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2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/6/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:28719 Activity:high
6/12    God damn it!  My dsl was down all day yesterday, came back up for
        about 7 hours in the evening, and when down again early this morning.
        Anybody else having dsl problems in the area?
        \_ It might help if you said who your provider was, and what area.
        \_ Last night I did. Don't know about this morning. earthlink
        \_ SBC in SF: no problems.
        \_ anybody using resellers of WorldCom?  I'm using Cyberonic, who's
           a reseller of WorldCom. -op
           \_ you have that 1500 down/768 up deal?  how is it, apart from
        \_ DSLExtereme is cheap and good.
        \_ Yes.  I spoke with my provider ( and he said
           that Pac Bell is making changes to the system this month.
              outage yesterday?
              \_ Their tech support's kinda poor.  Limited support hours, no
                 reverse DNS option, and no "official" news server.  But
                 other than that, it's pretty decent.
        \_ cable modem.  solid.
           \_ i had daily outage 7pm to 9pm on comcast, until i switched
              provider a month ago.
              \_ AT&T, ex-@home, solid.
        \_ I have Speakeasy, they rule and I've only had one 3-hour outage
           in the whole two years I've been a customer. You pay more but
           the service is great and they are technically skilled. --aaron
        \_ non-sequitur:  I just got back from Japan, where they're
           offering 8Mbps ADSL for home use for ~$40 per month, and
           no set up charge.
           \_ Cool, if only I could afford the $50k/month it would take to
              live the same lifestyle there that I have here.
              \_ actually, Tokyo and SF have very similar Cost of Living
                 stats.  and if you're willing to move to rural Japan,
                 the prices are much better.
                 \_ Oh really?  So I can buy a house in Tokyo's suburbs 45
                    minutes door-to-door from work for $1750/month in mortgage
                    payments?  4BR/3BA with a yard?  I think not.
                        \_ you can't get that in SF either
                           \_ Sure you can, if you don't mind dodging bullets.
                    \_ Well, one, you're not likely to find a house with an
                       American-style yard anywhere near a city in Japan,
                       so that's out. Two, if you mean by train, sure, you
                       can find some pretty good deals forty-five minutes
                       from downtown Tokyo.  Three, how does it feel to
                       have a 40-year mortgage, or did you get in early?
                    \_ FYI, phrases like "I think not" make you sound like
                       an asshole.
2019/05/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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