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2003/6/12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28709 Activity:nil
6/11    Ex-Saddam Media Man Says Iraq Had No Banned Arms
2003/6/12 [Politics/Foreign, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28710 Activity:nil
6/11    All Hail the UN
        Congo observers slaughtered after 6 days of
        unanswered pleas to U.N. for rescue
        \_ This is hardly news.  It's the UN.  Duh.
        \_ Those poor observers.  Must be because they are not westerners,
           so no one cared about their lives.
2003/6/12 [Computer/SW/Security, Computer/SW/RevisionControl] UID:28711 Activity:high
6/11    Which of the free email accounts are the most reliable? I have a account that recently has been getting flaky. Anyone
        have any recommendations for yahoo, hotmail, or anything else? Thanks.
        \_ CSUA
        \_ You have broadband?  Host yourself.
                \_ No broadband. I need to use a web-based provider.
                           Work a charm, fast, and I'd trust them a lot more
                           than a free mail provider.  -John
                           \_ Work a charm, foreigner!
                                \_ Fine.  "They work very nicely", you
                                   pedantic hun.  -John
                                   \_ That's Normandic Anglo-Saxon to you.
                                      \_ How about trailer trash honky?
2003/6/12 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:28712 Activity:very high
6/11    The Open Group sues Apple over their use of the word UNIX. Apple claims
        that UNIX is a generic term:
        Are Unix and Linux coming up in the world?
        \_ Rapture! You started another linux vs. freebsd slapfight!
        \_ On a vaguely related note: when did become
           \_ cnet has had forever and a day...  I tried to register
              it about 8 years ago...
              \_ 8 years ago?  you got to the net a little late, eh?
        \_ Unix has been the world since before you had PH#1.  Linux is crap.
           There's only 2 reasons Linux even exists today: AT&T timing and
           price.  It's hard to compete with free crap when the alternatives
           cost so much in bad times.  Beware the Deathstar.
           \_ What is PH#1? Why isn't BSD more "popular" than Linux?
              \_ PH#1: ask yermom.  BSD: Ask AT&T.
              \_ Linux is more popular because of the license, and Linus
                 is pretty good at engineering the open-source effort at
                 the kernel level, preventing linux from forking to various
                 similiar but incompatible variant.  Most people here at
                 motd resent Linux in one way another because BSD could of
                 been what Linux is today.
                 \_ no, we don't like linux because it's the windows of the
                    *nix world and we're tired of rebooting machines, the
                    endless patch/upgrade cycle, the instability, the bugs,
                    the data loss, and the zealotry.  if you wanted to know
                    why people feel a certain way you should just ask, not
                    wrongly assume and then spew like you know.  i have no
                    particular love of bsd because it has roots here.  i don't
                    even prefer it as my #1 production system.  i prefer *not*
                    to use a piece of crap like linux and i've got the night
                    and weekend hours and data loss to explain it without
                    getting emotional and silly like you try to paint it. these
                    are all just operating systems which are very similar. i'm
                    tired of playing with linux toys when there are real
                    tools out there.  no resentment.  linux is just inferior
                    as an operating system.
                 \_ From a coding perspective, linux is a frustrating system
                    to support. Often I've found that kernel modules that
                    compile and load fine on one minor revision of the kernel
                    (2.x.y) won't work on a slightly newer minor revision
                    (2.x.y+2). Usually the cause is something stupid like
                    the renaming of a function/struct or a change in the
                    order of the parameters of a function. Stuff like this
                    doesn't happen on proper systems (Solaris, *BSD, etc).
                    The problems aren't limited to the kernel, glibc and
                    userland are quite frustrating as well. Linux has this
                    tendency to emulate functions and pgms from other
                    systems except that the Linux versions are always
                    "improved" in some way which forces you to add Linux
                    specific code to your pgms with all sorts of #ifdefs
                    for different versions of glibc and so on. This kind
                    of thing doesn't happen on most other systems.
                    I don't mind Linux, I just wish that the people
                    working on it displayed a bit more sanity.
                    \_ you're described the natural consequence of a bunch of
                       monkeys banging away at a keyboard thinking that they're
                       writing an OS.  Open source on a world-wide scale
                       doesn't work.  That's why you see these problems.  The
                       *BSD people don't have this problem because it's more
                       tightly controlled.  Smaller group -> higher quality.
                       \_ LINUX ROCKS!  BSD IS DEAD!
2003/6/12 [Computer/Blog] UID:28713 Activity:moderate
6/11    Do CSUAers blog?  Why isn't there a csua blogging facility?
        \_ this is something I'd like to see
        \_ plenty of CSUA'ers blog.
           \_ but not on csua?
        \_ blogging is for the unemployed.  why would you want to blog?  it's
           so 2002.
        \_ I set up a blog in the hopes that i would write more, but all i
           ever end up doing is posting links to, and random one line whining
           about, stupid shit there.
           \_ like most 'bloggers'.
           \_ I only use my blog as a web-based repository for research
              material and things I think I might use in stories.
              \_ That's not a blog.  It sounds useful, unlike a blog.
                 \_ Cf.
              \_ If that's what use it for, I think a wiki system may work
                 better than a blog.
        \_ csua doesn't need to have a blogging facility.  go install
           movable type or something.  it's easy enough.
           \_ Where is it in the ports tree?
2003/6/12-13 [Industry/Jobs] UID:28714 Activity:low
6/11    A friend's company is hiring recent CS grads.  If you're
        interested, contact him directly:

        ----- Forwarded message-----

        > We are a privately funded technology startup looking for a
        > summer intern - a CS graduate who is capable of designing,
        > developing and testing web-based applications.

        > Strong perl/python and sql programming skills, good
        > understanding of databases, good knowledge of Unix/Linux,
        > willingness to code with an awareness of scaling
        > requirements.

        > Please send resumes to
        \_ So they want someone with 5+ years experience?
           \_ As far as I know, they would hire a fresh grad.  I'm
              sure that the requirements above are more of a wish
        \_ where is it?  Locations matter!
           \_ Mountain View.
2003/6/12 [Recreation/Humor] UID:28715 Activity:kinda low
6/11 (Just take a look)
        \_ work safe?
           \_ Only if your boss doesn't mind you laughing at your desk.
              \_ Mind if I ask where the funny part is?
                 \_ Oh, you already know what I'm gonna say to that...
        \_ A much funnier version of the same idea:
2003/6/12 [Uncategorized] UID:28716 Activity:nil
6/11    "This is David Brinkley reporting, and good night."
2003/6/12-13 [Recreation/Food, Recreation/Food/Alcohol] UID:28717 Activity:very high
6/12    Goddammit, quitting caffeine (again) sucks.  How the hell did I do
        it the last time, and how do I stay awake in the meantime? --erikred
        \_ Don't go cold turkey.
           \_ Too late.  And now I'm a cranky bastard. --erikred
           \_ You *have* to.  You can't slowly cut down.  It never works.
        \_ How do people get addicted to caffeine? I used to have coffee
           and/or soda daily, but one day I just stopped, and I never really
           felt anything different.  Was I not drinking enough?
           \_ Soda daily is not as likely to cause addiction.  Two cups of
              coffee per day is much more likely.  I got addicted when I
              started teaching (from zero to two cups per _morning_ in
              nothing flat).  Also see:
              \_ Ah ok. You take it all at once. If I do drink more than one
                 cup, it's usually hours apart.
                 \_ If you drink coffee, you've got a caffeine addiction.  Try
                    stopping and see how shitty you feel.  Either that or
                    you're getting it from somewhere else like massive amounts
                    of chocolate.
                    \_ Is this the same dumbass who said "no one drinks coffee
                       for the taste"?
                    \_ Not necessarily. I went on vacation for two weeks and
                       never had a sip of coffee or soda and didn't feel any
                       side effects. And I despise chocolate and most sweets.
                    \_ Is this the dumbass who said "no one drinks coffee for
                       the taste"?  Get a life...
                       \_ No and you've added nothing to this thread.  Thanks
                          for nothing.
        \_ Why are you quitting? If you want to zip thru the morning, eat
           half a melon for breakfast. Avoid carbs for lunch. If you crash
           in the evening, have a small cup of coffee to get you thru the
           last hours.
           \_ what does a melon do for helping you zip through the morning?
              Or are you just talking gastrointestinally?
              \_ Well, carbs are one form of brain food. Unfortunately, refined
                 sugars zip in and then out of you too quickly, i.e. they pick
                 pick you up, but then let you crash too quick. The carbs in
                 fruit, like a melon, seems to be more time-released. So, at
                 least for me, my thought processes and productivity were pretty
                 incredible during the mornings. A low-carbo lunch helps to
                 avoid having (or feeling) to take a nap in the afternoon.
              \_ Well, carbs are one form of brain food. Unfortunately,
                 refined sugars zip in and then out of you too quickly,
                 i.e. they pick pick you up, but then let you crash too
                 quick. The carbs in fruit, like a melon, seems to be more
                 time-released. So, at least for me, my thought processes
                 and productivity were pretty incredible during the
                 mornings. A low-carbo lunch helps to avoid having (or
                 feeling) to take a nap in the afternoon. [corrected wrap]
                 \_ Yeah like I would just make sure to take the final using
                    the same drugs I studied on and it puts me in the same
                    state of mind!
                 \_ you are an idiot. -phuqm
                 \_ Oh, thank you, guru!  Tell me how else to fix my miserable
                    life through your, populist/hippie/newage/media-hyped
                    anecdote-driven, "nutritionalist" nonsense.
                    \_ Believing it works is half the battle.
           \_ Why not just use crack?  If you're going to be a drug addict,
              just do it right and stop playing around like a baby.
        \_ Wimp.  Just fucking stop.
           \_ Oh, thank you, guru!  Tell me how else to fix my miserable
              life through your tough-love method.
              \_ Kill yourself.
                 \_ Would that prove that I'm hardcore?
                    \_ It would improve your life.  Proof is for the weak.
        \_ I've quit coffee a couple times, once was at the start of summer
           vacation, i had nothing to do and was too lazy to buy and make it
           for myself, (it was easy at the co-op) so i just quit.  I had a
           headache for three days/nights straight, but then i was over it.
           The last time i quit i was working and the cold turkey thang was not
           an option.  I did the gradual thing and it worked fine.  for the
           first week or so i allowed myself one cup in the morning and then
           all the black tea i could drink.  Then i went to just all the black
           tea i can drink, now i pretty much drink nothing but green-tea.
           I never had a headache, but i had desperate cravings for coffee,
           much worse than any i experienced when i quit cold (because i
           was at work, and I haven't had a job/school without chain drinking
           coffee since i was about 14). -phuqm
           \_ be a slave to your drug of choice!
              \_ I'm a slave to both my drugs of choice (caffeine and alcohol)
                 but if i believe the populist-hippie-newage "nutritionalistis"
                 like the one above then, hey, that's o.k. because green tea
                 is good for me, so the 8 cups or so a day i drink are helping
                 me stay healthy.  -phuqm
                 \_ Rice and green tea and living atop a mountain spinning
                    prayer wheels and humming all day while mastering Bruce
                    Lee moves will keep you healthy and young forever.
           \_ This is cool, phuqm, but I'm trying to quit caffeine, not
              just coffee.  Sure, I'll still drink decaf (3-4mgs I can
              handle), but switching from coffee to green tea is like
              switching from crack to cocaine-- I don't just want to
              trade masters. ok, thnx --erikred
2003/6/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:28718 Activity:nil
6/12    Does your GF or wife fart out loud in your presence?  (mine does!)
        yes: ...
        GF?  Wife?  What's that?: .
        \_ My GF doesn't ever fart.  Or shit.  Ever few months she has to
           pee which is disgusting enough.  Women need to be taught that
           bodily functions are for animals.
        \_ My friend says girls don't fart -- they "poof."
           \_ It's the "vapors."
        \_ my gf just craps through her mouth
2003/6/12-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:28719 Activity:high
6/12    God damn it!  My dsl was down all day yesterday, came back up for
        about 7 hours in the evening, and when down again early this morning.
        Anybody else having dsl problems in the area?
        \_ It might help if you said who your provider was, and what area.
        \_ Last night I did. Don't know about this morning. earthlink
        \_ SBC in SF: no problems.
        \_ anybody using resellers of WorldCom?  I'm using Cyberonic, who's
           a reseller of WorldCom. -op
           \_ you have that 1500 down/768 up deal?  how is it, apart from
        \_ DSLExtereme is cheap and good.
        \_ Yes.  I spoke with my provider ( and he said
           that Pac Bell is making changes to the system this month.
              outage yesterday?
              \_ Their tech support's kinda poor.  Limited support hours, no
                 reverse DNS option, and no "official" news server.  But
                 other than that, it's pretty decent.
        \_ cable modem.  solid.
           \_ i had daily outage 7pm to 9pm on comcast, until i switched
              provider a month ago.
              \_ AT&T, ex-@home, solid.
        \_ I have Speakeasy, they rule and I've only had one 3-hour outage
           in the whole two years I've been a customer. You pay more but
           the service is great and they are technically skilled. --aaron
        \_ non-sequitur:  I just got back from Japan, where they're
           offering 8Mbps ADSL for home use for ~$40 per month, and
           no set up charge.
           \_ Cool, if only I could afford the $50k/month it would take to
              live the same lifestyle there that I have here.
              \_ actually, Tokyo and SF have very similar Cost of Living
                 stats.  and if you're willing to move to rural Japan,
                 the prices are much better.
                 \_ Oh really?  So I can buy a house in Tokyo's suburbs 45
                    minutes door-to-door from work for $1750/month in mortgage
                    payments?  4BR/3BA with a yard?  I think not.
                        \_ you can't get that in SF either
                           \_ Sure you can, if you don't mind dodging bullets.
                    \_ Well, one, you're not likely to find a house with an
                       American-style yard anywhere near a city in Japan,
                       so that's out. Two, if you mean by train, sure, you
                       can find some pretty good deals forty-five minutes
                       from downtown Tokyo.  Three, how does it feel to
                       have a 40-year mortgage, or did you get in early?
                    \_ FYI, phrases like "I think not" make you sound like
                       an asshole.
2003/6/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:28720 Activity:low 54%like:28753 66%like:28702 66%like:29383 66%like:29354 60%like:29158 66%like:29149
6/11    John's Link of the Day
        \_ well, it was enough to set off the "intelligent" webfilter at
           \_ One of the pages has a link to "Hardcore."  That might be
              the trigger.
        \_ hey thanks for the not-work-safe link.
           \_ Man, you work at an uptight place.
2003/6/12 [Uncategorized] UID:28721 Activity:nil
6/11    gregory peck dies:
        \_ He was a Cal alum.
2003/6/12 [Uncategorized] UID:28722 Activity:nil
6/12    Amusing terms for the ratio of reloads to slashdot article updates.
        Ready go:
2018/11/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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