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1998/5/6 [Reference/History, Recreation/Food] UID:14054 Activity:high
5/5     The first appearance of an Asian guy on Jerry Springer!
        Such a glorious event for Asians!
        \_ I eat asians for breakfast! 3 of them a day, with a side of
           vegemite toast... there was never a greater event for asians
           that to be eaten by me with vegemite, not that yeast extract
           really is a subliminal desire to be extracted from the womb,
           right? so how dare you mention anything of the sort you sick
1998/5/6 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14055 Activity:low
5/5     From the MOTD on
        >On June 1, 1998 Communication and Network Services (CNS) will be
        >enhancing the Web access to the Campus Directories. At that time,
        >we will discontinue platform-specific Directory Services, such as
        >Unix fspb and Macintosh HyperPB, and gopher and telnet access to
        >Infocal.  This will not affect telnet/host presenter access to
        >If you have any questions, please send e-mail
         \_Who cares?
           \_ _I_ care, dammit.  Platform-specific directory users,
              I feel your pain . . .
1998/5/6 [Uncategorized] UID:14056 Activity:high
5/5     Tomorrow is going to be the Men's Octet's final appearance on Sproul
        this year.  They're going to start singing at their usual time, 1 pm
        and they won't stop until they've exhausted their repertoire and/or
        requests.  Last year they sang until 4.
        \_ Artists in Resonance >> men's octet
        \_ Screw the octet, we wanna hear Backstreet Boys!!!
        \_ They're better than the Golden Overblowns.
           \_ but at least the overblowns have tits
             \_ In that case, wouldn't they rather more aptly be named
                the Golden Overblowers? Or Uberblowers. They'd get more
                recognition in a fun for the whole family kinda way, too,
                if you're talking about those inbred Ozark families like
                you probably are you sick, perverted bastard! People like
                you should be goalies for the Colombian World Cup team.
                \_ You know, the more I think about it, the more I see that
                   it all comes down to potstickers and LISP.  Sometimes it
                   involves geodes, too.  And large chromed stainless steel
                   toruses of unknown origin, but definite purpose.
1998/5/6-8 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/SW/OS/Misc] UID:14057 Activity:kinda low
5/6     Can I use gdb on one host to debug a process running on a remote
        host via the network (not serial line)?
        \_ telnet to the host and start gdb. no, of course not, what is
           the point? you do this over serial for kernel debugging
           because it's necessary. why do you want to do this? why can't
           you log into the host? how would this work? i mean something
           has to sit on the host and interpret your commands and apply
           them to the harnessed process -- why can't that be a shell and
           gdb? i'm completely boggled by your POV. --aaron
        \_.. yes. (Now we wait in suspense for you to ask how) --daveh
        \_ i still think this is a "let me give you some artificial constraints
           without telling you enough about the problem to make useful
           suggestions" type of post. maybe if you gave us more info. --aaron
           \_ Nobody said the remote host was running telnetd or even unix.
              Debugging via tcp/netbios/ipx is very useful.  To answer the
              original question, no.  Cygnus might have some custom shme
              but all the gdb tethering I've seen so far is serial. --pld
        \_ That is standard procedure in most Real Time OS like PSoS or
           VxWorks/Tornado.  You run the debugger on one host and connected
           it via network or serial line to a target processor.  What OS is
           running on the target?  And if this is work-related, shouldn't
           you be asking your project leader?
           \_ Fear.  Maybe he *is* the project leader?!
           \_ He did say "process", not "OS"...
1998/5/6 [Uncategorized] UID:14058 Activity:nil
5/5     Chrysler and Benz are considering a mega-merger. Are the Germans
        STUPID or what???!?!
        \_ 560SEL with padded roof, opera windows, wire-wheel hubcaps,
           and a spare tire on the trunk!
1998/5/6 [Academia/OtherSchools] UID:14059 Activity:nil 50%like:14602
5/6     sysadmin job at caltech /csua/pub/jobs/caltech-sysadmin --jon
1998/5/6-8 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:14060 Activity:high
5/6     I'll be building a PC system soon--running Linux and Windows.
        Any suggestions for backup options?
        Also, any suggestions on a PCI video card that works well with
        \_ Buy a new 2gig HD, they're quite cheap!!!
        \_ Do some research into a UUCP remote backup system.  All you
           need is a 2400 bps (or slower) modem and a working phone line.
           \_Hmm...This is for my personal home system.  I am asking simply
             because 8mm has been slammed here before. -emarkp
             \_ I've been using 4mm tape. it works, but its slow.
                seems like a cdrom burner has cheaper media costs, and can burn
                CD's too, as well as function as a slow cdrom-drive. -Eric
                CD's too, as well as function as a slow cdrom-drive. -ERic
                \_ I've though of this but capacity is an issue.  A CD is
                   ~600MB, right?  I guess I really won't have to backup
                   more than that, but with >2GB disk I can't be sure.  How
                   much do the blank CD's cost? -emarkp
                   \_ $2 or less.  4mm DAT is junk, 8mm is more reasonable.
                      CD-R is OK except the media aren't reusable; if you
                      are just doing disaster backups, that's fine, but if you
                      want to do daily backups you should get reusable
                      media.  -tom
                      \_ I've had good luck with the DDS-3 DAT drives so
                      \_ I'd have to admit that the 4mm dat is lame. -Eric
                         far. --dim
                      \_ I'd have to admit that the 4mm dat is lame. -ERic
        \_ PCI video card?  The S3 Trio64/V+ 2MB EDO DRAM is my $20 favorite.
           If you want something fast, everybody likes writing drivers
           for the Matrox Millenium and Millenium II. -jctwu
           \_ I've actually seen Matrox MII performance, and that's my
              default choice.  I was under the impression that S3 stuff was
              usable, but not very impressive (except the price, of
              course). -emarkp
           \_ my S3 Trio64 has served me well the last...oh 3 years or so
              running XFree86 on FreeBSD.  Never had a problem.
        \_ You need a $50k AIT backup robot with a 70gig/tape capacity and
           the extra 2 tape racks for 30 tapes total with the bar code reader
           and enhanced media storage retrieval system! DUDE!  That's backup
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