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2009/1/21-26 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:52427 Activity:nil
1/20    I downloaded a song from iTunes and used it as a soundtrack
        in a movie I created in iMovie. But now youtube won't let me
        use the audio in the movie, as it's licensed. What is the easiest
        way to get around this, on a mac? Is there a way to directly record
        this song into an mp3, as I'm playing it on this machine? Thanks.
        \_ Ah, I see you are enjoying the DRM kool aid.  Isn't it nice how
           it keeps you from illegally using that song?
           \_ iTunes is DRM free these days. Maybe it's YouTube:
        \_ Maybe don't be a pirate? Some artists will let you use the song
           free or cheap if you ask, while some are pricks about it and
           will want like $20K. If you don't ask, though, you are a pirate.
2009/1/21-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:52428 Activity:nil
1/21    Since July, the CPI has dropped 4.4%
        \_ That's like getting a 4.4% raise!
        \_ How much of that is pure fuel price?
           \_ Fuel isn't part of CPI
           \_ Fuel isn't part of CPI -op
              \_ I am pretty sure the stat he is quoting includes fuel.
                 In fact, almost all of that slide is in fuel prices.
                 \_ It's not just fuel (though I stand corrected, it does
                    include fuel):
                    "Wholesale prices fall for 5th straight month"
                    \_ Wholesale prices are not directly related to CPI.
                       "The core CPI, without volatile food and energy
                        prices, was unchanged from the prior month, the
                        government said."
        \_ Biggest slide since Nov 1932 - Apr 1933
2009/1/21-23 [Uncategorized] UID:52429 Activity:nil
1/21    Obama can't possibly win - Hillary has a lock on the nomination.
        \_ This would be cooler if you could tell us whose
           prognistication you're mocking.
           prognostication you're mocking.
2009/1/21-26 [Recreation/Media, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52430 Activity:nil
1/21    Anyone remembers which movies featured black US presidents?  They
        seemed like fantacies to me back then.  I'll start:
        Deep Impact
        Stealth Fighter
        \_ Fifth Element.
           \_ But he wasn't really the President of the U.S., right? He was
              more like the leader of the entire planet Earth.
        \_ Not a movie but the 2nd season of 24.
        \_ When will they start making fun of Obama on TV? Who will
           do it first? Jay Leno? Conan?
           \_ These guys can't make fun of him. It'll be racist.
           \_ Chris Rock.  A decade ago he made fun of black vs. n***er in a
              comedy show on Showtime.  That was hilarious.
           \_ SNL's been poking fun at him for months.
           \_ Daily Show just kinda did:
        \_ Idiocracy was the best one.
        \_ 24 probably did more than any of the above movies in helping Obama.
           \_ And after this season, Hillary might have a chance. Although
              the president from this season seems like a bit of a tard,
              so maybe I should say Palin might have a chance.
2009/1/21-26 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:52431 Activity:moderate
1/21    The area around Fruitvale Bart in oakland, is it relatively safe?
        I am buying stuff on craigslist from a guy 2 blocks from the
        station around Sat noon. Don't want to walk into the wrong
        neighborhood you know. ;)
        \_ It is safe in the daytime. -ausman
           \_ why dont you meet them at the cafe directly across the st from
              Fruitvale BART?
              \_ This is some audio equipment that I'd like to power
                 on and give it a try before buying. Inside the
                 seller's home seems to be the easiest option, unless
                 there are AC outlets near BART or the cafe?
                 \_ The cafe I am talking about, in the 'transit village',
                    has power outlets.
                 \_ There are AC outlets in BART stations.  I used to recharge
                    my cell phone when I waited for my wife in Hayward BART in
                    the evenings.  Whether you want to try out audio equipment
                    in a BART station is a different question.
        \_ Yeah, don't buy anything from anyone who asks to meet you in a
           parking lot at night.
           \_ Unless you're buying bioluminescent jellyfish.
        \_ Fruitvale is notoriously bad. I had an acquaintance who managed
           a chain of pizza places. One of the locations was in Fruitvale.
           They constantly had problems, including people ordering pizza
           and then not paying and drivers getting mugged. Fruitvale had
           more problems than any other store in the chain.
           P.S. Be very careful. I wouldn't go into some guy's house in
           Fruitvale. Sounds like a good way to lose your $$$ if he's
           dishonest. Meeting somewhere public is better. Fruitvale is
           not Orinda, where I'd have no problems doing that.
        \_ I am danh.  I often go to south/east oakland to watch sideshows.
           Do not worry unless you are extremely white or asian.  If you
           look somewhat ethic, you will be ok.
           \_ Paolo, in the wise words of Yusef Bey, "Keep my name
              outcha mouth." - danh
           \_ If you look too ethic, you'll get beat up. No one around there
              likes a goody two-shoes.
              \_ Clever!
           \_ What the heck does "extremely white" mean?
              \_ Probably "extremely caucasian". Although I don't think
                 albinos will get much love either.
2009/1/21 [Uncategorized] UID:52432 Activity:nil
1/21    Ken Rockwell is such an idiot.
2009/1/21-26 [Science/Space] UID:52433 Activity:nil
1/21    I'm looking for a decent telescope in the $200-$300 price range.
        Any recommendations (or brands to avoid)? tia.
        \_ Don't buy at Costco, the optics in the objective are worthless
           \_ Thanks for the tip.  Are there any south bay retailers (or
              online) that are good?
        \_ you have a such bizzare requirement.  what are you trying to do?
           bird watching?  star gazing?  or peeping neighboring young girl
           taking shower?  your only requirement is PRICE?
           \_ Star gazing. My gf is into astronomy and I want to get her
              a telescope. Something we can take to a park and look at
              some stars, planets, a few moons of jupiter, &c. I looked
              at a few telescopes in the $80-$100 range and they all had
              pretty flimsy tripods, so I wanted to get some recommendations
              in a slightly higher price range.
2009/1/21-26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/TJB] UID:52434 Activity:low
1/22    After looking through some old papers, there's some interesting
        history. Who is Trevor Buckingham? paolo/pollux's trevor_buckingham.txt
        is no longer accessible, and I'm curious. --t
        \_ tjb was a guy who was clearly a paranoid schizophrenic.  He did
           stuff like send mail to the President about how he was being
           persecuted.  Some people thought it was amusing, but really the
           guy was just sick.  -tom
           \_ he was definitely sick.  But goddamn it was funny.
                Highly quotable.
                At one point we had a giant archive of his ravings.
                I WILL FRAME MYSELF!!!   --brain
                \_ agreed. found some old stuff through DejaNews:
                \_ here's a taste of his sweet sickness: you can still find
                   all kinds of his self-aggrandizing hyperbole all over the
                   web.  This one seems to be on a prime rib ratings site...
                \_ And here he started his own University:
           \_ And a Playmate was just dying to get in his pants, but he
              didn't want any of that action, no sir.
                \_ "I denied her sex!"
              \_ She was after his precious bodily fluids.
           \_ Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to
              get you. tjb clearly was persecuted, emailing the President
              to complain about it was not the right response.
              \_ Get off my dick. -tjb
2009/1/21-26 [Finance/Banking] UID:52435 Activity:nil
1/22    What happens when the government takes over your bank?
        \_ given the choice, I prefer bank being nationalized, and
           break up those are "too big to fail."   The alternative
           is asking tax payer to buy up all the bad investments from
           without much consequences on these private bankers' part
           really sicken me.
           \_ The alternative is to stop the government from making these
              stupid central planning decisions and let the economy recover on
              its own.
              \_ so, you are also against any of the bail out, right?
2009/1/21-26 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Computer/HW/Memory] UID:52436 Activity:nil
1/21    If I have a linked list of structs and many of those structs have
        members that are structs then what is the best way to free() the
        memory when I am done with them? I thought I would walk the list
        and do a free() on each member of each struct, but that generates
        errors like free(): invalid pointer, presumably because I don't
        always allocate memory in each struct. No, I never took a class in
        memory management (obviously). In a Java World I don't worry
        about all this! ;)
        \_ Why don't you just check the pointer before calling free? i.e.
           if (p) { free(p); }
           \_ This was my first inclination and it doesn't change anything.
           \_ This should have no effect in this case.  The if only checks if
              p is null, and if p is null, most versions of free will ignore
              p is NULL, and if p is NULL, most versions of free will ignore
              it anyway.
                   \_ All versions.  It's a requirement in the standard.
                      \_ Hah, you assume all libc implementations are
                         compliant. Well, okay, things are better these days.
              That said, if you aren't allocating the memory for the pointer,
              you NEED to set the pointer to NULL.  Preferably at the point
              that the enclosing struct is allocated.  Otherwise that pointer
              may just be nonsense, which the if won't catch.
        \_ Well, do the structs contain other structs, or pointers to other
           structs?  If struct A contains struct B, struct B is allocated
           and free'd as part of struct A.
           If struct A contains a pointer to struct B, you need to make sure
           you're allowed to free the pointer before you do, perhaps there
           are multiple pointers to B, and B shouldn't be free'd until all
           the pointers are done.
           If you are supposed to free pointer to B, but you think you might
           be accidentally freeing it twice, you're going to have to be more
           careful and figure out where exactly you should free it.  There's
           no easy way out of that.
        \_ You need to define the difference between and owning an object and
           referring to one.  It's a logical difference -- the owners are
           responsible for lifetime, referring pointers just are assigned.
        \_ You're not doing something like the following, right???
                while (p != NULL) {
                    p = p->next;
2009/1/21-26 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:52437 Activity:nil
        "In the midst of a $40 billion budget deficit, Gov. Arnold
        Schwarzenegger appointed former Democratic Assemblywoman Nicole Parra
        to a newly created $128,124-a-year job and named former Republican
        Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian to a board slot with a similar salary, his
        office announced Tuesday."
        \_ We're going to focus on a $128K salary that may or may not be
           justified when the hole is $40B?
           \_ Read the article.  It's a symtom of the problem.  During Arnie's
              term the number of 100K and 200K salaries have exploded.  Arnie
              also promised to rein in these boards.  So while our
              disfunctional legislature refuses to cut spending, he's adding
              to the budget.  Bye bye CA, was nice knowing you.
              \_ Can we impeach him now?
2021/12/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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