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1998/9/6-7 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14553 Activity:high
9/6     Any recommendations on daily planner software (preferably free)
        for UNIX?  -dpetrou
        \_ ical - comes with RH linux
           \_ Can now HotSync with the PalmPilot, too. -- pilot h0zer
              \_ That's pretty cool;  where can I read up about pilots
                 under Linux?  -John
                 \_ If you're willing to cope with relatively high traffic
                    volumes, you should read the pilot-unix archives and
                    get on the pilot-unix list. -- pilot-unix h0zer
                    \_ Got a url for the archives?  Thanks.  -John
                          It's a _big_ archive, but almost every piece of
                          Unix software for the Pilot is announced/discussed
1998/9/6-8 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:14554 Activity:kinda low
9/6     My 170 TA sucks.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for
        170 TAs?
        \_ Jiang Ji-yang.  But only if you speak Cantonese.

           \_ You mean Mandarin?  This name doesn't sound like a Cantonese
                \_ No, he said he only speaks Cantonese.  At least that's what
                   my Chinese friend said.  Anyway, maybe my friend's Chinese
                   isn't as good as he thinks it is and the guy was really
                   saying he doesn't speak Cantonese?  I dunno.  Learn Chinese
                   before taking any Cal Math or EE/CS courses.
                \_ actually, one can be Cantonese, yet spell one's name in the
                   Mandarin style.
                   \_ Korean is helpful, too. --dim
                   \_ I thought all the TA's were Indian.
                        \_ Hey! There ain't nothin wrong with Indian TAs.
                           I was one.
                           \_  Most of the Indian math TA's I've had did not
                               quite have mastery over English.
                               \_ Some of the American TA's I've had did not
                                  quite have mastery over English either
                               \_ Sometimes TA's with English as their
                                  second language suck and sometimes they
                                  rule. Luck of the draw.
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