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2009/4/22-28 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:52888 Activity:nil
4/21    Hey Dr. jblack, turns out not only were the lying, they
        tortured people to make their case:
        \_ And in other news, stress positions and waterboarding prevented
           another terrorist attack.  So much for the meme that torture doesn't
           \_ No, accoring to Dick Cheney, there is double top secret info
              that indicates that torture stopped another terrorist attack.
              He is the same guy who said there was proof that SH had WMD.
              \_ No, according to NYTimes, via Obama's national intelligence
                 \_ "was valuable in some instances" is not the same as
                    your claim that it prevented another terrorist attack.
        \_ slavery also works.  should we reinstate it?  Just don't cry when
           some American being accused being spy in Iran, ok?
2009/4/22-23 [Reference/Celebration] UID:52889 Activity:nil
4/22    Happy Lenin's birthday!
        \- this is s big week for bdays: hitler, lenin, shakespeare, kant
                                                        \_ His birthday
                                                           was last week:,_17th_Earl_of_Oxford
2009/4/22-28 [Transportation/Car] UID:52890 Activity:nil
4/21    Ironic end to road rage
        \_ Darwin Award winner
           \_ She was menopausal already, so disqualified.
2009/4/22-28 [Politics/Foreign] UID:52891 Activity:nil
4/22    Is there some international law or agreement that says whenever person
        A performs an act on person B, and person B is a citizeon of country X,
        and the act violates some law in country X, and the act is performed
        outside of country X, the incident still falls under country X's
        jurisdiction?  Thx.
        \_ Got got with underage thai hookers, hmm?
           \_ No, I'm thinking about the pirates.
           \_ No, I'm thinking about the pirates.  -- OP
              \_ Pirates are special under international law.
                 \_ I see.  -- OP
                 \_ mostly because the piracy is in international waters
        \_ No, though some countries claim jurisdiction (and some do not).
2009/4/22-28 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:52892 Activity:nil
4/22    Freddic Mac CFO killed himself:
        \_ more air for rest of us
        \_ one less banker, one less crook. Thank goodness.
           \_ For all you know, this might have been one of the good ones.
            \_ At least he is now.
       \_ He came in after the meltdown to help fix things. He was one of the
          people trying to make things better. If you're happy to see someone
          die who didn't cause the disaster and was stressed from trying to fix
          things, go kill yourself.
2009/4/22-28 [Science/Biology] UID:52893 Activity:nil
        Another nail in the coffin of evolution objectionists who say that
        there are "too many missing links".  Of course, objectionists
        will now just say that there are "two more missing links", i.e.,
        intermediate forms between this newly found one and its
        evolutionary ancestor/descendant.
        \_ If they cared about facts, they wouldn't be evolution
           objectionists.  -tom
2009/4/22-28 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:52894 Activity:nil
4/22    ok, here's a little networking puzzler. I haven't been able to access
        youtube for a couple weeks. Couldn't figure out why. Happened on all
        browsers. traceroute did weird stuff and then timed out. Finally I
        got so frustrated I setup firefox to ssh tunnel through soda.csua,
        which worked great. Then, I kill the ssh proc, quit FF, and now,
        I can access youtube just fine from any browser. wtf? any
        explanation? thx
        \_ Sounds like not a networking problem, but a messed up OS problem.
           Which OS were you seeing this with?  Did you try to diagnose with
           any non-browser tools (ping/telnet/wget/etc ?).
           \_ yes ... dig seemed to resolve ok. ping seems to work. telnet/
              curl behave the same as my browser (wait for a while then
              timeout). I don't totally know how to read traceroute but
              but after about 8 hops it starts showing stars and then
              craps out. The problem came back today. I ssh tunneled to
              csua, and then a couple minutes later, it started working
              fine in my non-proxied/tunneling browsers as well.
              \_ Is this from work or home? 8 hops, wow that is a long way,
                 is it crapping out at a corporate firewall perhaps? It
                 doesn't sound like it though, at 8 hops...
                 \_ I couldn't tell where it was crapping out. It seemed
                    to me like it was bouncing around a bunch of different
                    hosts at some ISP or something. This is from home,
                    using Time Warner cable internet. I did some research
                    and read some anecdotal accounts that TW "doesnt like"
                    youtube ... not sure if that means throttling traficc?
                    or causing intentional routing headahces? Anyway,
                    youtube still working today so I can't give you a
                    sample traceroute. thx
           \_ ps, mac osx 10.5.
        \_ Where you SYN FLOODING youtube?
           \_ no
        \_ J00 R P0WN3D
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