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1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13713 Activity:nil
2/21    [squick loser doesn't know the "more" command. tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13714 Activity:nil
02/20   [loser is stuck with 10,000 worthless x86 chips. tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13715 Activity:nil
2/20    [jeph is ugly and stupid enough to show us live. tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13716 Activity:nil
02/20   http logging not working. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIX IT? THANKS!
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13717 Activity:nil 50%like:13721
2/20    [asking for legal advice on the motd is way stupid. tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13718 Activity:nil
02/20   [ignorant moron fails to install linux will pay for help. tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13719 Activity:nil
02/20   [no "good" ssh clients for windows.  tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13720 Activity:nil
2/20    [cgi scripts don't work.  tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13721 Activity:nil 50%like:13717
2/20    [Pine is for stupid people. It doesn't filter.  tough shit]
1998/2/22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13722 Activity:nil
2/21 [geek seeks new tshirt. wore out old one stalking csua females]
1998/2/22-7/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13723 Activity:nil
2/12  I want to be just like B1FF when I grow up, D00D!!!1!!!
        \_ b1fF!!!@!@!@11 will never be grown up so you're just like him now.
1998/2/22-7/22 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13724 Activity:very high
2/12    I hear this from some high sch00l kids: "Titanic is a real story?
        Wow, I didn't know that." I can't believe that kids today get easier
        SATs to score higher and inflated ACH scores and don't know shit about
        WWI and WWII history. Soon they won't even know what UNIX is. Sheesh.
        When I was their age I had to take a bus to school. Now, they just
        watch live internet cast. The quality of education is just going
        \_ You are a fucking MORON.  The Titanic had nothing to do with WWx,
           and has little place in a decent history education.  Unfortunately,
           even the "well educated elite", of which you are but the lowest
           echelon, knows more about the Titanic than either of the world wars.
                \_ Uh oh... back to Reading Comprehension 1A.  Come back when
                you have acquired this basic skill.  The person didn't say
                the Titanic had anything to do with either war anymore than
                they said it had anything to do with UNIX which was also
                mentioned.  Nor are any of these topics covered on the
                SAT/ACH which you fail to understand.  Learn to read before
                you troll motd again.
                you troll the motd again.
                \_But there is a Titanic/Unix relationship.  The graphics
                  for the movie were done on SGI's running IRIX, a flavour
                  of unix.
                  \_ What SAT scores did those SGI guys have?  They qualified
                     to work on a movie if they don't know any history?
        \_ well, sure. faking the tests is cheaper than actually teaching
           crack-babies something.
        \_ These are the same kids who think the Fugees write their own songs
        \_ Are they saying this about the actual ship, or are they talking
           about the people involved?  Of course the ship really sank (and
           probably similarly to how it was depicted), but Jack and Rose
           and the Gemstone were all fictitious.
           \_ you are full of shit.  It is a documentary of 2 lives in the
              last hours of the Titanic.  All true.  My prof told us.
            \_ "My Prof said so!"  BAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA  There is no one in
               the universe more distant from reality than a Berkeley Prof.
               Take BH for example.  How much more distant can you get?
                \_ bh is not distant from reality.  You just fail to
                   understand and appreciate the new communist future that's
                   coming to envelop us all, SOONER THAN YOU THINK, CAPITALIST
                   SCUM RUNNING DOG!!!  How glorious will be the day when
                   \_ That's "FILTHY AMERICAN CAPITALIST PIG-DOG"  --PeterM
                   I once again sit in front of a VT100, programming in
                   Scheme on my PDP-10.  I will eat potstickers, and gaze out
                   the window with a feeling of elation and triumph at the
                   sight of the hammer-and-sickle flying on its staff above
                   a US Post Office.  Occasionally I will answer the phone
                   (since this is the future, and all software is
                   GNU-copylefted, I need to do customer support over the
                   phone to make enough money to pay for electricity for the
                   PDP-10 and -6.)  On long winter evenings, I will gather
                   the children around the fire, show them my knife
                   collection, and tell them how, when the day of revolution
                   came, I used every blade to KILL A CAPITALIST RUNNING
                   PIG-DOG OPPRESSOR _JUST LIKE YOU_!!  Accomodate your mind
                   to the true reality of Communist thought before it's too
                   \_ Exactly.  Thank you.
        \_ There are kids, even adults, who don't listen to BACH.
           \_ This has to do with choice, not ignorance.  I don't _like_
              Bach but I still _know_ who he was.  I don't listen to him.
              The Titanic story is a matter of history and not knowing
              anything about the ship has to do with a faulty education,
              not questionable taste in history (or music).  IMNSHO, you
              would do well to take a course or two in both logic and
              rhetoric.  "I know psb, and you, Sir, are no psb!"
                \_ Anyone who doesn't like Bach should go jump in
                  the Atlantic.
                  \_ Obviously your musical opinions are so powerful and
                     correct that any who dare to feel otherwise would be
                     be overcome by the wave of rightness flowing from your
                     perfect form, leading them to jump in the Atlantic with
                     their entire CD collection.  Or are you just stupid?
2018/03/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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