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2010/8/12-19 [Uncategorized] UID:53920 Activity:nil
8/12    "Girl Born On 8/9/10 At 11:12" (
        \_ Behold, she is the Messiah!
2010/8/12-9/7 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:53921 Activity:nil
8/12    Judge Walker denies Stay. Prop 8 null and void from next Wednesday:
2010/8/12-9/7 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:53922 Activity:nil
8/12    Ruby coders, do you mostly DIY your stuff or use the ruby libs out
        there?   How is their quality compared to other libs you have used
        for other langs?  Thx.
        \_ I use Ruby for hobby stuff, etc.  I use libraries for system stuff
           (web access, process, etc.) but that's about it.  Perl libraries are
           much better/more complete.  I assume because of the maturity and
           size of the community.
        \_ I've found the quality of ruby libs to be lower than perl, which
           also often has quality issues.  The plus side is reading the ruby
           code to figure out wtf is going on is easier than reading perl, imo
           \_ what do either of you think of python libs by comparison
              (speaking of readability)?
        \_ python is quite mature and the programmers that use it tend to
           be much higher quality than ruby. ruby programmers, on average,
           are just slightly above average php programmers, which isn't
           a very good bar to begin with.
           \_ I've looked around with some libraries, most of which give me
              the feeling that you are right,  from their code base, they
              seem to have been made for "grab that low hanging fruit for
              mindshare" - it's the dancing bear problem of software.
              Mostly written by yeah college kids or highschoolers.  Reminds
              me of MySQL codebase. Which I guess is where most of these
              people are from...
              \_ dancing bear?
                 \_ You don't grade the bear on its routine, you are jus
                    amazed it dances at all.
2010/8/12-9/7 [Finance/Investment] UID:53923 Activity:nil
8/12    Holy crap.  Feds will monitize the debt.  Say goodbye to the dollar.
           \_ Would Canada and Mexico want to devalue their currency by
              being associated with us?
        \_ "This has all happened before, and it will happen again."
           (Adoption of local currency with penalties to hoarders
           stimulated job growth in a Depression)
        \_ I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords!
           \_ China has its own problems with its housing ponzi collapsing:
              \_ source is biased towards bad news.  (not saying wrong,
                 just biased).   Not sure how good of an indicator
                 Earnings to Sales price is for China since income there
                 is likely to be dramatically understated.  Quickly
                 scanning, I didn't notice if there were rental to price
                 ratios.  (Did you see any?). -crebbs
        \_ Yawn, old news. Literally.
        \_ I <3 how nobody comments on the documented solution to the
           problem (the borgl experiment).
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