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1998/8/25 [Uncategorized] UID:14499 Activity:nil
8/24    Need parts for a Chevy 350?  Good condition small block V8 used
        for about 1 year as a boat motor.  Let me know fast before I donate
        the entire boat.        --Ari
1998/8/25 [Uncategorized] UID:14500 Activity:high
8/24    ObPartha... could someone please give me a translation for:
        "ante ruinam exaltur"
        \_ "before ruin, I am exalted," just as it looks (more literally,
           "before downfall, I am raised up")  --goetz
        \_ "before a woman, it is raised up"
        \_ "before ruin, it is exalted," just as it looks (more literally,
           "before downfall, it is raised up")  --goetz
                \- if i may ... i'm sure your latin is better than mine, but
                i do happen to know where that is from. in context, it more
                correctly means "pride comes before the fall". no, not from
                pulp fiction, but from augustine. --psb
                \_ Uh, isn't the phrase "pride goeth before a fall"? -ausman
                \_ no problem.  Someone asked for a translation, not
                   contextual ID...  --goetz
                        \-well since i assume the person inquiring came across
                        this term embedded in a sentence, the context is more
                        relevant than the literal translation. "pride" and
                        "i am raised up" mean very different things. your
                        translations sound more like Euripedes' famous phrase
                        "Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad"
1998/8/25 [Computer/SW/Apps, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14501 Activity:nil
8/24    Los Angeles School District accused of software piracy (to the
        tune of $5 million) See:
        \_ They only paid $300K in fines, right?  More $ -> Bill!
1998/8/25 [Science/Physics] UID:14502 Activity:high
8/23    i have a friend coming from out of town next week.  hes a
        physicist and asked me to take him to what he calls a
        'science bookstore'.  ive never heard of such a thing, but
        would like to go to one myself.  he is interested in
        buying physics books.  is there a 'science bookstore' in
        the bay area?  im hoping to take him to a place other
        than the asuc...  [his work is in condensed matter theory,
        if that helps]                                  -hahnak
        \_ Well, he would probably like the physics and related
           sections of the campus bookstores.  Also, Cody's is
           fairly respectable though somewhat random the last
           time I looked.
        \_ best place i've been to is University Bookstore on University
           Ave and High St in downtown Palo Alto. -ali
        \_ ObStacy's for just sheer variety. --jon
        \-Cody's has a pretty good selection of Springers. Occasionally
        they have really good prices during their "Silver Sale" [silver =
        physics, yellow = math]. ASUC actually has reasonable number of books
        on condensed matter physics. [reasonable here is 3 instead of 0].
        stacy's and [stanford] univeristy books are best bet for south bay.
        [dont bother with kepler's ... it is an overrated bookstore ... they
        are just good for fiction and "events"]. --psb
        \_ There's also a Stacy's in SF (on Market, a block from the
           Montgomery BART).  Black Oaks is also worth checking out.
           There are some real finds there.
1998/8/25 [Science/Biology, Health/Disease/General] UID:14503 Activity:nil
8/23    The Diamond Age is coming:
        \_ One problem with molecular systems and coopting the biological
           mechanisms for computation and manufacture:  bacteria can
           eat your work!  And I doubt we will ever be sophisticated enough
           to design "from scratch" systems of the complexity of an E Coli
           (Which has 4Mb of storage, can perform 2000 bit copies just in
           replication, essentially serially, all in .07 cubic microns!)
1998/8/25 [Reference/Celebration] UID:14504 Activity:nil
8/25    Upcoming holidays you'll all want to celebrate:
                8/27    Learn About Mushrooms Day
                8/29    Sample An Herb Day
        Celebrate and forget your worries at the start of the new semester!
1998/8/25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14505 Activity:nil
8/25    I have a problem with extracting from a .tar file. When I archived it,
        I thoughtlessly included the full path, starting from / directory. And
        I have no root access, wanting to extract the files, but don't have the
        appropriate diretories belonging to me. What should I do to successfully
        extract the archived file? Thank you very very much.
        \_ Use gnu tar.
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