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1993/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:31409 Activity:nil
9/29    /usr2's power supply flaked on us again, making /usr2 inaccessible
        for several hours this morning.  It's back now.
1993/10/11-11/18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31410 Activity:nil 66%like:31402
9/16    Politburo Meetings are now officially at 2PM Thursdays. - seidl

         Welcome to Soda Mark III, Go Soda, Go!
1993/10/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:31411 Activity:nil
10/10   Would any of you 'C++' gurus know how to solve a problem I've
        been having?
        I'm compiling a rather large database program I created
        using Borland C++ for DOS (large memory model) and though
        it runs fine on my 486, it will not run properly on my 286.
        Strange things are happening, for instance 184.25 - 184.25
        suddenly equals -8.25.  This is obviously a problem with
        floating point variables that the mathco on the 486 is taking
        care of, but I have no idea how to fix it.  Any help would
        be appreciated.
        \_ try compiling it in 286 mode maybe?
          \_ I have been compiling it in 286 mode.  I have also tried
             compiling it in 8086 mode, and that doesn't help either.
             I am currently using the "floating point emulation" flag.
             Is that more clear?
1993/10/11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31412 Activity:nil
10/32   Generic MOTD post
1993/10/11 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:31413 Activity:nil
10/10   Is leaving pgp on soda a good idea?  the physical control of the
        private key is lost when you leave it on soda...  -curious hoding
        \_ You can leave your public keyring here and use PGP via various
           add-ins for EMACS, Elm, and mail.  Then you can download any
           messages and decode them at home.  That's only if you're paranoid
           though.  You can just as easily just take permissions off the
           file and it will pretty safe for casual use.
1993/10/11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:31414 Activity:nil
10/10   Where can I find the source code for cjpeg and djpeg?
         \_ You can get them via anonymous ftp from various sites.  Try
            using archie.  - hob
            \_ Anonymous ftp from in /graphics/jpeg  -- hob
1993/10/11 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:31415 Activity:nil
10/11   What is the best Comic Book Store in Berkeley that has a
        complete selection of adult comic books?  Please send mail
        to ikiru@soda if you are aware of any.  Thank you.
        \_ Well, you might try Good Vibrations in SF...
         \_ Comic Relief on University is a fine store, and they
            carry a complete selection of new adult comics and a
            fair selection of back issues.
        \_ Adult comic books, huh...are you *sure* you're a computer
           nerd?  It's hard to tell.
        \_ What exactly does "adult comic books" mean?  Please clarify.
         \_ Check out HORNY BIKER SLUT at Comix-n-Comix
          \_ That's fine literature, son.
1993/10/11 [Recreation/Sports, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:31416 Activity:nil
10/9    Time to fire Goobertson; what lousy play calling in the 4th
        quarter!  you simply can't expect to run the time out when
        your opponent can easily score 2 TDs in 4 minutes.
        It was not meant to be.  back to old Cal football.  forget
        the Rose Bowl.  watch arizona vs. OSU/PSU
        \_ 1) Get a clue.  If Bryan hits the FG, we win and Gilbie looks
         great.  If we recover the onsides kick, we win and Gilbie
         looks great.  If we throw into the end zone instead, we
         don't take any time off the clock and if we don't score,
         idiots like you would be second-guessing that.
           2) Our chances at the Rose Bowl are almost exactly what they
         were before: we need to win the rest of our Pac-10 games,
         that's all.  We *are* the best team in the Pac 10.  We *can*
         win the rest.  But if the fans are going to fucking quit
         just because the other team got LUCKY and beat us, we might
         as well give up now.  I hear they're accepting applications
  for losers at Stanford.  GO BEARS!         -tom
         \_ We're decent, but Arizona looks pretty good, too
         \_ It should be a good game.  We will win.
                  \_ Tom's assessment is pretty good.  A win yesterday would
                     have been very nice, but we haven't lost all our chances
                     to the Rose Bowl --- we would have to beat Arizona
                     anyways to get there.  We should not, under any
                     circumstances, throw the towel in an already great
              season.  - hob
              \jeesh, what a bunch of whiners. The Bears suck, they
        have always sucked and they always will suck. I can
        remember when we were happy to beat the spread...
        Go Bears!   -ausman
        \_ Hey, we did beat the spread vs Washington..
          \_ Look guys....our kicker sucks.....oh and
             Butthead here agrees with.
1993/10/11 [Recreation/Sports] UID:31417 Activity:nil
10/10   -- Women's Soccer vs. Portland at Dwight Derby, 1:00 pm
              -- Men's Soccer vs. Air Force at Memorial, 2:00 pm
1993/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:31418 Activity:nil
        10/14 -- Field Hockey vs. Pacific at Kleeberger, 3:30 pm
1993/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:31419 Activity:nil
        10/15 -- Women's Swimming vs. Pacific at Spieker, 2:00 pm
              -- Volleyball vs. Oregon at Harmon, 7:30 pm
1993/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:31420 Activity:nil
        10/16 -- Volleyball vs. Oregon State at Harmon, 7:30 pm
          G O   B E A R S !
         \_ Go where????
1993/10/11 [Uncategorized] UID:31421 Activity:nil
10/9    Micronet Meeting Tuesday, October 12, 10:00 a.m. 117 Dwinelle.
The speakers are Cliff Frost, speaking about "The Design and Operation
of the Campus Internet", and Curtis Hardyck, who will discuss "The
Pacific Neighborhood Consortium". It should be very interesting and
informative meeting. Don't miss it!
1993/10/11 [Computer/SW/Languages/Tcl] UID:31422 Activity:nil
10/8    waaaaaah! ouster is leaving!   *sniff!*
         \_ complete details posted to ucb.cs.grads
         \_ One of the few great professors I've run into at Berkeley.  I
            for one will regard this as a loss...sigh.
        \_ hey! why don't da CSUA organize a wake/roast/goodbye-party
            for the great Ousterhout?
        \_ So what will happen to Tcl/Tk??? - achoi
         \_ Microsoft will buy it and hack to shreds and sell it
          as "Visual TCL" for an exorbiant amount of money.
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