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1998/9/7-9 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14555 Activity:high
9/6     Someone should crack root on eecs instructional and administer
        that damn thing since no one seems to be.
        \_ In the last month, jenni, alanc, & monish left.  While they
           did hire brg, it will take some time to get back up to speed.
           \_ so is jon the only competent sysadmin left at berkeley.
                \_ no, there are many much more competent than jon, they
                        just don't work for eecs inst.
                   \_ to name a few, mike sinatra, brian shiratsuki,
                      rob mcnicholas.  --jon
           \_ brg >> jenni+alanc+monish   --brg #1 fan
              \_ but brg can only work << jenni+alanc+monish  --brg #1 realist
           \_ And I curse the life I'm living, and I curse my poverty,
              And I wish that I could be, oh I wish that I could be,
              Oh I wish that I could be root@cory.  -- schoen, who has
                                 actually written the other verses too
                \_ Yuk, i became a cs major because i hated poetry.
                   \_ it's amazing how telling that statement is.
                      read a book that's not published by o'reilly sometime.
                      \_ Really, ORA books have quite a lot of poetry in
                         them (they're pretty literate), but, in general,
                         poetry is a Good Thing.  - humanities h0zer
                                \_ Perl Poetry doesn't count.
                                   \_ I know.  Some of the books have actual
                                      poetry, in examples or in chapter
                                \_ According to Larry Wall, these programs
                                   actually do compile (yes perl compiles)
                                   and runs.  Incidentally, they do
                                   nothing interesting.
                      \_ It seems to me that CS majors in general have the
                         most depth of knowledge, yet least breadth. Not
                         necessarily a bad thing, but not all that great
                         \_ It is perhaps one of the tragic aspects of this
                            high-tech economy.  Depth of knowlege will get you
                            a cool job.  Breadth of knowledge will likely have
                            you flipping burgers.  Hard choice to make there...
                     \_ I bought O'Reilly's Posix Poetry.  Brought tears to
                        my eyes.  -poetry lover
        \_ I cracked it - what you do want done?  - rewt
           \_ The mailspools of all the cuties (null set?)
                \_ Mail is _always_ boring.  If you're going to ever break
                   root, please don't do it for something stupid like reading
                   some chick's boring email.
                   \_ not to mention it is usually easier to hack the "chick's"
                      account than root - if she is a true chick her passwd
                      should be something simple, try dddelta or such, or
                      there is always the social hack (ask her personal
                      questions - the name of her dog?), or just wait for her
                      to walk away from her logged in session and rhost, cp her
                      whole file structure, fwd her mail, or if you don't want
                      to be caught, xhost yourself and look at her screen :)
                      \_ ali, you sound as if you have experience
1998/9/7-9 [Uncategorized] UID:14556 Activity:nil
9/7     Wow.. this has the really scary stink of a bogus "study" that people
        are actually going to believe:,4,26074,00.html?
1998/9/7 [Uncategorized] UID:14557 Activity:nil
9/7     All of you go pledge to the Muscular Dystrophy telethon.  Turn on
        your TV and look for Jerry Lewis in a monkey suit.  Ends near midnight.
        \_ fuck you.
1998/9/7-9 [Computer/Theory] UID:14558 Activity:high
9/7     Math question: You know those weird symbolic letters like R (real)
        Z (integers) C (complex) - what the hell is Q
        \_ Q is the set of rational numbers. Q for Quotient.
           --jon (wannabe math student)
           \_ jon, you should come to 104 sometimes.  -- schoen
        \_ an omnipotent being...
           \_ Sush! He can hear you...
                \_ And _can't_ hear your thoughts?  (assuming it really
           \_ As in the weird dude in the red jumpsuit on Star Trek?
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