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2004/8/31 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:33261 Activity:nil
8/31    From our balanced and bias-free friends at the NYT:
        "Then comes the Governator, a man who is used to having movie-goers
        shell out $8 to see him on the silver screen and who this time is
        having various corporate interests, including the pharmaceutical, oil
        and entertainment industries, shell out $350,000 to underwrite his
        visit to New York on his private jet.

        "For many, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the embodiment of the American
        Dream, and that will be his subject tonight. His immigrant story of
        the self-made superstar who marries a princess, becomes governor of
        most populous state in the country and owner of seven Hummers (though
        he has sold four of them) is a compelling one and will serve as the
        centerpiece of his discussion of the Republican Party's diversity."
        \_ Hey dude, change the csuamotd password back? thx.
        \_ Um, what's your problem with this passage? If anything its naked
           Arnold-worship.  "embodiment of the American Dream" indeed.  And
           is this from the op-ed page or a news analysis, or is this
           \_ You think smearing him with corporate interest ties without a
              shred of evidence is worship?  Sorry but you're just plain
              \_ Don't forget the 7 Hummbers (though he has sold 4 of them).
                 \_ What's the difference between 1 Hummer and 7 Hummers?  7
                    Hummers don't guzzle any more gas than 1 Hummer if he can
                    only drive one at a time.  BTW does he use any of his
                    Hummers for day-to-day commute?
                    \_ I believe this is called sarcasm.  Yes, I am sure
                       of it.
                       \_ There are many many people in America who admire
                          someone who owns 7 Hummers. Maybe even most. I
                          think you have been in Berkeley too long.
                          \_ No, he doesn't own 7 Hummers.  The quote reminded
                             us that he sold 4 of them, remember?  Yes, this
                             is sarcastic too.
              \_ Again, is this an op-ed?
                 \_ No, this is the lead news item on -!op
                 \_ Front page of, "Convention Briefing".
              \_ Googling for schwarzenegger $350,000 gives this:
                 "... and private donors are kicking in more than $350,000 to
                 pick up the tab, the governor's office said Wednesday.
                 ... The governor's office did release a list of firms ..."
                 (found at end of article)
                 BTW, the NY Times today is clearly left-wing, and more stupid
                 than the other competing media outlets, IMO, although they
                 do get some things right sometimes (yes that'svague). -liberal
                 \_ I don't think anyone questions if the quote was factually
                    correct.  One wonders if the quote reflects a bias on
                    Schwartzenegger (sp?) that may or may not be appropriate
                    in a news piece.
                    \_ I am responding to the "without a shred of evidence"
                       guy -- there is your guy who "questions if the quote
                       was factually correct".  (Yes, the evidence was in
              and not referenced in the article
                       - they're stupid like I said.)
                       In any case, the title of the article itself indicates
                       clear bias:  "For G.O.P., Another Night of Moderation
                       Lies Ahead".  That sounds like it was written by a CSUA
                       liberal.  The NY Times has stopped pretending and is
                       clearly left and anti-Bush. -liberal
                       \_ They are stupid becuase they didn't reference a
                          true statement? Bizarre reasoning.
                          \_ You provide support for true statements when they
                             are not well-known facts, especially when
                             controversial. -liberal
                 \_ Hahahah "the NYT today is clearly left-wing". Thanks for
                    laugh. When is the last time they advocated for the
                    proletariat to seize contorl of the means of production?
                    The NYT is a major corporation with billions of dollars
                    of shareholder value. At best they are slightly left
                    of center, more moderate than anything else.
                    \_ Perhaps one might substitute "left-wing" with "pro-
                       \_ and "anti-Bush"
                \_ Smearing him??? Do you think that this is not true?
                   \_ Again, no one questions the truth of the quote.  The
                      question is merely if sarcasm behind the quote is
                      appropriate for a news piece.
                      \_ I don't read it as sarcasm. You are being too touchy.

                         \_ We disagree then.  Perhaps you are ideologically
                            inclined to give NYT the benefit of the doubt.
                            \_ I accept that as a possibility, though I
                               generally like Schwartzenegger.
                               \_ Oddly enough, I find him generally annoying,
                                  though I am glad he told the Bay Area to
                                  deal with the bridge retrofit/replacement
                                  cost overruns without state help.
                      \_ There's a guy who wrote "smearing him with corporate
                         interest ties without a shred of evidence".  It sounds
                         like he questioned the truth of the special-interests
                         \_ Mea Culpa.  "No one reasonable..."
            \_ Why does it matter if the quote was from op-ed, analysis, or
               front-page if it was fair and balanced?
                \_ why do we care?  BORING.  fox news would at least
                   imply a Democrat had radioactive testicles.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger plans a star-powered schedule at the Republican National Convention in New York City -- from a red carpet arrival at Planet Hollywood to a high-profile visit to Harlem -- and private donors are kicking in more than $350,000 to pick up the tab, the governor's office said Wednesday. Schwarzenegger has been working on his highly anticipated Tuesday night primetime address to the convention, an address his spokesman, Rob Stutzman, called "a very personal speech'' and a "landmark" in the governor's young political career. Next week, 4,000 Republican delegates, 15,000 media and perhaps tens of thousands of protesters will converge in and around Madison Square Garden. With the GOP appearing increasingly split over issues like gay marriage, stem cell research and abortion rights, the party will highlight appearances by moderate luminaries such as Schwarzenegger, ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Arizona Sen. Party leaders hope the event will portray a "big tent" theme that will appeal to undecided and swing voters. Schwarzenegger appears eager to downplay differences with Bush and the GOP on controversial issues. "The governor believes that the public understands that he's a Republican,'' Stutzman said. "It is a privilege to be asked to have such a prominent speech, and it's even rare for someone so new'' to politics, said Stutzman. But he would not detail those costs or what special measures are being taken to protect Schwarzenegger and his family. California first lady Maria Shriver and the couple's four children plan to attend on Tuesday night. The governor's office did release a list of firms underwriting the rest of the expenses -- at least $350,000 -- for Schwarzenegger, his staff and family in New York. But while Schwarzenegger -- as one of the GOP's marquee names -- is expected to be in the spotlight for the week, the governor's schedule suggests he will try to let Bush be the lead actor. The governor, who normally relishes appearances on national television, will give no TV interviews in New York, his staff said. The governor's office said it will not reveal who is helping to write his speech and does not plan to preview the speech for reporters before Tuesday -- though it has discussed themes and general concepts with the Bush campaign. Stutzman told reporters that the governor has been given "free rein'' as to topic and has received no specific requests from the president's campaign, which doesn't plan to vet the address beforehand. "They've been very hands-off and have expressed they generally want it to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger original,'' Stutzman said. Later that evening, he will be hosted by entertainment industry luminaries in what's described as "a salute" by the recording and motion picture industries. But Stutzman said it is not yet known whether Schwarzenegger will be in the convention hall to view Bush's Thursday night acceptance speech -- or whether he will fly back to California to sign bills from the Legislature.
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The New York Times On The Web News Newspaper Current Event
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US Soldier Paints a Scene of Eager Mayhem at Iraqi Prison By KATE ZERNIKE Specialist Jeremy C Sivits's two statements recount acts of gratuitous violence in graphic but unemotional language. Senators Assail Request for Aid for Afghan and Iraq Budgets By ERIC SCHMITT Lawmakers complained that the request to add $25 billion to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan lacked specific details. The Once and (Probably) Future First Family of India By AMY WALDMAN Written off as out-of-touch and nepotistic, the Nehru-Gandhi family dynasty is poised once again to lead India. With Help From a College Pal, the Patakis' Wealth Increases By ERIC LIPTON and JAMES C McKINLEY Jr. The Pataki family, with the help from a millionaire real estate investor, has more than doubled their net worth. Iraqi Tells of US Abuse, From Ridicule to Rape Threat Michael Kamber for The New York Times Prisoner Tells of Rape Threat A man who said that he was imprisoned and abused by US forces described how they began by ridiculing his name, Saddam, and eventually escalated their abuse into a threat of rape.
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Friday, May 14, 2004 Updated: 12:07 AM PDT ' I'm guessing that the best way to hail a cab or a bartender in Athens will not be by waving an American flag." Sorensen Capital group He's already got more money than god, but that isn't stopping Steve Young (above, right) from embarking on a second career in business. Gov's Balancing Act Schwarzenegger unveils revised budget containing spending cuts and (as promised) no new taxes. Wedding Date's Still On Same-sex marriage opponents lose bid to halt gay nuptials, scheduled to begin Monday in Massachusetts. Researchers say they've found evidence of impact greater than the one that probably caused the dinosaurs' extinction. Wars' $50 Bil Price Tag "It's a big bill," says Wolfowitz, who estimates the cost of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. No Plea From Anderson Using a wheelchair, the haggard-looking suspect is arraigned in the murder of Xiana Fairchild. Giants Left Stranded G-men leave 12 men on base, including two in the bottom of the 9th, and drop series to Philly. Sex, Drugs, And Then 5 Deaths Playboy Playmate tells how she got involved with 2 suspects, but left in just the nick of time. Pixar Growth Plan Wins Fans 20-year proposal for Emeryville site gets flak from activists, but city says go for it.