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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/6/28-29 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:38337 Activity:nil
6/28    Sorry for going back in time here, but where I am, it's still Tuesday
        the 28th of June ... anyways, I had a couple of posts about how much
        people trust if people had experience with how
        much anonymizer can protect your information, especially if they are
        subpoenaed to turn over evidence.  Please leave this post up a couple
        of days, cuz I don't get to check the MOTD that many times a day.
        If nobody wants to comment, leave a note to that extent.
        \_ I used to work for a company in the same space. We kept access logs
           for 7 days, mainly to get statistics and bill advertisers. If we
           recieved a subpoena for access logs within 7 days of an event, we
           would turn over those logs (as required). If the request came more
           than 7 days after the event, we had no data to provide. The
           Anonymizer privacy policy states that they will disclose privacy
           information when required by law; however, they also say that
           "Anonymizer does not hold any personal information on our customers
           that could result in compromising their privacy and security", so I
           don't know what they might give up. I seem to recall their policies
           being about the same as ours, but it was a long time ago. -gm
        \_ Screw anonymizer.  Use TOR.
           \_ Is TOR anything like Freenet?  I tried out Freenet a while ago,
              but it was unreliable and slow as hell.  Looks like it's still
              being actively developed, but haven't installed it on my new
              computer.  Does either TOR or Freenet rely on a lot of
              participants?  -- op.
              \_ TOR is a serious mix-network crypto system.  Pretty
                 industrial strength.  Latency is gonna blow, but thats
                 the price.
        \_ Nothing you do online is anonymous, the trick is to make as
           cumbersome as possible for someone to track you.  If you go to
           a random library in another city, avoid cameras, use a public
           terminal and use an anonymizer, your "less likely" to be
           tracked than say logging into your home PC or local Computer Lab
           while using your private e-mail account.  It depends on what
           risks you're wiling to take (cost/ benefit).
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2/20    There was a failure validating the SSL/TLS certificate for the server
        The reason for the failure was
                          self signed certificate in certificate chain (details)
        We have not verified the identity of your server. If you ignore this certificate validation
        problem and continue, you could end up connecting to an imposter server.
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