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2013/6/6-7/31 [Uncategorized] UID:54689 Activity:nil
6/6     Is it me, or do workers in Costco stores work faster yet seem to be in
        better mood despite the pressure, than those in other stores like
        Walmart and Safeway?
        \_ Costco pays better and has profit sharing.
        \_ it is true, but I don't know why. I'm guessing more pay/employee
           means they have a better pool of candidates to pick from, kind of
           like how Ivy League schools can pick smarter students than
           Ivy rejects (e.g. your local community college).
2013/6/6-7/31 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Computer/SW/Security] UID:54690 Activity:nil
6/6     Wow, NSA rocks. Who would have thought they had access to major
        data exchangers? I have much more respect for government workers,
        crypto experts, mathematicans now than ever.
        \_ flea to Hong Kong --> best dim-sum in the world
           \_ "flee"
        \_ The dumb ones work for DMV, the smart ones for the NSA. If you
           had served in the military, you would have learned to have more
           respect for government employees.
           \_ Do DMV employees count at government employees?
              \_ Who else would they be working for?
                 \_ That's my point.  -- PP
                    \_ Are you implying that the DMV is full of anti-American
                       moles? That would be a really funny way to try and
                       destroy a country, fill it full of lifeless
                       \_ I didn't imply that the DMV is full of moles.  The
                          poster who wrote "The dumb ones work for DMV" above
                          did. -- PP
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