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2011/5/19-7/21 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:54109 Activity:nil
5/19    Mildred Patricia Baena looked ugly even for her age.  Why would Arnold
        have fallen for her??
        \_ yawn arnpolitik
        \_ is he running for pres yet
           \_ Nobody would vote for a pres candidate with such a bad taste.
              She looks worse than Monica Lewinsky.
              \_ Dr. Phil says that 80% of men who have affairs often have
                 them with people less attractive than their wife. This is
                 because they get more ego massaging. It also has to do
                 with availability/opportunity. However, I do admit that a
                 rich and famous guy with a good body like Arnold could
                 have probably done a lot better in LA.
2011/5/19-7/30 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:54110 Activity:nil
5/19    Uh, is anyone still using this? Please mark here if you post and
        haven't added this yet. I'll start:
        \_ person k
        \_ ausman, I check in about once a week.
        \_ erikred, twice a week or so.
        \_ mehlhaff, I login when I actually own my home directory instead of
              'nobody', which means not often.
        \_ toulouse, every few days, to make sure root knows when soda goes down
           so someone with access to windows can kick vSphere and reboot shit
        \_ toulouse, every few days, to make sure root knows when soda goes
           down so someone with access to windows can kick vSphere and reboot
        \_ I am an undergrad and use this machine.  Please don't take it away.
        \_ rory. I go away for long periods of time but then come back when
           i remember how much i love the motd and how much i've learned here
           over the years .... no seriously
2011/5/19-7/30 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:54111 Activity:nil
5/19    Is it some cultural chinese thing to never take sick days?
        \_ Chinese New Year Day Off!
        \_ No.  When I was in primary school, my parents used to tell me to
           take a sick day when I overslept (i.e. when they overslept and
           wake me up in time.)
           didn't wake me up in time.)
2011/5/19-7/30 [Science/Space] UID:54112 Activity:nil
5/18    'Exciting' find: Possible planets without orbits
2011/5/19-7/13 [Uncategorized] UID:54113 Activity:nil
5/18    Cool I'm a "nobody" and "nogroup" !!!
        \_ me too!
        \_ Should be fixed now.  (The NFS server lost its connection to LDAP
           and therefore its [tenuous] grip on reality.)  Sorry for the
           inconvenience.  --jordan
           \_ "We apologize for the inconvenience." - God's final words
              \_ Right in time for the Rapture.
2011/5/19-7/13 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:54114 Activity:nil
5/16    "Calm and prayers help steer stricken plane back to Singapore"
        That picture with passengers in lifejackets in the aisle is great.  It
        almost look like it's a staged photo.
        \_ It's like that guy who miraculously survived a week in the tsunami.
           \_ Or like the opening scenes to the beijing olympic games.
              \_ Ah. faked.
2011/5/19-7/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:54115 Activity:nil
5/19    If script A runs, and calls script B ..... is it possible for me to exit\
        script A based on results of script B and not continue?
        \_ assume any shell
        \_ Yes.
           \_ without passing the result to some stupid temp file?
              \_ It sounds like you want "scriptb || exit", which will run
                 scriptb and then exit if scriptb failed.
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