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2009/2/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Industry/Jobs] UID:52585 Activity:moderate
2/16    So California is going to lay off 20% of employees. Seems like a
        good idea, but won't all those people now get unemployment benefits? So
        we'll be paying something like 60% of their salaries (depends on
        their income) for 0% of their work.
        \_ It's a great idea because we're starving the beast. Who needs
           a big government? Every man should be self reliant for his own
           life style. Ya know, buy your own electric generator and sustain
           your own godamn lifestyle.                   -Republican troll
        \_ 500K people are losing their jobs per month.  Should the government
           tax us more so that no one loses a gov't job?
                 ^who still have jobs,
           \_ Definitely not. The government should tax foreigners who are
              taking most of the wealth that America trickled down to.
        \_ The last time CA had a big layoff was 1974.  I think it's time.
           However, 20000 layoff notices doesn't mean 20000 layoffs.
           \_ Just to be clear: layoffs seem like a good idea, but paying
              people to not work seems like a bad idea. We should layoff
              when the economy is *good* so that people get off of
              unemployment quickly not when the economy is bad and people
              will have trouble finding other work.
              \_ That's very true. We should also save money in the good
                 times to spend in the bad.  Please call me if you have
                 any inkling that any of these two things might actually
                 \_ San Francisco does it. I can't see why the State can't.
2009/2/17-19 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52586 Activity:kinda low
2/16    What's the best way to turn your iPhone into a hard-drive/backup
        device (while not jail-breaking it)?
        \_ I use a program called Discover which turns your iPhone into a FTP
           site using wifi.  -scottyg
           \_ Looks like it's free, great! Any problems you've seen on it?
              Some people online says there are problems with big files.
2009/2/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:52587 Activity:nil
2/16    By the way, you had better hope you're not owed a CA state tax refund
        this year.  You'll be getting an IOU instead:
        \_ It was less than $300 for me, so I just redirected it to 2009
           estimated tax.
           \_ Mine was around 2 grand.  Ouch! -op
              \_ File amended return.  Apply to current year, then decrease
                 your current withholdings by the same amount.  You get your
                 refund whether CA likes it or not.
                 \_ What's the best web site to calculate the optimal W2
                    number for withhold?
        \_ who cares about 1 month delay? You living paycheck by paycheck?
           \_ I have no faith in Arnold and the idiots^H^H^H^H^HGOP in the
2009/2/17-22 [Uncategorized] UID:52588 Activity:nil
2/17    Good thing we don't profile
        \_ So did profiling catch this plot, or did good policework?
2009/2/17-21 [Uncategorized] UID:52589 Activity:nil
2/16    Stocks are low. BUY BUY BUY!
        \_ I agree, at least for the long term. Where to buy though, there
           are so many that look good? I am avoiding financials.
2009/2/17-19 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:52590 Activity:high
2/16    California is truly f'd for sure this time.  Can we find another pair
        of stupid radio DJs to start a drive to recall Arnold?
        \_ It will only help if we get a governor with a spine, and get rid of
           the incompetent legislature.
           \_ How do you expect that we will get a decent ledge?  With the 2/3rd
              requirement to pass a budget and ridiculous gerrymandering
           \_ How do you expect that we will get a decent ledge?  With the
              2/3rd requirement to pass a budget and ridiculous gerrymandering
              creating permanent seats for wackos and wingnuts on both sides
              of the debate, we essentially have tyranny of the nutty
              minorities.  I don't see how you fix California without having
              a constitutional convention, and I can't see how that would
              ever happen.
              \_ We can amend the constitution with an initiative. In the past
                 the super-majority to pass a budget issue was put in front
                 of the voters and they voted it down, they might be more
                 receptive after this year.
                 \_ I actually like the super-majority rule.  Why don't they
                    cut more spending?  They talk about the budget as if
                    it's set in stone and there's no way to solve it except
                    raising taxes.
                    \_ What is the rationale for tyranny of the minority for
                       simple rule changes?
                       \_ Example of simple rule change?
              \_ Redistricting is the only thing that will fix the legislature
                 problem IMO.
                 \_ I thought a proposition to redistrict passed in the
                    last election?
                 \_ Redistricting plus removal of the 2/3rds rule plus removal
                    of the set-asides.  California's troubles are a layer cake.
                    \_ Oh hell no.  The 2/3 requirement for RAISING taxes needs
                       to remain.  In fact, it should be 2/3 for raising total
                       \_ Ah, I see.  You're actually a wingnut.
                          \_ No, we got into this mess because as fast as
                             revenue went up, we spent even more, vastly
                             outpacing inflation + population growth.
                             \_ Where are you getting your figures?
                                   Spending in 97-98 = 52.8B, 07-08 = 102B
                                   Spending based on pop + infl:
                                   \_ What is the figure of population +
                                      inflation?  The reason article is playing
                                      games with averages that make it very
                                      difficult to tell how honest he is
                                      being.  This article is more balanced imo:
                                      \_ GDP is going to grow a bit faster
                                         than population + inflation.
        \_ Why do you think its the governator's fault when the budget has been
           hung up in the legislature all this time?
           \_ The governor has vetoed a compromise, and the Republicans
              refused to override his veto.
           \_ Really, the problem is not so much legislative incompetence
              as legislative inexperience.  The problem is term limits,
              which ensures that no one in the legislature has the experience
              or the relationships to work through a budget impasse like
              this one.   -tom
              \_ The budget has doubled in 10 years, and rose faster under
                 Arnie than under Davis.  The Governor has line-item veto.  He
                 could fix this problem if he wanted to, but instead worked on
                 budgets that papered over problems for years.
                 \_ line-item veto only works when there is something to veto.
                    The budget is still stuck in legislature....
                 \_ Shouldn't budget numbers be looked at as a constant % of
                    GDP rather than absolute dollar value?  Some folks like to
                    bitch that spending has gone up 82% since 1998, but so
                    has GDP.  Looking at things in terms of relative share
                    is important.
                    \_ Do we have to spend every freaking dollar? If GDP
                       went up 82% then what if we increased spending 60%?
                       Would that be wrong?
                       \_ It would be wrong if the state does not have enough
                          money to provide the services it should.  For
                          example, per-student funding to UC has dropped
                          40% since 1990.  So yes, if the state gets more
                          money, it needs to spend it to begin to restore
                          services which have been cut in previous hard
                          budget times.  -tom
                          \_ Our tax burden is still among the highest in the
                             nation (#6 I think).  We should be able to confine
                             ourselves to such a budget without putting
                             the state in danger of insolvency like the
                             Democrats + Arnie are doing by refusing to make
                             any meaningful cuts.
                             \_ We are no where near #6.
                       (Money Magazine)
                                \_ this isn't 2005 (although even taking that
                                   data I think my post still stands to reason)
                                   \_ What, taking the data that California
                                      is actually in the middle of the pack
                                      in terms of state and local tax rates?
                                      And of course, California's average
                                      income is higher, which pushes the
                                      tax burden higher.  And doing things
                                      in California costs more (land and
                                      salary), so we need more state money
                                      per capita to provide the same
                                      services.  Do you have anything other
                                      than ideological ranting?  -tom
                                      \_ It's not middle of the pack.
                                         Average income being higher does
                                         not push the tax burden higher,
                                         are you on crack?   Tax burden is
                                         a function of tax rates.
                                         A rich state should actually get
                                         away with less, because govt's
                                         costs do not scale linearly
                                         with income.  A car in CA still
                                         costs the same as a car in OK,
                                         basically.  Land is not a recurring
                                         cost, in general.
                                         Also, for tax burden, it is much
                                         worse for CA when you look at the
                                         burden on those who actually pay
                                         the tax.  CA's income tax is very
                                         progressive and we have a large
                                         population of low-income freeloaders.
                                         \_ Are you really this stupid?  Among
                                            other things, a car in CA pays
                                            20% more for gas.  Property is
                                            absolutely a recurring cost, and
                                            I noticed you completely ignored
                                            the question of salary.  -tom
                                            \_ You are a complete idiot. The
                                               car itself costs the same.
                                               Land itself is not a recurring
                                               cost either.
                                               I said "costs do not scale
                                               linearly" not that there are
                                               no higher costs.  Higher
                                               income trumps those costs.
                                               \_ Let me put it this way;
                                                  how much more do you think
                                                  it costs to do business in
                                                  California, compared to,
                                                  say, Kansas City?  Are you
                                                  really trying to make the
                                                  assertion that California
                                                  business operators spend
                                                  about the same as Kansas
                                                  City business operators?
                                         \_ We need to deport IMMIGRANTS
                                      \_ Nope, like I said, he's another
                                         wingnut.  Part of the problem.
                                      \_ We have the highest income, sales, and
                                         gas tax in the nation.
                                         \_ Where do you get your BS from?
                                            Tennessee has 9.25% sales tax.
                                            NY has the highest gasoline tax.
                                            CA has very low property taxes,
                                            as I am sure you know.
                                            \_ Low in terms of % of value,
                                               but not in absolute terms.
                                               We pay about the same property
                                               tax as everywhere else and
                                               a high income tax to boot.
                                               \_ Paying the same dollar
                                                  amount on a mansion in
                                                  Malibu and on a shack in
                                                  Wyoming is not "paying
                                                  about the same property
                                                  tax."  You're a moron.  -tom
                                                  \_ A mansion in Malibu
                                                     pays a lot more tax
                                                     than a shack in Wyoming.
                                                     Stupid argument. Reality
                                                     is that California is
                                                     #26 in local property tax
                                                     collections per capita
                                                     and #20 per household.
                                                     \_ And top-3 in property
                                                        value.  -tom
                                                        \_ So? That doesn't
                                                           mean we should be
                                                           top-3 in taxes paid.
                                                           I know your dream
                                                           is to be #1 in this
                                                           particular category,
                                                           but some of us think
                                                           paying average taxes
                                                           is just fine and
                                                           that the State
                                                           should be able to
                                                           survive with that
                                                           given that income
                                                           taxes are also high.
                                                           I don't use any
                                                           more services here
                                                           in CA at my $650K
                                                           house than I do at
                                                           my $150K house in
                                                           another state. In
                                                           fact, that house is
                                                           bigger but the tax
                                                           bill is much less.
                                                           Cost of living is
                                                           less there, too, but
                                                           not *that* much less.
                                                           You just love to pay
                                                           taxes. I'm happy at
                                                           #20 for property
                                                           tax. Feel free to
                                                           mail in more on my
                                                           behalf when your
                                                           next bill is due.
                                                           \_ Services cost
                                                              more to provide
                                                              in California,
                                                              due to higher
                                                              land, labor,
                                                              fuel and food
                                                              costs; therefore,
                                                              the state needs
                                                              more money to
                                                              provide the
                                                              same services
                                                              as cheaper
                                                              states.  That's
                                                              why our state
                                                              services are
                                                              underfunded. -tom
                                                              \_ Do you think
                                                                 services cost
                                                                 8x more,
                                                                 because that's
                                                                 the difference
                                                                 in property
                                                                 tax I pay even
                                                                 though the
                                                                 cost of living
                                                                 is only 40%
                                                                 less and the
                                                                 other house is
                                                                 2x the size. I
                                                                 assure you
                                                                 that the fire
                                                                 and police
                                                                 work just as
                                                                 well and that
                                                                 the schools
                                                                 are better
                                                                 than in most
                                                                 of CA. Our
                                                                 services are
                                                                 We allocate
                                                                 and, sad
                                                                 to say, the
                                                                 are sucking
                                                                 the State's
                                                                 coffers dry
                                                                 by using
                                                                 services they
                                                                 do not pay for.
                                                                 do not pay
                                                                 \_ You have
                                                                    no content.
                                                                    \_ Loser.
                                                                       I give
                                                                       you a
                                                                       and you
                             \_ I agree with you that Arnie has been very
                                fiscally irresponsible but at this point the
                                GOP is being reckless. Aren't they just as much
                                to blame for pushing the state towards fiscal
                                \_ No, because they aren't the ones who added
                                   the spending.  The Dems and Arnie busted
                                   the budget repeatedly even during the times
                                   of bubble-inflated tax revenues.
                                   \_ They had their share in busting budgets,
                                      if nothing else, they could have shut the
                                      state down during the boom years. Now
                                      they are just appearing as immature
                       \_ I agree. If conservatives hadn't decided to push for
                          three-strikes and put all those extra people in
                          prison, we wouldn't be in this mess. We warned you
                          at the time that it going to get too expensive.
                          \_ Don't forget the "car tax" cut!
                             \_ Or Prop 87, when California tried to put
                                royalties on oil production (like almost every
                                other state does, when oil or mineral
                                resources are extracted) and was opposed by
                                the GOP, combined with Big Oil.
2009/2/17-21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:52591 Activity:nil
2/17    "Nuclear subs didn't know they'd hit each other"
2009/2/17-22 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:52592 Activity:nil
2/17    Paris bicycles surrender
        \_ Yeah, people suck.
        \_ And this is why too much socialism is bad.  People barely take good
           care of their own stuff, let alone stuff that are not theirs.
        \_ Each bicycle travels 10k km per year, so even if they had to
           buy a whole new bicycle every year at the cost of 400 Euros, that is
           4 cents/mile, which is really really cheap.
           4 cents/km, which is really really cheap.
2009/2/17-22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:52593 Activity:nil
2/17    The CA budget compromise only includes $3.1 Billion of actual cuts.
        The rest are reductions of planned spending.
2009/2/17-25 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold, Politics/Domestic/California/Prop] UID:52594 Activity:moderate
2/17    Calculate how much you're about to get taxed per year for the next 5
        \_ $2000 for me. Pocket change, considering that I'm well over 6 dig salary
           Even if I pay 10X, if it improves traffic conditions, air quality,
           better city planning, less crime, etc, I'm all for it. Then again,
           I'm a socialist, so I want to see social programs done right
        \_ Just repeal the stupid Prop 13 (appeals to poor liberals most of whom
           are renters), put a tough border + deport illegal immigrants who are
           leeching on our infrastructure costs (appeals to conservatives).
           That solves 1/2 of the problems.
        \_ Just repeal the stupid Prop 13 (appeals to poor liberals most of
           whom are renters), put a tough border + deport illegal immigrants
           who are leeching on our infrastructure costs (appeals to
           conservatives). That solves 1/2 of the problems.
           \_ When your landlord's property taxes go up who do you think
              is going to cover the difference? Hint: you.
              \_ I rent in a rent-controlled place but yeah, I could imagine
                 rent going up for a bunch of people.
        \_ $2000 for me. Pocket change, considering that I'm well over 6 dig
           salary. Even if I pay 10X, if it improves traffic conditions, air
           quality, better city planning, less crime, etc, I'm all for it.
           Then again, I'm a socialist, so I want to see social programs done
           \_ Since you are a socialist and $10K is pocket change then pay
              my share, too. Thanks!
              \_ paying individual is capitalism. Sorry.
                 \_ Not me. My share to the glorious state, comrade. Clearly
                    you can afford to pay much more than you are.
           \_ Uh, it's not going to improve conditions, why would you expect
              that it would?
              \_ Do you honestly think that we can chop $15B from the state
                 budget without any reduction in services?
                 \_ 1) !reduction != improvement
                    2) Gov't has DOUBLED IN 10 years!  Have you seen a doubling
                       of services?
                       \_ Apparently you still don't understand math.
                       \_ What do you intend to cut then?
                 \_ The current compromise only has real cuts of $3B.  Most of
                    the "cuts" are reductions in planned increase.  So the
                    actual proposed cuts are 3%.
                    \_ And $15B in new taxes right? Which you claim are
                       unneeded. Where would you chop the state budget by
                       \_ Just about anywhere.  Across-the-board cuts.
                          \_ Close the prisons and let the prisoners all out?
                             That would just about do it. Or shut down the
                             CSU and Community Colleges?
           \_ I've worked as a contractor at "Department of Health Services"
              when I was in school.  There are PLENTY of people who can be cut
              and not cause ANY drop whatsoever in service level.  Now, if you
              ask me if I think they'll cut the right set of people, of course
              not.  Incompetent at one thing almost always implies incompetent
              at other things, like the ability to determine incompetence in
              \_ So your solution to the budget crises is "fire all the
                 imcompetent people" which you believe to be impossible?
        \_ $570/year for me. I'm with pp, this is well worth it.
           \_ *WHAT* is well worth it?
              \_ $570/year to keep the unwashed masses from losing all hope
                 and burning down my neighborhood.
                 \_ That $570/year will fund Irvine and Orange County's
                    shuttle-homeless-to-Venice program. Works wonderfully.
                    Crime has gone down in Irvine+OC by at least 25% since
                    the program started, and may I add that Laguna Beach
                    is a lot cleaner now than 5 years ago? OC OC OC!!!
                    \_ I'd rather spend $570/year to give kerosene and
                       matches to the homeless and set them loose in OC.
                       Your enclave has no soul, and neither do you.
                       \_ Uh, I was just trolling as a typical lame OC person
                          that I totally despise. I hate OC but people in
                          it love OC and their BMWs and their homes   -pp
                          \_ Then you and I are brothers. Here's your
                             kerosene tank. Party time TBD.
                             \_ You're also black? Cool man.
                                \_ Silly troll.
2009/2/17-21 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:52595 Activity:moderate
        Hack your Toyota Prius so you don't have to press the stupid I AGREE
        legalese before using the GPS. Thanks oj!
        \_ My Lexus has the same problem. Also, it won't work while
           driving. 'sup with dat? $50K for a crippled car. Toyota sucks
           so hard I will never buy another. This was my first and likely last.
           I owned Nissan, BMW, and Honda in the past.
           \_ I was not aware that BMW/Honda/Nissan didn't put in GPS
              disclaimers. My Toyota's GPS sucks because of that nanny
              feature and that the UI is sluggish (1-2 second response)
              and it drives me nuts. Do your other car's GPS have the
              same problem or no? Maybe I should start looking at other
              brands                            -former Toyota fan
           \_ So you won't buy a car because of its electronics which is subject
              to change from year to year?
           \_ So you won't buy a car because of its electronics which is
              subject to change from year to year?
              \_ I won't buy a car because of the attitude of the manufacturer
                 who thinks I need a car-nanny.
           \_ That's a safety feature.
              \_ That no other car has.
                 \_ It takes time for features to proliferate.
        \_ Which model year of Prius is it?  My 2008 Prius doesn't ask me to
           press "I agree" when I use GPS.
           \_ The latest nav s/w fixes that problem, but breaks the ability to
              use the nav while the car moves.
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