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2012/6/23-7/20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:54421 Activity:nil
6/23    Werher von Braun, Nazi, SS, overseer of Dora slave factory,
        is an American hero because of his contribution to
        Saturn V. What is wrong with America?
        \_ Is this worse or better than Gerald Ford pardoning
           Nixon for FuckYouAmericaGate?
        \_ "Hero" is a strong word. "Useful" would have been a
           better word. Had he not been so "useful," he'd have
           most certainly ended up at the end of a rope. Operation
           Paperclip demonstrated some insane "enemy-of-my-enemy"
        \_ I'm still waiting for GERMAN JOHN to respond to this.
        \_ von Braun is DIRECTLY responsible for killing 3000
           Londoners and destroying countless property with his
           V2 rocket development. America looked the other way
           for his crime. Fuck you America.
           \_ Was it technically a war crime bombing London?  How was it
              compared to Drisen and Hiroshima?  I think Drisden was a
              transportation hub for German troops while Hiroshima had some
              industrial complex manufacturing military machinary, or something
              like that.
              \_ The bombings of Dresden and Hiroshima were also war crimes,
                 but the victors write the history books.
           \_ Hrm. If von Braun can be blamed for his rockets being used to
              kill all of these people, shouldn't Mikhail Kalashnikov be
              tried as a war criminal? By your logic, Smith & Wesson are
              liable for any crime involving their pistols. von Braun's
              oversight of the Dora slave factory is a much more direct
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