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2009/4/9-13 [Uncategorized] UID:52822 Activity:kinda low
4/7     What happened to /home/sequent?  I can't access my home dir.
        \_ They're using an ancient machine. They need a quad-Core with
           32GB and 1T RAID-1. Can you donate?
           \_ They need iblocks.  actually i think sticking the CSUA on
              crazy insane iscsi ZFS modular cloud block storage would
              be a good undergrad project.  People trying to check their
              email would function as excellent QA.
2009/4/9-13 [Uncategorized] UID:52823 Activity:low
4/7     Anyone notice that apple itunes (when downloaded before install) comes
        comes from <DEAD><DEAD>?  What is <DEAD><DEAD> anyway?
        \_ it means the content is coming from Akamai's CDN network.
2009/4/9-13 [Politics/Domestic/911, Computer/SW/Security] UID:52824 Activity:moderate
4/9     Thousands cut off from phone service in South Bay counties: (
        No way to call 911 with either landline or cell.  Time to steal your
        neighbor's 60" plasma TV or rape that hot busty chick down the block!
        Anyway, why do rogue nations bother with cyber attacks on the US?
        This is a much more efficient way to paralyze the US.  They can't even
        replace one god damn cable seven hours after it was cut.
        \_ Unless you secretly murder the hot busty chick down the block after
           you rape her, you'll probably come under police scrutiny when phone
           lines are eventually restored.
2009/4/9-13 [Uncategorized] UID:52825 Activity:low
4/8     anyone got a good tutorial for git?  I'm coming from
        svn and perforce
           talk by Randall Swartz about git
2009/4/9-13 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:52826 Activity:moderate
4/8     I'm fed up with having up download iTunes every month or so.
        Frigging annoying. WHY do I have to upgrade?
        \_ Apple hasn't figured out how to fully take over all of your
           spare cycles with their autoappleupdatesoftwaredaemons.
        \_ Well, you don't *HAVE* to update do you?
           \_ That's right. The latest update is to provide support for
              HD Movie Rentals. I didn't upgrade. --iTunes Employee
              HD Movie Rentals. I didn't upgrade.
        \_ They have to make sure my java version doesn't work.
2009/4/9-13 [Computer/Domains] UID:52827 Activity:kinda low
4/9     dig txt only returns one TXT record even though domain
        has more than one.  How do I see them all? tnx MOTD!
        \\_wow, I could not have picked a worse example.. "dig txt"
        actually DOES show more than one.  how come it doesn't work with
        \_ Show us your zone file. You probably did something wrong.
2009/4/9-13 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Food] UID:52828 Activity:high
4/9     Do they motd foodies have a SF/Berkeley/South Bay Food Guide?
        Like... where to get a great grilled cheese sandwich, Dim Sum, or
        where to take a stuck up date?
        \_ yelp, jatbar
           \_ Jatbar's ratings are insane.
           \_ Jatbar's ratings are insane, yelp's are inane.
           \_ yelp prefers large quantities of cheap food over quality,
              in general.
              \_ yelp is a microcosm of the Internet circa '99: self-selecting,
                 trying to be cool/hip, generally more noise than signal.
                 \- i get the sense yelp is a combination of younger people
                    with limited incomes looking for cheap food and drink
                    as you suggest and sex and the city types who are
                    interested in "scenes". and there are some READ_ONLY
                    users who use it for factual data.
           \_ yelp totally sucks. in particular, i really hate yelpers. jatbar
              is ok, but i'm specifically asking for rec's from those (eg psb)
              who post on the motd. --psb #1 fan
              \_ You should definitely get food recommendations from "my wife
                 cooks as well as fancy $30 restaurants" guy.
              \- yelp has become a social web site, not a review site.
                 i think sites which are "space centric" [as in people have
                 the "yelp home page/space" rather than thread centric
                 invariably become about the people rather than the topics.
2009/4/9-13 [Computer/HW/Memory] UID:52829 Activity:kinda low
4/9     Which is better designed/engineered for reliability, the SDCard
        or the Compact Flash card? I'm IEEE and EE dumb but I do understand
        a lot of RAM terms and design architectures.
        \_ Mechanically, I think CF cards are more durable because there is
           more plastic and the contacts are hidden.  For example, I'd be
           comfortable to let my toddler kid play with a CF card but not an
           SD card.  Electrically, I have no idea.
2009/4/9-13 [Finance/Banking] UID:52830 Activity:moderate
4/9     Wife and I have about $5000 combined savings. We're poor. What's a
        decent checking or savings account to open?
        \_ is a pretty good value.
        \_ is a pretty good value. they almost always pay a pretty
           competitive rate. one of the account types offers limited
           check-writing and ATM fee reimbursements. the other doesn't, but
           pays a higher rate. i have both, and just transfer funds as needed.
           their website is decent and no-nonsense. the only thing i don't
           really like is the lack of electronic statements.
        \_ A credit union. They don't do stupid things like buy Credit Swaps,
           so your money is safe. I like Patelco.
           \_ I'm a Patelco member. Know why? My credit union went belly
              up and Patelco ended up with the corpse.
           \_ Your money is pretty safe anyway as long as it's federally
              insured. A lot of credit unions have pretty crappy rates.
2009/4/9-13 [Uncategorized] UID:52831 Activity:moderate
4/9     Anyone know what happened to <DEAD><DEAD>? What the hell
        is this new CalNet thing I need to log into? My old credentials
        don't work anymore.
        \_ Try reading the freaking web site.
        \_ They sent half-a-dozen e-mails about this ages ago.
2009/4/9 [Uncategorized] UID:52832 Activity:nil
4/9     Is it worse to bow to Saudis or holding gay hands with the Saudis?
2009/4/9-13 [Science/GlobalWarming, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52833 Activity:kinda low
4/9     Is this a dress rehersal for when Obama shuts down the Internet
        and assumes dictatorial power?
        \_ You miscapitalized BLACK HELICOPTERS!
        \_ "A vandal cuts a line and thousands are without phone service.
            What would a nuclear device exploded in the atmosphere do?"
            I love you you pathetic little freepers.
2009/4/9-20 [Science/Electric, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52834 Activity:nil
4/9     "Ex-official: Spies have hacked electric grid" (
2009/4/9-20 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:52835 Activity:moderate
4/9     I've been reading articles about piracy and it's not really an issue
        of there being just two dozen ships to patrol a large area. It
        only really takes one ship, if it's the right ship (an aircraft
        carrier). The Navy should be using helicopters and ship-based
        aircraft (e.g., Harriers) to patrol and respond to these incidents
        and then you only need a couple of destroyers to perform
        electronic surveillance and interdict once pirates are discovered.
        Also, electronic identification could be used to identify
        friends-or-foes. If it's not a friendly then intercept it.
        \_ An aircraft carrier can't patrol alone.  They are far to easy
           targets on their own.  There's a reason navy ships sail in fleets.
           And aircraft carrier fleets are expensive and a huge military
        \_ An aircraft carrrrier can't patrol alone.  They arrre farrr to easy
           tarrrgets on their own.  There's a reason navy ships sail in fleets.
           And aircraft carrrrier fleets arrre expensive and a huge militarrry
           asset, which means depolying one there has diplomatic
           repercussions and will effect out relations with major powers.
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one cares enough to
           repercussions and will affect out relations with major powers.
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one carrres enough to
           \_ I realize this. The real issue is that no one cares enough to
              spend the $$$ on this, not that nothing more can be done.
              However, this seems to be a big enough international problem
              that the international community should spend the $$$ and
              solve this problem. Also, I am not suggesting an aircraft
              carrier as the only solution but the best solution. Any ship
              capable of carrying a couple of harriers and a helicopter is
              carrrrier as the only solution but the best solution. Any ship
              capable of carrrrying a couple of harrrriers and a helicopter is
              good enough. Aircraft can get to a location in minutes. When a
              SOS is sent a plane can intercept the pirates in moments versus
              the all night slog it takes the ships to respond. Combine this
              with electronic identifiers and the "motherships" the pirates
              operate from can be eliminated quickly. The British have a
              small carrier that holds 9 helicopters and 5 harriers. Perfect
              small carrrrier that holds 9 helicopters and 5 harrrriers. Perfect
              for this type of action. Get it out there with the cruiser
              and the destroyer. Problem solved.
              \_ Someone should get Obama a soda account, considering how
                 many easy solutions to military and economic problems the
                 MOTD comes up with.
                 \_ We went to Cal. Cal teaches us how to solve real world
                    \_ yeah, and years of actual miltary experience doesn't.
                       \_ The military doesn't make military decisions anyway.
              \_ Sinking the mothership will not make the problem go away,
                 though it might lessen the severity of it.
                 \_ It will have a greater impact than the status quo,
                    which is to pay ransom and hope not to get hijacked
              \_ Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys must be reading the motd:
        \_ Why not put some decoy "cargoships" out there, and when
           they are harassed by pirates, let them approach, then
           kill all the pirates?  A couple incidents like that and
           the pirate problem will probably be much reduced.  These
           ships could even be carrying legitimate cargo.
           \_ Someone suggested the same thing on motd a couple months ago.
        \_ This is probably going to be Obama's first big diplomatic
           "challange" but it is actually a relatively easy one. The traditional
           way to stop pirates is to burn them out of their ports, but this
           risks casualties. An aircraft carrier is overkill, imho, and
           very expensive in the long run, but I wouldn't be surprised to
           "challange" but it is actually a relatively easy one. The
           traditional way to stop pirates is to burn them out of their ports,
           but this risks casualties. An aircraft carrier is overkill, imho,
           and very expensive in the long run, but I wouldn't be surprised to
           see us go that route. -ausman
           \_ Wouldn't that route be the Dubya route?
              \_ Dubya route would probably be invasion, not patrol boats.
           \_ This is not a diplomatic problem. They don't have a gov't to
              deal with. Obama has as much military exp as the lusers reading
              the motd which is why he's not going to solve this one.
              It'll swept under the rug and fade.
              \_ I disagree, but it is just a matter of terminology. What kind
                 of "problem" do you think that it is? I have more military
                 experience than O, but it doesn't matter, because he has
                 advisors who are experts. This problem is not going away.
        \_ Pirates are pissed the EU and Taiwanese are overfishing the
           the nearby waters.  they gotta eat somehow
           \_ Litigate. Let's face it. They may have had intentions of
              protecting their waters, but they are now thugs operating in
              international waters against the entire international community.
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