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1998/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:14596 Activity:nil
9/14    First  Now my fave online news site? :(,4436,2137139,00.html
1998/9/15-10/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14597 Activity:nil 56%like:14729
09/13   The CSUA is sponsoring a Forum on the L&S CS Major, and is
        soliciting questions from members of the community.  If you would
        like to submit a question, please mail it to <forum-questions@csua>.
1998/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes, Computer] UID:14598 Activity:nil
        I asked before - How can I run afterstep on the EECS Instructional
        computers, *without* installing the package etc...? I tried every
        suggestion in the previous answers, but they didn't work on the
        EECS computers, nor on Soda. Any ideas? Thanks, - noah
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14599 Activity:high
9/15    Anyone know a good introductory programming book based on Java?
        My high school CS teacher had a bunch of newbie programmers
        stuck in her intermediate Java class, and she's at her wit's end
        trying to find good materials suitable for beginners. Thx. -anirvan
        \_ Arnold & Gosling - The Java Programming Language.  I thought it
           was pretty good.  You can't get much simpler than that.  It's
           also the official book on java.  If they're HS students make
           them suffer and teach them scheme.
        \_ Just give them the grade they earn.

        I asked before - How can I run afterstep on the EECS Instructional
        computers, *without* installing the package etc...? I tried every
        suggestion in the previous answers, but they didn't work on the
        EECS computers, nor on Soda. Any ideas? Thanks, - noah
        \_ there is no AS on eecs instructional.  There is WindowMaker on
           the Solaris machines which comes very close to AS (i actually
           think it looks a bit nicer).  It's a pain in the ass to install
and it
           won't always work on the first try so you have to play around a
           little.  The install scripts are at /usr/sww/GNUstep/bin/ I
           think it's called wmaker.inst but read the README).  good luck
        \_ There is no AS on soda either, but it's in ports, so mail root@soda
                and ask them to install it.
        \_ /home/tmp is your friend.
            \_ that's one of the most unreadable and unhelpful books on the
               market.  it's OK as a reference, don't try to learn from it.
                \_ I concur.  While The Red Book and The Gray Book
                   literally define The Java Platform, it's more useful as
                   an implementor's
                   guide than as a teaching aid.  I would recommend the
                   Tiger book (ORA's
                   Java in a Nutshell).  -java stud
        \_ Just give them the grade they earn.  HS Java is worthless anyway.
           HS'ers are too stupid to learn anything anyway, why bother?
           \_ I beg to differ. I learned Pascal/C in high school, and it
              helped give a good head start in cs60B.
                \_ Then you had a worthless 60b class.  Who taught?
                        \_ 60B used to include teaching C, so why is it
                           so hard to believe learning C in advance was
                           a head start?
                           \_ Like a few of my partners who thought they
                              knew everything until they didn't?
                        \_ Maybe he just had a good HS teacher.  Such things
                           are rumored to exist (like when BH taught HS).
                           \_ A myth.  I refuse to believe this.
                                \_ good HS teachers, or BH->HS?
                                        \_ The former.  The latter isn't of
                                           any interest but I recall him
                                           saying something about it once.
                                                \_ jove was written by one of
                                                        BH's HS students.
                                                \_ you can read about bh
                                                   teaching hs on www.cs/~bh
        \_ "Thinking In Java" is suppose to be good. You can download the
           online version for free:
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Computer/HW] UID:14600 Activity:low
9/15    Ok, I RFTM already, but I couldn't figure this out. How do I make
        emacs display lines that are too long for the screen onto the next
        line without it actually word wrapping? All I get is the $ at the
        end of a line.
        \_ "Fundamental" mode without any minor modes activated should
           work fine.  what kind of files are your editing/looking at?
           work fine.  What kind of files are your editing/looking at?
                \-this is not a mode issue, but depends on teh value of the
                truncate-lines variable in that mode. apropos truncate or
                do a C-hv truncate-lines. at least you know not to sign
                whenyou dont know what you are tlaking about. --psb
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:14601 Activity:high
9/15    I'm trying to teach a barrel of monkeys how to program in Java.
        Anyone know a good advanced programming book based on Java?  These
        are your average monkeys and won't tolerate a slow class.
        \_ "barrel of monkeys"?
                \_ Yes.  Are you FOB?
                                        \_ I am kick ass like gang member!
                                        \_ I drive Honda Acura!
                                        \_ Black slippers, white socks,
                                           black baggy pants, purple satin
                                           shirt buttoned at collar, 3
                                           cans hair gel, Honda Acura!
                                                \_ No, Nike Slippers and
                                                   socks, DKNY pants,
                                                   Calvin shirt, Polo hat.
                                           \_ settle down, john
                                           \_ kchang lives!!!!
                                 \_ Doesn't "FOB" mean Friend of Bill???
                                        \_ Only if you're FOB or talking
                                           about the chinese donations
1998/9/15-16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:14602 Activity:kinda low 57%like:14938 50%like:14784 50%like:14514 50%like:14156 53%like:14089 50%like:14059 53%like:13965
9/15    new job posting(s) available.  please see /csua/pub/jobs/
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14603 Activity:moderate
9/15    is eudora 4.1 beta stable enough to use?
        \_ It's a beta.  That means you're testing unstable code.
                \_ Some companies betas are more stable than other's releases.
                   (I'll take a Solaris beta over a Win NT release any day.)
                        \_ That's because you haven't learned Microsoft speak
                           yet.  Win NT 4.0 = "beta release".  4.0SP4 is the
                           the real release.
                           \_ THERE IS A SP4??? Where can I get it (without
                              registering w/ M$)?
                                \_ MS has been saying it will be released
                                   RSN for many months, but everytime they
                                   get ready for release, they find new bugs
                                   to fix.  It might or not make it out before
                                   the NT 5.0 release in 2000.
                                \_ If you're special, you can get parts of it
                                   or (get this!) a beta SP4 release.
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14604 Activity:high
9/15    Anyone know what hapens to people with uclink/uclink2 accounts
        after they get retired on Sept. 19? Do they automatically get
        uclink4, and does this apply to recent grads as well?
        \_ it's been delayed to November 15th per Jerry Smith.
           People who haven't used the migrate tool will have their accounts
           moved over but inactive until they use the migrate tool.  -tom
        \_ We should have a vigil to mourn the loss of University-supplied
           Unix shell accounts.
           \_ How 'bout a burning in effigy of IS&T
           \_ UCTwink accounts were so incredibly limited that calling them
                Unix shell accounts is an insult to true shell account
                providers everywhere.
        \_ So how much longer will last semester's grads still have access
           to UCLink?
        \_ By order of the Associate Vice Chancellor of IS&T all UCLink 1/2/3
           account holders who have not yet converted to UCLink 4 shall be
           forced to walk around campus wearing "I STAND IN THE WAY OF
           PROGRESS" engraved on their foreheads.  Anyone decrying the move
           to UCLink4 as a step backward will be forced to attend hours upon
           hours of IS&T indoctrination workshops until they lose all
           connection to reality (after which they can only function as an
           IS&T employee).
        \_ It's a shame they don't extend account lifetimes to 5-10 years
           after graduation as an "alumni courtesy", even with a limited mail
           spool.  The goodwill generated from a sustained benefit campaign
           could rake in some dollars and loyalty years down the line ...
           the El-Cheapo Public School approach sucks.  Go bears.
           \_ When they said "Go Bears!" they meant "Go Away Bears!"
1998/9/15-16 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:14605 Activity:insanely high
9/15    Is there any way in Perl to do the same is #include in C?  That is,
        just insert the text of one file into another?
        \_ if you mean to include or share perl libraries,
           the "require" keyword will work in most cases.
           perl5 has more powerful module support with "use".
           \_ No, I have one big script that parses input, and would like to
              use it in another to parse and do some other stuff.
              Basically, I have, and would like to do
              #include ""
              \_ he answered your question, idiot.
                 \_ No he didn't. I've read the docs on require and use,
                    and it isn't working.  I'm not trying to include perl
                    \_ require is what you want.  your fu is weak.
                       train harder.
                        \_ require "" returns:
       did not return a true value at line 2
                        Since I was specifically looking for something as
                        simple as #include, it appears that require won't
                        do the job.  I don't want to go through the hassle
                        of creating a module if I don't have to.  A simpler
                        answer to the first question would have been, "No,
                        there is no equivalent of #include in perl.  You
                        have to create a module."
                        \_ No you don't have to create a module, just make the
                           last line of the file you require be: "1;" which
                           will evaluate to the true value perl is looking for
                           \_ Thank you!
                                \_ You obviously didn't RTFM.
                    \_ Yes.  He did.  Indeed your fu is not weak.  You lack
                       all traces of fu.
                       \_ My kung fu is the best. -billg
                                \_ Everyone was kung fu fighting -discoman
        \_ Why yes indeed. Perl needs to run with the -P flag. That can go in
                 Also read the man pages on use and require -- there are
                 some subtle differences (among other things, require
                 does "run -time" inclusion, and use does "compile-time"
           in the shbang line (e.g. "#!/path/to/perl -w -P"). man perlrun
           for more details. -anirvan
        \_ Summary of require solution:
           require "";
           the last expression in must evaluate to true
           \_ i.e. make the last line:
           \_ Read about the AUTOLOAD method in the perlsub manpage.
              Also read the man pages on use and require -- there are some
              subtle differences (among other things, require does "run
              -time" inclusion, and use does "compile-time" inclusion.
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