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1998/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:13733 Activity:nil
2/23 Alright, everything sucks, let's leave the conversation there.
1998/2/25-3/25 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13734 Activity:very high
3/25    Any easy ways to calculate median via UNIX utils like bc?
        \_ use awk
        \_ use Statistics::Descriptive;
                \_ not found.
                        \_ get it from CPAN
        \_ whatever happened to BLSS? That had all sorts of cool statistics
           \_ can we scam a license off of the STAT dept? Think they'd want
              porting help, or a BSD platform to build on?
                \_ Mail to blss@stat.  Can't hurt to ask.
        \_ #!/usr/local/bin/perl
           @sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;
           print $sorted[$#sorted/2], "\n";

           or, if you prefer,
           perl -e '@sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;' \
           -e 'print $sorted[$#sorted/2], "\n";' 6 23 9 1 0 23.3 4
           \_ Just curious: if I've got "1 2 3 4" is "2" the correct response,
              according to any math texts?  -math ignorant
              \_ Yes, "2" is the correct answer, because Soda is really an
                 Apple ][ Plus running Apple Integer Basic.
                 \_ It's true!  Yes, the lottery scheduler is _THAT GOOD_.
          \_ I think, actually, that it should be the average of 2 and 3
             (i.e. 2.5).  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  -emarkp
           \_ can we scam a license off of the STAT dept? Think they'd want
              porting help, or a BSD platform to build on?
                \_ Mail to blss@stat.  Can't hurt to ask.
                \-the BLSS people seemed pretty amenable to work with us
                        \_                     watch your gramar^
                when i dealt with them on behalf of the ocf. --psb
                \_ Mark is pretty cool.  If he can do it legally, he will.
                \_ If there's an even number of items in the array, take the
                   middle two ($#sorted/2 and $#sorted/2 +1), add and div by 2
          \_ okay, here we go:
             perl -e '@sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV; \
             $half = $#sorted/2;  \
             print (($#sorted % 2) ? ($sorted[$half]+$sorted[$half+1])/2 : \
                 $sorted[$half]); print "\n";' 1 2 3 4
        \_ My version :-)
           Truly, a work of art.  :)
                #!/usr/local/bin/perl5 -w

                @sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @ARGV;

                $len = $#sorted +1;

                if ($len /2 == int($len /2)) {
                        $avg = (@sorted[($len /2)] + @sorted[($len -1) /2]) /2;
                        print $avg . "\n";
                else {
                        print $sorted[$#sorted/2] . "\n";
        use Statistics::Descriptive;
        $stat = new Statistics::Descriptive::Full;
        printf("the median of [%s] = %s\n", join(',', @ARGV), $stat->median);
        \_ show off.  mine is easier to read. :-)
        \_Can't locate Statistics/ in @INC at ./ line 3.
          BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 3.
1998/2/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13735 Activity:nil
2/25    ~chris/pub/sexy
        \_ Damn, this is a blast from the past.
        \_ Any list of sexy sodans not containing raytrace is invalid
                \_ Its the "sexy" list, if you want another sort of list,
                   you should start your own.  Such as the "slut" list.
1998/2/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13736 Activity:high
2/25    I want to break up with my gf but I can't figure out a way
        to tell her without breaking her heart, but yet I don't
        want this relationship anymore?  Can someone suggest ideas?
        \_ Isn't it obvious? THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW! --aaron
        \_ Kill her off before she has a chance to find out.  Or get her a
           nice, virgin Sodan as a new boyfriend.
        \_ Have you noticed that girls don't fret over this "break his
           heart" stuff. They just do it.
           \_ Yep.  Stop dating cold women.  Don't choose your dates based on
              bra size.  Don't date some slut whore who had more sex partners
              in the last 6 months than you have fingers n toes.
           \_ Maybe because men don't have hearts.
                \_ Any guy worth having does.  It's your fault if you have
                   zero taste in men.
                   \_ Men have hearts.  They just think it's something that
                      pumps blood through their veins and arteries. --female
           \_ Women use their tears, men use their sperms.
                \_ Say what?  What are you smoking?  That made no sense.
                \_ DUDE.  you need spelling lessons.  i'm going to go pet
                   my deers now.
        \_ Tell her your life is like a movie and everybody you know is
           a supporting actor/actress.  Then tell her she's been re-cast.
        \_ Be a man dammit. Staying with someone you don't love is a waste
           of her time and YOUR time.  Beating around the bush for days makes
           you weak and gives her ammunition to think of all men as pathetic
           brainless trolls.  Being truthful with a woman is hard the first
           time (it brought both of us to tears) but
           she hasn't called since and I haven't regretted my bluntness.
           \_ Just do what all those "goodhearted" soda boys do.  Start living
           in Soda Hall, get fat, become aloof, lose touch with your emotions,
           become belligerent when you're remotely close to being in touch with
           emotions, and become a totally selfish and self deprecating pathetic
           geek who thinks he's hot shit to his girlfriend but really isn't.
           \_ What woman worth being with would have a guy like this for more
              than 5 seconds?  This comment speaks volumes about both sides of
              the story and doesn't look too good for either.
              \_ That's odd.  I lost weight when sitting in soda hall.
1998/2/25-27 [Consumer/PDA, Finance/Shopping] UID:13737 Activity:high
2/25    Where's the cheapest place to get a Palm Pilot Pro?
                        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> $297 --aaron
                        \_ Fry's has good prices. but you can also buy
                                the mem upgrade there if you need it
        \_ Is Fry's cheaper than 199 for personal and $290 for pro and $100
           for upgrade at <DEAD><DEAD>
           \_ Frys prices change every couple days, and vary from being
              fairly expensive to pretty good. Since they don't have
              a website, you can't tell in advance. Best prices you
                \_ Pick up the phone and call.
                   \_ yeah, that'll work. we're talking about fry's here.
              can probably get are about $290-300 for the Pro. I've
              rarely seen prices that low on them at Frys. -cdaveb
           \_ Check out what's on clearance at Fry's.  I got a Cassiopeia
              for $100, when the regular price was $300.  -peterl
                \_ Did you ever once stop to think, "Why is this on
                   clearance?"  Maybe it sucks, so no one buys it?
                   \_ Of course.  I checked it out thoroughly before
                      buying.  It works fine.  The reason it was so cheap
                      was because they were discontinuing that item; For
                      $300 no one buys them, but for $100, they're pretty
                      cool.  -peterl
                \_FRY's sucks my cock.  What the hell is a Cassiopeia?
                  Did it actually WORK when you got it home??
                   \_  Yes, it works perfectly.
        \_ -mogul
        \_ I got my Pro plus modem for $370 incld tax from a computer show
1998/2/25 [Uncategorized] UID:49811 Activity:nil
2/25    My gf wants to break up but I don't.  What should I not do?
        \_ Don't beg, don't whine, don't cry.
        \_ stalk and kill her
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