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2009/12/7-2010/1/3 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/HW] UID:53574 Activity:nil
12/7    How many TCP retransmits are too many? Here is what I get:
            3594143433 segments received
            3760174421 segments send out
            3801829561 segments retransmited
        \_ rephrase. you can never have too much money. or too little.
           what is, is.
           \_ You always get a few, but I have a bunch of squid servers that
              I just noticed have 500/second, which seems really high to me.
              They do about 20MB/sec at peak so this is a retransmit every
              40K? This is kind of hard to believe, because they are working
              More details have been requested so here they are:
              Each server has apache and squid installed and serves about 10M
              requests/day out of memory in 5ms or less. They are configured
              as memory only squid servers. They are middle tier caching
              servers, sitting between an application layer and an API.
              They have 1Gb/sec uplinks to shared switches, which each have
              1 Gb uplinks to the core routers. No other servers on the
              switches are showing this behaviour and the switches themselves
              are not overloaded. Further investigation shows that 99% of
              the connections on the servers are sitting in TIME_WAIT, which
              I actually think is the cause of these retrans. I am still trying
              to figure out who is rudely dropping all their connections to
              these servers, but it is hard, since all traffic is through a load
              balancer (NetScaler).
2009/12/7-26 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53575 Activity:nil
12/7    Once again, GOOG>AAPL.
        \_ why?
        \_ Are you referring to the stocks or the companies?
           \_ Blue horseshoe says buy silver.
              \_ Srsly lets have a real futures discussion again.
        \_ nice advert. succinct.  Altho derivative of Coke>Pepsi tho.
2009/12/7-2010/1/3 [Recreation/Sports] UID:53576 Activity:nil
12/7    "Jack ties shoelace during live play; Bulls watch, twiddle thumbs"
        I don't play basketball, but isn't this about courtesy and
        sportsmanship rather than lack of effort?
2009/12/7-2010/1/3 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Health/Women] UID:53577 Activity:low
12/5    Miss France is very good looking:
        \_ she has a hook nose and face is a bit too V shaped.  Body is ok.
           I mean lets look at the sample pool of 20 something EU:
        \_ French women in general are good looking, so Miss France is probably
           always very good looking. Can you find pics of previous years
           \_ American women are prettier. They actually come in
              all sizes and all colors. French women? Blah. It's like
              eating the world's best crepe every single day. Even
              the best will taste bland after you get used to them.
              Variety is the spice of life.
           \_ I noticed a lot more blonde women in France than I expected
              to see and, yes, many are very attractive. My aunt moved
              \_ it's the organic food, I tell ya.
              to France and her daughters (my cousins) are all half-French
              and I think that they were very pretty when they were young.
              (They are pushing 50 now.) However, Miss France, although
              extremely attractive, doesn't have much in the way of T&A. Of
              the bunch of girls in the swimsuits she has probably the
              best body for modeling, but not really the most sexy body.
              \_ I agree, JACKIE JOHNSON is waaaay prettier! I like
                 Jackie's more robust body. NICE.
                 \_ Lisa Guerrero > Jackie Johnson.
              She might have the least curves of any of the women. I find
              that she's too skinny and unathletic. Do you like girls
              with flat butts? BTW, I think all those girls are French,
              right? "Miss France" was Miss Normandy.
              \_ The norse woman has flat butts. Look at examples across
                 the channel as well.  Their fat accumulation occurs on the
           \_ stupid generalization. It's like saying all the Japanese
              women are petite with a nice clean face like all the jporns.
              \_ In general is not the same as all.
              \_ In general is not the same as all. If I was looking for
                 petite women, Japan would be a good place to look.
                 \_ my point is, in Japan, most women are NOT as petite
                    and good looking as JMedia make you think it is. In
                    fact, most are slightly overweight, have freaky
                    hair, beady little eyes, NOT petite, and frankly, ugly.
                    \_ You know petite has more to do with height than
                       weight, right?  I would say 95% of Japanese women are
                       \_ Wow you're an idiot.
                          Petite = (height < 5'4" && weight/height < constant)
                          \_ No.
                             My mom is petite and my girlfriend is petite.
                             When I shop with them (in the petites section)
                             there are certainly size 0 and size 2 clothes
                             but there is also size 16P. It's a function
                             of height and not weight at all.
                             "In fashion and clothing, petite sizes are
                             standard clothing sizes designed to fit women
                             of shorter height, typically 5'3" or less."
                    \_ More overweight than American women?
                       \_ there is no such a thing as an average American
                          woman. America is too diverse for any generalization
                          \_ yep, just watch the olympics if you have any
                             doubt.  Esp the volleyball teams.
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