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1998/6/11 [Uncategorized] UID:14200 Activity:nil 60%like:14197
6/10  The Kingdom II!  Tonite!  UC Theatre!  7pm!  -danh
1998/6/11 [Computer/Rants] UID:14201 Activity:nil
6/10      Here is an item of some interest for you:

     The real name of the Bill Gates is William Henry Gates III.
     Nowadays he is known as Bill Gates (III), where "III" means the
     order of third (3rd.)

     By converting the letters of his current name to the ASCII-values
     and adding his (III), you get the following:

     B       66
     I       73
     L       76
     L       76
     G       71
     A       65
     T       84
     E       69
     S       83
     +       3

     Some might ask, "How did Bill Gates get so powerful?" Coincidence?
     Or just the beginning of mankind's ultimate and total enslavement???
     YOU decide!
1998/6/11-12 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:14202 Activity:high
6/10    I want to send some messages to a list of friends but do not want
        the names of everyone appear in the header.  How do I do it?
        \_ Bcc
        \_ use a script with a foreach loop:
                {foreach line} mail <message>
                \_ you enjoy wasting system resources, don't you? That spawns
                   a MTA (i.e. sendmail) for every recipient, while the BCC
                   method only does one.
        \_ Edit /etc/aliases to make a temporary local mailing list, send to
           the list, and then take it out of /etc/aliases.  You _do_ have a
           home Unix system, don't you?
           \_  No, I only have account on a public workstation like soda.
               I sometime see the recepient of a mailing list as
               <unlisted recepient> and wonder how that is possible.
                \_ Bcc you idiot.
        \_ again, since it was deleted, Cheap Hack:
           use your .forward as a temporary mailing list. --jon
          \_ that's incredibly stupid.  -tom
             \_ I never said it was a smart thing to do.
                \_ Why is it stupid? It works, it doesn't hurt anything.
                   \_ sure, so long as noone sends you mail during
                      the process.  But then, it is silly users
                      can't have mailing lists without the aid of root.
                      QMAIL FOREVER d00d!!11!!
          \_ Assuming you don't know how to spawn the rich header in
             pine.. do a ^r and you should see a Bcc: field appear.
1998/6/11-16 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:14203 Activity:moderate
6/11    Next week I plan to try to meet the 6bone co-ordinator to discuss a
                                                  \-Do you mean Bob Fink?--psb
        UCB student site on the 6bone ( which is the
        worldwide experimental IPv6 Internet.  I'm again asking for interested
        parties who want to learn about the next-generation Internet protocol
        through experience.  If interested, please e-mail.  -- schoen
        \_ the csua should put one of the office sparcs on this & can also
                 help with the nameservice
                 \_ Cool, I'll bring it up at a meeting or come by. -- schoen
                        \_ Talk to the vp
                           \_ Er, a late-night chat with the VP was what
                              originally persuaded me this was feasible.  I
                              think he knows about it. :-)  -- schoen
        \_ you mean PROPOSED next-generation internet protocol, which will just
           get dumped by the wayside when Microsoft forces IP-NT down
           everyone's throats.  M$ jumped into IP late, which is the only
           reason it's still around.  They're not going to make the same
           mistake again.
           \_ Say what?  IP-NT?  WTF are you babbling about?  MS is the only
              reason IP still exists or the only reason MS still exists?
              Both statements are ridiculously stupid.
              \_ No, IP wasn't quashed because it was well established before
                 M$ could get around to making their own proprietary protcol.
                 They'll squash IP just as soon as they're done squashing IPX.
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. --dim
                 \_ They already made their own protocol. It sucked. If it
                    was better than IP people would've wanted to use it
                    regardless of what was established first. --dim
                    \_ that won't stop them from trying to do it again.
                       Or forcing it down the market's throats anyway.
                    \_ M$ already made their own server OS, NT. It sucked
                       If it was better than unix people would've
                       wanted to use it regardless of what was
                       established first.
                       \_ Huh? NT is a moderate success. Netbeui is a
                          dismal failure. --dim
                          \_ Exactly.  NT sucks but they're forcing it down
                             the market's throat anyway.  You seem to have
                             missed the sarcasm's point.
                             \_ You missed my point, which is that M$
                                couldn't force Netbeui down the market's
                                throat. --dim
              \_ Actually, I know the guy who just completed a IPv6
                 implementation for NT w/Microsoft.
                 \_ no surprise, they'll provide token support just like they
                    'support' IPX
           \_ I am personally optimistic that IPv6 will be widely used; it
              has the support of many people, and take a look at who the
              existing 6bone sites are: some very influential players,
              including the major networking hardware and software companies,
              computer manufacturers, and ISPs.  There is also a well-thought-
              out gradual transition mechanism and substantial backward
              compatibility.  And yes, even Microsoft promises to embrace it
              at present.  As for the "PROPOSED" bit: IETF will never go back
              on IPv6.  Perhaps the big network of the future will be MSN
              rather than the Internet, but the Internet itself will speak
              IPv6, be it relevant to most users or not.  -- schoen
              \_ Foolish optimist. Most of the big players 'support' IPX too,
                 but that doesn't make it any less dead.
                 \_ YEAH!!!  That "schoen" guy is a GREAT BIG DOODYHEAD!!!!!!
                    MICROSOFT WILL WIN!!!!!  I'm already looking forward to
                    using MS-WWWINS (Microsoft World Wide WINS) as the protocol
                    on the NETWORK OF THE FUTURE, 'cause IT'LL BE GREAT!!!!!,
                    just like ALL MICROSOFT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!  IPv6 SUX!!!!!!!!
1998/6/11 [Uncategorized] UID:14204 Activity:nil
6/11    submit to me, my wife. -husband
1998/6/11-13 [Computer/Theory] UID:14205 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Why the hell is the new RSA command line all screwed up???s
        \_ What are you talking about?
        \_ RSA has a command line?  I thought it was a cryptography
           \_ The secret backdoor that the NSA/CIA/FBI/BATF put into the RSA
              algorithm means that they can extract anyone's private key
              from any encrypted data by running a simple (but highly secret)
              Perl script over that data from the command line.
1998/6/11-13 [Industry/Startup] UID:14206 Activity:kinda low
6/11    Anyone know roughly the ratio of success vs. failure of startup
        computer companies within the past 5 years or so?
        \_ I attended a seminar which said: 60% total failure, 5-8%
           made it (IPO), 1% did exceptionally well, and the rest is
           just hanging dead (not profitable, not losing either)   -kchang
        \_ Collarary question: of those that fail completely, what's the
           average life span?
                \_ time to reach IPO is 5-7 years from the "founding day"
                   on average. Past that, it has no VC appeal.
        \- Sorry if this sounds silly: what is IPO?
           \_ Initial Punch Offering
           \_ Initial Public Offering
           \_ Wow, someone is still immune to the influence of the financial
              markets!  Quick, someone do something!
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