        \_ someone trying to help?  how is he a prick?
        \_ please what?  butter you're bread?  jelly you're toast?  tie you're
           shoes?  im so confused. thank.  you're.
                \_ grammar gestapo: "your" not "you're" in the above.  "You're"
                   is a contraction of "you are".
                        \_ Dear Grammar Cop: IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE!
                           You're been cited by the NoHumor Police.
           \_ Looks like something was lost in (network address) translation.
1998/6/29 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14270 Activity:high
6/29    Can somebody point me to an example of how to call
        an external program in Java?  Thanks.
        \_ Use JNI, the Java Native Inteface.
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