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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/11/11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:29630 Activity:nil
11/10   I guess there is a hope in US government system. Supreme Court is
        hearing Guantanamo Prisoner's case!
        \_ Yeah, they heard the Florida '00 Case, too.  Vote Green for Clean
           \_ W00t!
        \_ That's cool, except can anyone please explain why the 400,000 Nazi
           POWs in America (mostly captured from the Afrika Korp) were treated
           with food, shelter, and entertainmant while the Japanese Americans
           were subjected to Internment, which is... crap?
                   German generals were given fine wine, steak, and music
                   as POWs. What is wrong with this picture?
                \_ so I don't want to sound racist or anything, but all the
                   Japanese people I personally know of are so myopic, I
                   wonder how they even flew the Mitsubishi Zeros, let alone
                   bomb Pearl Harbor. Can anyone explain?
                   \_ They had glasses if they needed them.  Probably used
                      people with good eyesight for pilots.  And the question
                      *is* kinda racist.
           \_ Geneva Convention states that POWs should be treated in much the
              same way as your own soldiers.  The U.S. also hoped that by
              treating German POWs well, Germany would treat U.S. POWs better.
              Japanese internees were not covered by the Geneva Convention and
              hence were SOL.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2009/12/6-26 [Science, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:53570 Activity:nil
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        fiction, what could it include? I'll start:
        -Slytherin Pureblood = Nazi Ayran
        -Muggle = melting pot
        -Dobby = Black slavery, illiterate
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Recommended reading about how the US handled this massive migration of enemy soldiers into their country and absorbed them into their communities. The German Prisoners of War imprisoned in the United States during WWII provided needed manpower and services. A look at the hasty conversion of high school gyms, local fairgrounds, and racetracks to serve as holding areas, and the public relations problems that ensued. It covers the escapes, Nazism in the camps, kangaroo courts, and political murders among the prisoners. A fascinating history of one of the most incredible facets of America's participation in World War Two. This book tells the story of the 10,000 men who were "guests" of Uncle Sam in Florida. Twenty-seven POW camps were set up in Florida, where the German prisoners worked in the civilian citrus and sugar cane industry. As in all states, there were escapes, internal battles among the prisoners, and life-long friendships made among peoples of two nations. This history of those camps tells how they worked, how the POWs contributed to the Minnesota economy during the war years, and, how the camps were closed. Koop A study of one New Hampshire logging community that served as a German POW depot, where life-long friendships arose between the prisoners and the local residents as both dealt with the harsh winters and war-time deprivations. Many of these prisoners blended with the local community, drinking at taverns and even dating local young women. Some returned and settled in Wisconsin after their release. Their familiarity with local residents caused resentment by returning soliders who had battled them in Europe and Asia. Written by a Wisconsin school teacher whose students didn't believe her when she said German POWs had been housed in their community during the war. This autobiography covers the soldier's childhood as a Hitler youth, his service in the Afrika corps, leading to his capture and imprisonment in Texas. After being repatriated back to Europe (where he had to serve several more years of forced labor before being free to return home), he eventually returned to Texas, where he became an American citizen and now lives. T 37 Stocking Stuffers 38 Halloween Party Favors O 39 July 4th Favors 40 The Show 41 The Cast 42 The Crew 43 The Book 44 Fandom 45 WWII Weapons 46 WWII Books 47 Collectibles 48 New Merchandise 49 Search 50 COMBAT! Other WWII TV Shows: 51 Black Sheep Squadron 52 12 O'Clock High 53 Home Web site copyright 1995 - 2004 by 54 Jo Davidsmeyer.