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2011/2/14-4/20 [Politics/Foreign] UID:54038 Activity:nil
2/14    what's the best way to convert old mail spool files such that i
        could load them up in thunderbird?  (or even better, import them
        directly to gmail?)  Thanks.  --WaitingForTheInevitable
        \_ You could use mutt or pine to transfer them to an imap server.
           There's also a tool called imapsync but it doesn't work very well.
           Or Thunderbird has an extension called ImportExportTool that
           can import mbox files directly.  -tom
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD> over IMAP w/ SSL. Our cert might not validate
           though. --toulouse
2011/2/14-4/20 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:54039 Activity:nil
2/14    You sure soda isn't running windows in disguise?  It would explain the
        \_ hardly, My winbox stays up longer.
        \_ Nobody cares about uptime anymore brother, that's what web2.0 has
           taught us.  Everything is "stateless".
           \_ You;d think gamers would care more about uptime.
              \_ why do you think i suggested they run a private wow server
                 on the side, it would give them impetus to care about
           \_ Seriously?!  Have you ever browsed web 2.0 sites without cookies?
              \_ This ploy to confuse state-passed-into-client vs state-kept
                 -by-server in a discussion about _server_ issues has been
                 ignored.  lern2troll plz.
              \_ Seriously?  You are confusing client and server?
        \_ Soda is not the problem. NFS is. We mount NFS from an OpenSolaris
           box hosting ZFS. We don't have the money to get a proper filer to
           get stuff running smoothly, so we're thinking of moving user data
           local to soda so that the NFS server, which is slightly incompatible
           or something, and prone to shitting bricks, won't be such a problem.
           However, the people capable of doing this, as well as the
           possibility of downtime of services such as usenetwhich we provide
           to the campus, means this'll have to happen at the end of the
           semester (May/June). Also a problem is that the CSUA doesn't have
           a whole lot of IPs, so we bottleneck through a server which will
           cut off access to most other services if it goes down, as it uses pf
           to direct traffic on certain ports to certain internal VMs with only
           internal IPs. --toulouse
           \_ OpenSolaris; is that in danger of going away? I thought oracle
              end of life'd it?
           \_ P.S. We care about the uptime that students and professors
              rely on. Please don't paint us as being careless and incapable.
           \_ I don't have OpenSolaris experience but I've used ZFS on FreeBSD
              for a file server, and it's been very reliable. --jwm
              \_ So did we. If you ever have heavy load under multiple users,
                 brace yourself for frequent kernel panics. Also, FreeBSD ZFS
                 is ages behind OpenSolaris's, though TBH with Oracle eating
                 Sun, added to our issues with our disk server's uptime,
                 OpenSolaris and ZFS as a whole aren't looking all that
                 attractive for continued use. --toulouse
                 \_ FreeBSD's ZFS does lag behind, but it's plenty functional
                    for what I've done. I can give up some of the new
                    functionality to have stability. --jwm
                    \_ No, no, what I was saying is that under load, FreeBSD's
                       crashed *a lot* when we were running NFS+ZFS on it.
                       Not that OpenSolaris has been a party either, but I
                       personally don't think that NFS+ZFS is a winning combo
                       for stability if you're looking for a free solution.
                       P.S. your tabs are wrong. Note the locations of tabs.
                       \_ If FreeBSD crashes that means you aren't running the
                          quality hardware.
                          \_ I doubt that. I don't remember the details but I
                             think this also happened in VMs? In any case, if
                             we could get good hardware a filer would be nice.
                             \_ Among other implementations (including
                                Netapp) I run NFS on a Thumper using ZFS
                                and it is very stable with 150 users who
                                are actuall doing things. I think
                                something is wrong with your hardware or
                                your config.
                                \_ That may very well be so. But the only one
                                   who maintained our ZFS+NFS setup seriously
                                   graduated a while ago, and there's not a
                                   lot of interest in maintaining a finicky
                                   setup in the absence of time and money,
                                   when that time could be used more
                                   effectively on class and other stuff. --t
2011/2/14-4/20 [Uncategorized] UID:54040 Activity:nil
2/14    When I run "mail" in my shell (/usr/bin/mail), it says:
                mail: /var/mail/yuen: Is a directory
        How do I get "mail" to work again?  Thanks.
        \_ We use Maildir rather than mbox. Mutt handles this particularly well.
           Alternatively, you could log in with IMAPS using alpine. Maintaining
           our mail system, unfortunately, has been an enormous pain which
           virtually no current members use. We recommend using mail forwarding.
           While there is something to be said for the experience our sysadmins
           gain from running mail systems, the fact is that this skill is less
           relevant with time and we have other time priorities (those of us
           who actually keep things running, that is). Sorry. :( --toulouse
        \_ Hi Yuen -exEFIer
           \_ Unlimited Supply!
              \_ That's eMi you dolt.
                 \_ Is there really a difference?
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