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2012/8/29-11/7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:54467 Activity:nil
8/29    There was once a CSUA web page which runs an SSH client for logging
        on to soda.  Does that page still exist?  Can someone remind me of the
        URL please?  Thx.
        \_ what do you mean? instruction on how to ssh into soda?
           \_ No I think he means the ssh applet, which, iirc, was an applet
              that implemented an ssh v1 client.  I think this page went away
              along with a bunch of other stuff that was hosted on the old
              FreeBSD based soda.
              \_ it was the mindterm java ssh client. Its still availble
                 if someone wants to set it back up, and the new
                 version even supports ssh2. Very useful to allow you to
                 ssh into the web server from places where you cannot
                 directly install ssh client (i.e. a public kiosk) -ERic
                 \_ Yes, that's the one I meant.  -- OP
                 \_ Typing your UNIX password into a public kiosk isn't
                    secure and there's a number of places that already
                    offer this in an open access mode [use google]:
                    Do we/CSUA/soda have any HTTPS keys?
                 \_ Another option, also requiring https keys:
                 \_ I am not going to use anything but a one-time
                    key or two factor auth system at a public
                    keyboard. You have to consider that a keylogger
                    could be installed. I guess if you don't care
                    about compromise it doesn't matter.
2012/8/29-11/7 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:54468 Activity:nil
8/29    Private equity.
        \_ vultures.
        \_ company flippers -- rename logo, change management, hype, sell
2012/8/29-11/7 [Uncategorized] UID:54469 Activity:nil
8/29    There it is, engineering students are depressed:
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