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1998/12/3-4 [Computer/Theory] UID:15060 Activity:high
12/2    I'd like to take Computer Vision CS280 next year. However, it requires
        math 53/54. What's the difference between 53 and 54? Thanks.
        \_ 53: Multivariable calculus - integrating over multiple variables
               surface integrals, cool looking 3D pictures
           54: Linear Algebra but not in the sense that is useful from any
               kind of computer graphics work.  The only thing you need
                \_ yo: graphics != vision. I took 280 with malik
                   in 1994. grrrreat class!!! -nick
               to know for, say 184/284, is transformations/translation
               stuff.  differential equations are also covered which is not
               fun at all.  DiffEq is used a lot in EE and E&M (especially
               EE120) but chances are you're not going to have to know
               what a Wronskian is.  I still don't know but those jack
               ass math profs (referring to Miller of course) think that
               all this is really important.

               The basic fact: only about 5% of what you learn in Berkeley
               math classes will become applicable to you in the future.
               \_ I'd be curious to know whose orifice you pulled this
                  statistic out of. i use what i learned in berkeley every
                  day. i have been thankful of  having learned at least 90%
                  of it at one point or another.
                  you are an idiot if you don't think knowing diff eqs is
                  important. are you satisfied knowing only how to solve
                  diffeqs with constant coeffs? that solve 80% of the problems
                  you will run into as an EE, but that's about it. or are
                  you just satisifed not knowing how to solve diff eqs at
                  all? you think you've been doing fine without them, but the
                  truth is, people in Bangladesh probably think that their
                  lives are just fine too.
                  here's what you need from linear algebra for cs280: bases,
                  transformations, least squares, rank, singularity,
                  eigenvectors and eigenvalues, orthogonal, orthonormal.
                  That's basically all of the Anton book. -ali
                  \_ I never use any math beyond some very basic algebra.  I
                     use *none* of the math I learned at Berkeley.  This
                     pleases me more than you can imagine.
                     \_ Actually, math beyond basic algebra can be pretty
                        useful (especially some calc used in physics,
                        electrical, engineering, and some other science
                        classes).  But the difference between the way a
                        high school teaches and a college does is that
                        in high school they teach you how to solve
                        practical problems whereas in berkeley
                        they're so caught up in theoretical proofs that
                        only math majors really care about.
                        \_ I'm not denying it.  I'm just glad I'm not in
                           a position to need any of it.  I'm not even
                           using HS math.  More like Jr. High.  Suits me
                           just fine.  YMMV.
                  \_ well, good for you.  but honestly, 90% is frikin insane.
                     Maybe you had a better prof than I did but I never
                     had to implement the things I learned from math 54 in
                     any physics 7 or EE classes to the extent that you
                     brag about.  I admit having to solve simple diff eq's
                     and integrate relatively simple equations but I never
                     had to do boundry equations, prove the so called
                     "Keith Miller's Equivelance Theorem", find eigen vectors,
                     and do most of that math 54 crap.  I'd like to know
                     whose orfice you're pulling that BS out of.
                     \_  I dunno, when I took 54 (then called 50B), I
                         actually used what I learned (when I was awake to
                         learn) a week or two lagged in Physics 7B...
                     \_ ali lives on a higher plane.
                     \_  You are all idiots.  I use 0% of what I learned in
                         Cal.  All I do everyday is to count the money I make
                         and the # of new concubines I get.  And I learned how
                         to do that before I was born.  College is useless;
                         education is stupid.  Ignorance is strength and
                         self-esteem comes from the cavity of an empty head.
                     \_ Take upper division physics, math, chemistry, or
                        astronomy (probably others in engineering, too)
                        and it will make a lot more sense to you. The
                        lower divison math classes are essential to any
                        career in science or engineering (hence, they are
                        required) and really useful in some other fields,
                        too, like economics. --dim
                \_ You can do just fine if you know math just up to Math
                   53/54.  You can do hot sh*t and make much $ with insight
                   and initiative; you can also do hot sh*t that wouldn't be
                   possible without sophisticated math knowledge, and make
                   much $.  You may feel fulfilled in either case, depending
                   on who you are.  In either case, you will earn the
                   admiration of people who you think are brilliant and people
                   who you think are idiots, and disapproval and disgust from
                   the same range of persons. -jctwu
                   \_ Not really. Remember Ted Kazinski, the brilliant
                      math genius.  I don't think anyone liked him.
                      \_ especially the rabbits. -jctwu
        \_ "Math is hard!  Let's go shopping!"  -Barbie
           \_ amen.
           \_ Was it Barbie or Malibu Stacy?
        \_ One, last I checked...
1998/12/3-4 [Transportation/Car] UID:15061 Activity:high
12/2    If someone parks a car illegally blocking my driveway after office
        hours, which govt. dept. do I call to have it towed?  Thanks.
        \_ Post your address here so we can vandalize the car
           and your home at the same time
        \_ Tow Truck Company (after using your key of course)
        \_ Police
                \_ parking and transportation dept of police
                   \_ But do they work at night?
        \_ Marine Corp.
        \_ Goldberg.
        \_ Just try to get someone to steal the car.
           \_ Or put a bunch of bumper stickers all over it
        \_ Those non-profit charities that take donated used cars
                \_ Which can take a few weeks to get them to come by and
                   requires you fill out paper work, prove ownership, sign
                   papers transfering ownership, etc.  Nice try though.
1998/12/3 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15062 Activity:nil
12/2    Post meeting bash at:  Oscar's.  Then Spats.
1998/12/3-6 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:15063 Activity:nil
12/3    Need perl hacker for a few days to write a preprocessor for an
        assembler. Contact ali.
        \_ ali needs to be sodomized
1998/12/3-4 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:15064 Activity:moderate
12/3    According to "man www" if I want to have server side includes on
        my web page off of csua, I need to either change the file
        extension to .shtml or make it executable. Is there any reason why
        I shouldn't just change all my web page file permissions so I can
        avoid having everything end with .shtml?
        \_ for files identified as SSI-capable, the web server preprocesses
           them line by line for every page hit.  normal files are served
           up "straight" without this overhead.  --jwang
           \_ So we're talking about a difference of probably milliseconds
              per page load here?
              \_ I've done this on a Linux server. I found differences of
                 several seconds. I never did figure out why the huge
                \_ the only way there might be that much of a difference is
                   if your WWW server is CPU-bound (extremely unlikely) or
                   you're getting the documents off NFS or something.  It
                   should not be a noticable difference.  -tom
                   \_ But it is possible. It does depend on what is being
                      interpreted by the SSI. Use .shtml only if necessary.
                      \_ Are you implying it's better to make your file
                         executable then? Or in general, use SSI only if
                         \_ the latter.  -tom
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