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1998/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:14565 Activity:moderate
9/9     Got awesome 4 br house in Belmont (in hills). Need 1 more person.
        3 current residents are CS professionals. Mail ali if interested.
        \_ isn't that just couple of blocks from oracle?
        \_ "CS professionals".  How depressing.
           \_ Better than the term "young professional." WTF does that
                \_ It means you're under 40 and get paid to do non-blue
                   collar work.
1998/9/10 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:14566 Activity:high
9/9     Any of you gung-ho eecs types want to try and help me fix
        a Gauntlet II arcade game? -ERic
        \_ Can we put it in the CSUA lounge when you're done?
          \_ technically it belongs to a guy at my work. I suspect it'll
             wind up next to wired digital's stargate game. -ERic
        \_ Did ERic get the Gauntlet II machine for his birthday?
          \_ no. -ERic
          \_ He got your sister.
1998/9/10 [Reference/Celebration] UID:14567 Activity:kinda low 66%like:15502
9/9     Happy Birthday, ERic
        \_ Did ERic get the Gauntlet II machine for his birthday?
1998/9/10 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14568 Activity:moderate
9/9     On my linux box when I run netscape <DEAD>localhost<DEAD> or when I
        telnet/rlogin into my own domain name it doesn't seem to work.
        But when I dial in using ppp both of those seem to work.  I don't
        get why you have to have a ppp connection in order for
        <DEAD>localhost<DEAD> or telnet myname.hip to work.
        \_ You probably want to put localhost and your hipname into your
           /etc/hosts file.  See hosts(5) and soda's /etc/hosts.  --mconst
        what does this mean? /                  --stupidQuestionAsker
        \_ One of these (depending on version of man):
           % man 5 hosts
           % man -s 5 hosts
                \ $ man 5 hosts
                  $ No entry for hosts in section 5 of the manual
                  \_ get a better os
                  \_ get a MANPATH
1998/9/10 [Science/Space, Science] UID:14569 Activity:moderate
9/10    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter is looking for Bachelor's, Master's
        and Ph.D. graduates in all majors for our Information Technology
        division. If you are smart, motivated, and interested in solving
        business problems through technology, MSDW IT may be the place
        for you! Attend our info session to find out more:
                when:   Monday, September 14
                        4:30pm - 6:30pm
                where:  The Faculty Club - The Howard Room
        Datails available at:
        \_ I am even better than smart.I am DAMN GOOD.
           \_  DAMN GOOD works... it's almost a requirement!  -- prashant
        \_ Eekgad.  They must have a Y2k problem.  Yet another sign that
                Alan Greenspan is the MOST powerful person on earth.
           \_  Who doesn't... ours seems to be under control...
               I doubt that any CSUA alum would end up in Y2K!
               (Morgan Stanley's been recruiting from all majors
               for quite a few years now.)  -- prashant
1998/9/10 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:14570 Activity:kinda low
        Does anyone know about afterstep on the HPs and Solaris machines?
        I haven't found them locally & don't have the quota space to install.
                Thanks -noah
        \_ You mean the ones in the Soda labs? - it's on the Solaris/x86
           machines, but not the HP's - mail root@cory for more info.
        \_ no aferstep but there is wmaker which looks as good.
           read docs in /usr/sww/GNUstep/wmaker
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