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1998/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:14234 Activity:kinda low
6/23    m$ gets injunction against Win 98 overruled:
        Too bad justice isn't blind to cash conttibutions.
                \_ Shut up cmlee
                        \_ dude, who the hell are you?  you keep putting
                        the same crap on the motd all the time.
        \_ ye$! my M$ $tock i$ going way up! Re$i$tance i$ futile!
        \_ what ever happened to  Did m$ $ue them out
           of buisness too?
1998/6/23-25 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:14235 Activity:high
6/23    What is the best (easiest) way to satisfy the American Cultures
        requirement together with the Humanities and Social Studies
        requirement for the College of Engineering?  -ax
        \_ College of Engineering has the easiest Humanities/Social Science/
           American Culture requirements a Cal student can have.  How easy
           do you want it to be?
        \_ Anthro 163AC with Dundes was really really good.  He tries to
           scare you off at the beginning, but if you stick with it, he
           grades really easy and you get to research anything from yermom
           jokes to stories told by welders.
        \_ An EECS-C Jr. transfer needs to know.  She'd probably e-mail
           you if you had a good answer and signed your post. -ax
                \_ she pretty?
                   \_ and is she nice, or is she a mean b?
        \_ History 7A or 7B satisfies American Cultures and List A, and
           \_ Don't take weeder history courses.  For that matter, don't
              try to satisfy *any* requirement with a lower division
              course if you can help it.
           they're great basic American History courses -- esp. if taught
           by Litwack.  Be prepared for 2-hour sections, and a "white
           people are evil" version of history similar to what you will
           find in _A People's History of the United States_.  -agee
        \_ Lose your virginity now (American Culture), test your latest
           medicine invention on your dog (Humanity), and have sex with
           yermon (social science).
           \_ This was funny?  Clever?  Were you just really tired when
              you wrote that?
        \_ Thanks for all the answers everyone!!  I think she has
           enough to go on. -ax
1998/6/23-26 [Uncategorized] UID:14236 Activity:nil 50%like:14230
6/23    EE job opportunities. If interested pls fwd resume  - hkg
        \_ Post to /csua/pub/jobs and make it world readable.
1998/6/23-26 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:14237 Activity:moderate
6/23    Why doesn't berkeley have a class A network? (geek question)
          -csua geek
        \_ Because we don't rule as much as MIT?
        \_ Because we don't need one and they're reserved for places that do?
           (Not that Class A/B/C mean much in these days of classless routing)
           \_ Don't inferior schools like UCLA, Michigan State, and
              that farm school down there have one?
                \_ no.  see whois -h [1-126].0.0.0
                   \_ I got University of Southern Cal for 2,5, and 10.
                      Didn't bother to try out all 126 though.
                                \_ 127 & 224 too!  Those IANA address pigs!
                                  \_ Also 1 !
                      \_ And yer a twink. thats IANA, not USC. It just happens
                         that ISI manages the IANA reserved addresses, and they
                         are headquartered at USC.
                         \_That IANA went past my terminal.
                                - twink
                        \_ 10.x.x.x is the old arpanet backbone, now reserved
                                for people to use behind firewalls
                \_ that farm school used to run what is now InterNIC
                   and got to decide who got what addresses
           \_ Because we never believed in wasting IP space?
        \_ We used to, but those with Class A's were asked to evaluate
           their need for one and UCB decided they didnt need a full A
        \_ Really? What was it?
        MIT is 18.*, Stanford is 36.*
           \_ Those damn bastards.  It should be [1-126].0.0.0 Berkeley.
1998/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:14238 Activity:nil
6/23    Any recomendations for network hardware and mailorder places
        to buy it?  Specifically a hub with 8 10baseT, 1 AUI and 1 BNC
        connectors and some networking cable.
         - seidl
1998/6/23-25 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley, Computer/Networking] UID:14239 Activity:nil
6/22    When is Berkeley ditching Sprintnet?
        \_ Since someone touched the subject, what is a *good* backbone
        provider? I see a lot of Sprint/Global-One advertising, but can't
        really tell who's good, who's not.   -leblon
        \_ RSN - see
        \_ Depends on what you mean by 'good' and how much you're willing to
           pay for it.  MCI used to be good, but with Cable&Brainless buying
           their internet operations, I'd expect them to tank in a year or so.
        \_perhaps page of recommended providers should be maintained, similar
          to the cs books page -nesim
           \_ yes, and you know that there are just a ton of cs students
              who are looking around for T3 connection providers.
1998/6/23-25 [Uncategorized] UID:14240 Activity:moderate
6/22  Email me if you want more info. --chris
        \_ chris is a sucker
           \_  boohoo boohoo!
        \_ christine is a sucker HR person, say anything and she'll believe
           \_ give up, l0zer.
                \_ now she's so anal that she doesn't believe anyone's good
                  \_ except of course yer mom.  but everyone thinks she's good.
1998/6/23-25 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14241 Activity:low
6/22    What's the difference between unix set and setenv?
        \_ setenv sets an environment variable that children of a process
           will have access to. set is accessible only within a given
           process. -dim
        \_ There is no difference - neither one exists.  Some shells
           have a "set" command, some have "setenv", some have both,
           some have neither.  It's a shell thing, not a UNIX command.
           \_ asshole...
           \_ set and setenv are, specifically, only used by csh and tcsh
              (and other shells that copy them).  "set" sets a variable for
              use by csh/tcsh, and "setenv" sets an environment variable
              for use by everything run beneath that shell (i.e. all commands
              run in it).  "set" requires an =, e.g.
                set ignoreeof=2 mail=/var/mail/$user filec
              (note filec equals nothing, it is merely being "set" in a
               boolean sense)
              where as setenv can only take one argument with no =:
                setenv HOME /tmp/hozer                  --dbushong
1998/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:14242 Activity:high
 6/23   Signs the apocalypse is forthcoming:
        - students roaming Soda Hall addressing nweaver as "Professor"
        - philspell used as homework in CS 61C
                \_ GO NICK!  CSUA WORLD DOMINATION! - phil
1998/6/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:14243 Activity:nil
6/23    "Fear and Loathing" is fun for the whole family! I laughed,
        I cried, I learned things... Go see it.         -movieCritic
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