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2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/11/1-2011/1/13 [Computer/Networking] UID:54002 Activity:nil
11/1    I'm moving from a home in Fremont to another home within the same ZIP
        code in Fremont, and AT&T customer service says I cannot transfer my
        DSL service because DSL is not available at my new home.  Is that BS?
        Are they just trying to push me to subscribe to their more expensive
        U-verse service?  I'm not asking for any lightening-speed connection.
            \_ could be
        I just want to keep my low-end 1.5Mbps service.  I'd think DSL is such
        a basic thing in the Bay Area now and should be available anywhere
        with analog phone wires.  Thanks.
        \_ I live in Fremont, and used AT&T (previously SBC) DSL for many
           years in my last apartment at up to 3Mbps.  When I moved into my
           current house three years ago, they tried for two months to get
           DSL to work at any speed, and failed.  I've been using Comcast
           ever since.  DSL is dependent on short distances to the phone
           company's office, and my impression that there just aren't enough
           of them in Fremont to adequately cover the city for DSL (for much
           of the city, the phone company's CO is just too far away).  AT&T
           keeps making promises about Uverse in Fremont, but they haven't
           followed through on that either.
        \_ (12/3 update) I finally signed up for U-verse for internet only and
           no digital phone nor TV.  To my surprise, the U-verse modem
           connects to the phone jack on the wall just like the DSL modem at
           my old home, instead of to the cable TV jack.  Then doesn't it mean
           that the U-verse modem is just another DSL modem, and U-verse
           service is just another DSL service?  -- OP
2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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