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1998/4/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13923 Activity:very high
4/9     Hey you EE's out there -- is there a good ee-jargon nickname for a
        wiring mess/puzzle?  I need a new hostname for one of my machines...
        \_ Like that square matrix of infinite resistors? (and the cube one)
          \_ too vague
           Prolly called circuit diagram puzzle.
        \_ breadboard
        \_ fubar?

          \_ too vague  -- I want something like 'gordian-knot' but implying
             \_ rats-nest.mydomain
               \_ thought of that too, but not wiring specific.  nice try.
                   \_ rats-nest-of-wires.mydomain
                      \_ anything shorter?
                \_ Spaghetti-Logic, although "Intel" comes to mind as well -ax
                  \_ "spaghetti-wiring"  could work. So would 'gordian-wiring'
        \_ Not EE-jargon, but Dwinelle is definitely a mess
        \_ No.  There's not.
        \_ Call it "MS Network ready".
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/HW, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13924 Activity:kinda low
4/8     How do I set up an FTP server as a Network drive on my Windows 95
        desktop?  The server uses NSF, if that helps any.
                                   \_ national science foundation?
                                      \_ Maybe the server is on NFSNet?
                                         (If only it still existed...)
                                         \_ The shadow government keeps
                                            the NSFnet alive and well,
                                            but horribly corrupted to
                                            new and alien purposes. -freedom
                                            \_ Hey! I'm the resident wingnut
                                               here. Who's trying to steal
                                               my title? -wingnut #1
        (I want to edit web pages locally but write remotely
        without having to upload and download updates manually.)  --pcjr
        \_ Have they exported NFS read/write to your windows95 desktop?
           If so, there's a chance you can do what you want, and they will
           get what they deserve when some miscreant trashes the server with
           NFS attacks ...
1998/4/9 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:13925 Activity:very high
4/8     EMERGENCY QUESTION: Let's say I got a D last semester, but still can
        graduate. Then this semester I retake it through extension, and got
        a good grade. Which grade will grad schools like Stanford/UCLA look
        at? THANKS!!!
        \_ If you are CS, both of these schools are shitty.  You are better
           off attacking the job market since the job market is still pretty
           strong for CS jobs.  Don't waste your time in grad school now.
           CS is the kind of field that is constantly changing at a rapid
           pace.  The stuff you learn in grad school may not be in use by
           time you finish.
        \_ Grad schools will look at both grades.  They often ask for a
           a statement explaining D's, F's, being on academic probation,
           \_ That's rich isn't it? "Well, I was fucked up on heroin
              that semester?" Do they want you to explain your A's
              also? "Some guy in my dorm took my exams for me." --dim
        \_ What does it matter? Apply. You'll either be accepted or you
           won't, and the decision may not even have anything to do with
           that class. I don't understand the urgency of this question.
           Quit worrying and JUST DO IT. --dim
        \_ Depends on your situation! assume you have a 3.0000 GPA, and assume
           that you have taken exactly 120 units.
           So if you get a D(1) the first time, your GPA drops from 3.000 to:
                ((120*3)+1)/124 = 2.91 GPA
                \_ ((120*3)+4*1)/124
           But if you get a D(1) the first time and a C(2) the second time,
           your GPA is:
                ((120*3)+1+2)/128 = 2.84 GPA
                \_ ((120*3)+4*(1+2))/128
           The trick here is to evaluate, and see whether it is a good idea to
           send in your extension grade in or not.
           \_ Last I checked (in L&S at least), the new grade *replaced*
              the old grade for GPA, though both grades show up on the
              transcript.  Also, remember guys that the D was part of the
              original GPA calculation.
              ((120*3)+(-1 + 2)*4)/124 = 2.94 GPA
           \_ Uhm, this isn't HS anymore kiddo.  If the difference between
              getting in or not was a tiny bit of GPA you don't belong there
              anyway.  Anyway, who wants to go to that kind of school?  A
              real school will look at your achievements, statement of
              purpose, and letters of rec.  If you don't have any of those
              or your statement of purpose is lame, it doesn't matter what
              your GPA is.  Many departments don't even look at your GPA,
              just so long as you graduated.  -been there, done that
                \_ Not true for computer science d00d.
                \_ Many departments will only look at applicants whose
                   GPAs are above a certain cutoff, and toss out most of
                   the apps that don't meet that cutoff mark.
                   \_ look at != accept
                    \_ But will they accept applications they don't even
                       look at?
        \_ Jeez, just get a "Ph.D. by mail" from one of those places that
           advertises in the back of newspapers.  Suitable for framing.
           You can say, "I have a Ph.D.!" -- nobody will ever know.
           Quit worrying.
           \_ Just like Derek Smart
1998/4/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13926 Activity:low
4/9     Anybody out there ever use xroute?  Know how to set it up?
        \_ssh does xrouting(if you mean through/around firewalls)
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/Theory] UID:13927 Activity:very high
4/9     What algorithms are patentable and what algorithms are not?
        (ie. RSA is, quick sort isn't-- wtf?)
        \_ uh, are you familliar with the concept of prior use?
        \_ none should be --League for Programming Freedom
        \_ It all depends on whether you can get a court to agree with you
           that an algorithm is (or isn't) patentable.
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13928 Activity:nil
4/9     What is the name of that Xprogram you can use to plot graphs on
        the unix workstations?
        \_ gnuplot will do that.
1998/4/9-10 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:13929 Activity:nil
4/9     I hear Apple is coming out with a new version of ProDOS.  Pls confirm
        \_ It's true -- the cornerstone of their new OS strategy!  (Rhapsody
           will be cancelled.)  The Lisa 3 will also be coming out in July.
           \_ Apple had a strategy?  That would be a change!
        \_ And what have people heard about the skunkworks project, "Gus"?
        \_ For what platform?  Apple ]['s?
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