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1998/4/22 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13992 Activity:nil
4/21    I need WinNT 4.0 command-line equivalents of nice, sleep, and kill.
        Any around? -jctwu
           Unix95 Collection Version 7 contains the utilities you seek.
           \_ tanx! =)
        \_ Sure. The installer is at
          \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of religious stupidity?
             Out in the RW, you don't always have the religious CS school
             choice to use whatever you feel like.  Yes, NT pretty much sucks,
             and so what?  The answer to an NT problem is *not* "Uh uh uh!
             Install linux/freebsd/unix!  Uh uh!"  Get a clue.  Try real life
             for once.
             \_ Why do people insist on posting this sort of "Oh _yeah_?????
                Why don't you pussy CS students try living in the _REAL_
                world???" macho bullshit?  If your job consistently forces
                you to use tools you dislike on a regular basis, then maybe
                you weren't thinking too hard when you selected your
                \_ Give that attitude to a prospective employer and you won't
                   have too many workplace choices, boy.  Or maybe not every
                        \_ The San Francisco Bay Area is by all accounts a
                           seller's market for technology jobs.  People who
                           prefer to work on Unix have any number of options
                           around here.  That's why this "real world" isn't
                           as dismal as all that.
                                \_ Wait until the market gets saturated.
                                   Then you'll beg for those MVS jobs.
                           \_ Yes, and an asshole with a bad attitude in _any_
                              market will have a shorter list of jobs at a
                              lower salary with less opportunity for
                              advancement and is less likely to get a good
                              reference in the RW, dismal or not.  The world
                                \_ "Asshole with a bad attitude"?  You've had
                                   a lot of personal experience here, I take
                                   it . . .
                                  \_ DOH! I am struck to the quick! HAHAHA!
                                     Spare me the attempted wit.  "I know you
                                     are but what am I?" is beneath a Cal
                                     student, any Cal student.
                                        \_ except saarp  -tom
                              is run by and for and is about people, not
                   one is the super genius techical guru you are and simply
                   wants a decent job to pay the rent?  We can't all be the
                   GiantPenis BoyWonder you obviously are.  Or... maybe some
                   people actually *prefer* NT and just want a few of the unix
                   tool ports but otherwise think Unix sucks?  I'll be looking
                   for open minds like yours the next time I interview.  I
                   merely implied it before, but since you said it, I'll
                   agree: you are a stupid CS pussy with zero RW clue.  Happy?
                   \_ yes, I am a giantpenis wonderboy.  and you're a nobody.
                      Men like me invent the technology that shapes the future.
                      You're a fucking nobody and you will stay a nobody for
                      the rest of your life because of your lack of brain power.
                      NEED IT.
                      \_ BoyChild, engineers are dime-a-dozen cogs.  Only
                         management and sales count, and sales only counts
                         when sales are good.  Don't fool yourself.  Boys like
                         you are hired by the dozen and fired by the dozen.
                         Given that I'm posting on the motd and I'm also not
                         a student, a clever boy like you could figure out I
                         already have an engineering/cs degree from Cal and
                         unlike you might know what I'm talking about.  What
                         makes your future degree better than the one I
                         already earned?  Perhaps the cognitive elite isn't
                         currently over-enrolled at Cal this semester?  Can't
                         wait for a chance to interview a few of you and ask
                         some of those personality/attitude questions.
                         \_ Uh, I (the person who posted the "why do you work
                            in a job that regularly forces you to do things
                            you dislike" comment) _am_ already out in the real
                            world, thanks.  And I regularly interview people.
                            The only difference between us seems to be that I
                            haven't decayed into a condescending, dour, bitter
                            asshole like yourself.
                            \_ I'm glad you have the talent, skill,
                               experience, and perfect personality that allows
                               you to choose your title, salary, and working
                               arrangements at the company of your choice.
                               I seriously doubt most here are in your unique
                               position.  Coming straight out of school, there
                               is zero chance they'll start like that.  Given
                               a choice between a smart, flexible kid who will
                               do the work I need done without religious lip
                               and a smart, religious, mouthy kid who will do
                               the work I need done but constantly bitches
                               about how >insert free *nix here< would do it
                               better because *nx is the answer to everything,
                               I'll take the smart flexible kid everytime.
                               When your only tool is a hammer, everything
                               looks like a nail.  BTW, send those flexible
                               ones my way, you can have the mouthy little
                               bastards.  Either way, they're all still
                               dime-a-dozen coming out of school.  (If I pay
                               you to run my Apple ][e network, that's what
                               you'll do, your choice is to go elsewhere).
                               \_ Not every free Unix advocate will insult
                                  a boss or tell a boss to switch operating
                                  systems.  I developed on VB once because
                                  that was what I was hired to do.  I was
                                  polite and did the work and didn't bash
                                  Microsoft horribly, but _I didn't stop
                                  caring about it_ either.  Behold, my old
                                  boss wrote me e-mail recently about how
                                  people keep telling him Linux is worthwhile,
                                  and he may have to try it one of these days.
                                  You don't have to insult everyone like
                                  certain OpenBSD founders we know do in order
                                  to make progress for free software.  If you
                                  can tell that all progressive groups != ISO,
                                  you can surely see the same about "*nx"
                                  advocacy.  We will win -- slowly.
             \_ who's the asshole that starts every post with, "Out in
                the RW...?" yeah, we really need life lessons from you.
                \_ You seem to.  What's your point, if any?
                   \_ that your "i'm out in the RW" crap is old. go away.
                   \_ And that you're assuming that we all live in a "real
                      world" that's as broken as yours . . .
1998/4/22-23 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:13993 Activity:moderate
4/21    Any opinions on <DEAD><DEAD>? Do they suck?
        \_ They sucked donkeys as of a year ago. I dunno if they've improved
           service since.
           \_ They haven't.  They still suck.  -niloc
           \_ Actually, they now blow goats as well for a low annual fee
              \_ New, personalized sheep service soon! --
           \_ They sucked donkeys? ewwww...
                \_ Do they charge extra to watch?
                \_ why do they suck? any specific bad things?
                   \_ if you have to ask you've oviously never tried it
                      contact the North American Man Donkey Love Association
                   \_ If you have to ask you've obviously never tried it
                      Contact the North American Man Donkey Love Association
                      (<DEAD><DEAD> for more information
                   \_ try 2 hour wait on tech support phone, dead air 50%
                      of the time on dial-ins, refused connections on
                      shell server and non-functional 56K support.
1998/4/22 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:13994 Activity:low 72%like:14001
4/21    _The Rape of Nanking_ is an excellent book.             -android
        \_ Where can I get it?  Library?...
                \_ any decent bookstore should have it.
        \_ Which one?
           "The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II" or
                \_ this one, by Iris Chang, they were showcasing on Sproul.
        \_ Or try
           "The Rape of Nanking: Justifying Anti-Japanese Sentiment in the 1990s"
           "The Rape of Nanking: Rally Cry of the PRC Militarists"
                   I know for sure that it is good.
           "The Rape of Nanking: An Undeniable History in Photographs" ?
1998/4/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13995 Activity:moderate
4/21    That Animal Liberation guy on the Campanile needs some help!
        \_ yeah, bring a gun
        \_ What guy?  Are the nutcases from Santa Cruz back in town?  Last
           time some fucking idiot from SC climbed up a bio building and sat
           on a ledge for a few days, all his worthless, unshowered freak
           friends left behind several days worth of trash, melted candles
           into otherwise nice places to sit, and were kind enough to leave
           an old toilet bowl behind on the sidewalk.  Yay animal rights
           activists!  That's the way to turn people to your cause!
           \_ It was Josh Trentnor, that was awesome.  I don't see
              how his nailing himself to the side of Tolman inconvenienced
              you in any way at all thought. - danh
                        \_ He didn't;  all of his brainless minions did.
                           Just face it;  you've been brainwashed by your
                           freak commie inbred lesbian roommates, Dan.  Come
                           back towards the light.  -John
                        \_ Oh yeah, if he'd actually *nailed* himself to the
                           side of Tolman, the sheer entertainment value of
                           him screaming and bleeding all over the place would
                           have outweighed all the other silly bits.  -John
                        \_ I am an animal rightist and I am annoyed with the
                           guy on the Campanile.  That's what we have Sproul
                           Plaza for.  Good causes don't excuse bad tactics.
        \_ I always wanted to hunt animal activists and cook them on a spit.
           \_ don't bother. they leave a nasty taste in your mouth, just like
              when you have to listen to them.
        \_ Overheard by the Campanile:  "Climb on down now or the bunny
           gets it!"
        \_ I'd like to see just one of you cynical shits do ANYTHING
           marginally risky for your morals and beliefs, provided such
           morals and beliefs exist.
        \_ But is this guy helping or hurting his cause?  If he is only
            making more people think that animal rights people are wackos,
            then it seems like he is hurting his cause.
1998/4/22-23 [Uncategorized] UID:13996 Activity:moderate
 4/22     Netcom sucks - can jps be any worse
                -thinking of switching, any ideas?
         \_ObNew Stuff On Top.  If you want a local ISP, we've been pretty
           happy with Autobahn (now BayCIS, or something like that).  --tabloyd
         \_I'm actually pretty happy with Netcom bandwidth now.
           The 56k phone lines are much better than the normal lines.
1998/4/22 [Uncategorized] UID:13997 Activity:nil
4/21    If you are paging this motd with less or more you may well just
        hit "q" and spare yourself from scrolling through the next 173
        lines of ABSOLUTELY USELESS MINDLESS BULLSHIT. I suffered it but
        the rest of you don't have to.
        \_ Oh _yeah_?????  Well, out in the _real_ world . . .

Are you sure you want to do this?

Are you really really sure?


OK, you have been warned.. Last chance.

I lied... real last chance
1998/4/22-26 [Computer/Networking] UID:13998 Activity:high
4/22    I'm thinking about getting SHIP.  Anybody hear whether they suck or not
        $10 seems pretty cheap.
        \_ [insert lame Titanic joke by EECS freshman who thinks he's all that]
        \_ Tang is good for 3 things: pregnancy, STD's and sports related
           injuries.  If you health problem doesn't fall into one of those
           categories, they'll diagnose you into one of them anyway.
        \_Actually Tang was very good a couple of years ago when I had a
          stomach virus and could not keep food down for a week.  With my
          current healthcare (Healthnet), however, I keep getting the
          runaround and have yet to see the inside of my dr's office.
          Couldn't even get past the receptionist on the phone to get an
        \_ perhaps person means new HIP service from CNS?
           \_ yeah, that's what I meant but everyone seems to think that
              I'm talking about the university health plan.
              \_ CNS, like Microsoft, is re-using old acronyms.
              \_ SHIP = Student Health Insurance Plan. (Tang Center)
                 HIP = Home IP. (service/account/ppp/whatever)
                 Does SHIP also stand for something like Student Home IP?
                 \_ Subscription Home-IP.  Like Home-IP, but you pay for
                    it and supposedly there are enough modems to go around.
                        \_ Huh?  What for?  I already have free home-ip.
                           Who is this service for?
        \_ tang is mostly incompetent, but at least you can get an appt.
           \_ anyone else care to make broad, unsupported comments?
                \_ Unsupported?!  Uh, try going there as a woman.  Try going
                   there without an STD or sports injury.  Been there?  Or
                   do you mean that "at least you can get an appt" is the
                   broad and unsupported comment?  I'll agree to that.  It's
                   hard to get an appointment for something serious if you're
                   not already bleeding.
                   \_ Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the word
                        \_ The experience of 32000+ students sounds like a
                           good argument to me.  You had another measure in
                           \_ gee, you speak for 32000+ students?  Who are
        \_ SHIP (subscription home-IP) is EXCELLENT. No busy dial in,
           connection to Berkeley is excellent. However, connection to
           outside Berkeley is lousy but that's a trade-off I can deal
        \_ I bought Subscription Home-IP.  I like it because my connection
           to campus is fast.
                \_ How is SHIP different from HIP?
                        \_ They kick you off every 8 hours instead of 2
                        \_ It's $10/month and faster.
                                \_ 56k?
                                   \_Yes.  Currently K56Flex, will be
                                     upgraded to V.90 once the standard
                                     is ratified (and cisco releases the
                                     updater software).
                        \_ Few (if any) busy signals.
                        \_cheaper than most ISPs (and you get a
                          IP address.)
                        \_ For about the same cost as a 2nd phone line,
                           you can get Ricochet wireless with zero busy
                           signals, unlimited access, and local access to
                           UCBNet from anywhere in the Bay Area.
                           \_ give it up tpc
                                \_ go away aspolito
                                  \_ Not until I get another piece of your
                                     warm, hairy ass.  -aspolito
                           \_ Seattle, too.  Kinda slow, though.  --tsang
1998/4/22-24 [Uncategorized] UID:13999 Activity:nil
4/23    Sun is "consolidating" its "planets"
1998/4/22-24 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/HW, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14000 Activity:kinda low
4/23    Where can I get a copy of emacs for PC? NT preferrably.
        \_ Check the FAQ (<DEAD><DEAD> you
           amorous donkey:
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