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1998/3/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:13797 Activity:nil
3/12    I'm a very non-technical person, please don't flame this thread:
        How does Java directly improve our lives right now? I've seen a lot
        of commercials and ads, but being a very non-technical person, I have
        no idea how it makes our lives better.
        \_ It doesn't, it's just some Sun marketting hype that is making a lot
           of people who use Java miserable.
        \_ Java made Nick Weaver the handsome sexual dynamo he is today!
1998/3/13 [Uncategorized] UID:13798 Activity:nil 71%like:13801
03/12   Does anybody know how to repair the tape transport of a Song
        camcoder or        know somebody who is an expert doing this? Thanks.
        \_ Next time you write a 132 length line, the MOTD Police will just
           blast it.
1998/3/13 [Uncategorized] UID:13799 Activity:nil
03/12   [ancient and lame dead monkey story deleted for your safety]
1998/3/13-14 [Uncategorized] UID:13800 Activity:very high
3/13    Its Friday the 13th, may all your wishes come true.
        \_ It's just another day.  The calendar is completely fictitious and
        \_ Not to mention the drop deadline for L&S.
           \_ I thought L&S let you drop until last week of class now...?
                \_ Yes, that's the new and improved policy for academic wimps
                   and other assorted failures.  You have to do _something_
                   to water down the system enough for minorities to graduate.
                        \_unlike this genius.
                          \_ I graduated without a week 15 drop deadline,
                             thanks.  It was week 5 when I went to Cal.  No
                             notation, no second chances, no shit.  Go back
                             to your AABAMN meeting and smoke yourself stupid.
                             \_ You've accomplished more than psb ever will.
                                \_ Beware the wrath of the psb!  -psb #1 Fan
                \_ I meant the "drop without a notation deadline", okay?!
        \_ Catch the repeat of COVERS FROM HELL tonight on KFOG at 10pm.
           "Everybody needs some Shatner sometime..."
        \_ I just had a really really good day.  -=Aubie
1998/3/13-17 [Consumer/PDA, Consumer/Camera] UID:13801 Activity:low 71%like:13798
3/13    Does anybody know how to repair the tape transport of a Sony camcorder
        or know somebody who is an expert doing this? Thanks.
          \_ try Resistance Repair... in west Berkeley.
             \_ guerilla repairmen?
                \_ Brazil?
                   \_ yes.  but before you can hire one, you need
                      to fill out a 27B/6.  have you got one, then?
                      no?  well, dont come back till you do!
1998/3/13-8/8 [Uncategorized] UID:13802 Activity:nil
        \_ You bastard.
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:13803 Activity:very high
3/13    Anyone know of a better compiler for Linux than gcc/g++?
        We're willing to pay for a compiler if we get a significant perf.
        increase.  --PeterM
        \_ I heard that MSLinux for Windows will allow you to run MS C++ v5.5
        \_ Hand code optimization (algorithm, method, etc) will do much more
           improvement than small incremental compiler optimization. At any
           rate, if you require performance on Linux and PeeCee, then perhaps
           you should be looking at different platforms.
                \-is the person actually trying to be helpful?
           \_  Compiler is a lot cheaper, usually, than a new machine.
               I want more performance without having to shell out for a
               whole new machine.  --PeterM
        \_ I bet this guy is trying to run brute root crack.
                \_ Why bother?  There are plenty of exploits available on
                   the net.  I doubt most systems are patched for all of them.
                   \_ I've always depended on the idiocy of motd entries.
                      -- Bland DuBois
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:13804 Activity:high
3/13    Someone forged email in my name, what's a good place to read up
        documents on how to nail the forger by reading the mail header if
        possible? Thanks!
        \_ or my legal web site <DEAD><DEAD> have links
           to anti-spam pages that can teach you how to read headers.
           feel free to contact me directly for more info. - seidl
        \_ Good fucking luck if they originated on an ISP with dynamic IP #s.
           Even if you do get an IP, you still haven't proved anything.
           \_ The ISP _can_ still get you ann account name from their
              login records.  Whether or not they'll bother is the real
                \_ That's my point.  Why should they care?  They all hear
                   lame whining from stupid personal usenet started flamefests
                   all damned day.  You think they *really* give a shit about
                   this particular event?  Hardly.
1998/3/13 [Uncategorized] UID:13805 Activity:very high
3/13    Anyone know of a good place to recover data on a hard drive that
        won't pass it's self test?  (backup failed too)
        \_Doesn't anyone know how to properly use "its" and "it's"
          anymore? Fucking pathetic!
        \_ Throw it out and recreate all data from scratch and take your
           backups more seriously in the future.
           \_ Thanks for your useless advice--it has been duly noted and
              tossed in the garbage.  Perhaps you should consider a
              position with Microsoft tech support.
                \_ How'd you know?  You're lucky I didn't charge you by the
                   letter plus per time unit.
1998/3/13-14 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:13806 Activity:moderate
3/13    How [do] I trace ftp transactions? Is there a system log file?
        (want more information than 'last')
        \_ Depends on the ftpd.  Some log to syslog, others maintain a
           private log.  Others can be configured to do either.
           \_ wu.ftp has xferlog in your log directory, and is pretty common.
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