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2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/1/22-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53655 Activity:high
1/22    looking to buy a new development laptop
        needs ssdrive, >6 hr possible batt life, and runs linux reasonably
        Anyone have a recommendation? Thx.
        \_ thinkpad t23 w ssdrive and battery inplace of drive bay
        \_ Ever wondered what RICHARD STALLMAN uses for a laptop?  Well,
           wonder no more!
        \_ Apple makes the best laptops, IMO.
           \_ always disliked apple laptops. no pageup/down key, too heavy,
              have that silly apple light on the back of the display, and
              don't offer an extended-life battery as a mfg option --!OP
              \_ My MacBook Pro has pageup/down. I find some of the laptops
                 like the Air to be really light. Battery life also tends
                 to be pretty good compared to the Dells and ThinkPads I
                 have owned. I buy new 2 laptops every three years (one
                 Mac and one PC) and I far prefer the Mac.
                 \_ real page up/down or fn up/down
           \_ and you can run Parallels or VMWare and still get Winblows
              and/or Linux, which is really really awesome. Plus, you
              don't have to worry about having to reboot your Winblows
              every few days. You really get what you pay for.
                                -20 year PC user, 1 year HAPPY Mac user
              \_ why does every mac user say 'run parallels'?
                 why not just boot to a linux partition? -- !OP
                 \_ I recommend using a VM, but not Parallels. The reason
                    is that its far more convenient than booting another
                    partition. It's much nicer to be able to run both OS
                    at once.
                    \_ seconded, but that's because I run both a PC
                       and Mac and VM images are universal on both.
                       If I run Parallels, then I'm stuck in Mac OS land
                 \_ spoken like someone who never ran a VM. I can run
                    multiple OS's at the same time with only 5-8% penalty
                    in run-time (if the application isn't graphics oriented
                    like games). Obviously, if you're playing games, then
                    you need to run natively. But if you're doing web
                    or backend development, running OSs in parallel
                    is a godsend because I depend on apps that exist on
                    PC (shareware), Mac (Photoshop), and Linux (compiler,
                    apache, editor)
                    \_ Not a stranger to VMs, but certainly do not want my
                       long-uptime linux and freebsd work environments running
                       on something as unreliable as OS X.
                       \_ I hope you don't have a raid hooked up to it,
                          the upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 hosed my raid.
                    \_ I run linux on my older ibook.  PPC tho. Screw osx
                       pkg management is crap.
                       \_ oh wow, ok. America is great! Vote for GWB!!!
              \_ I did look at those and they didn't have the battery life
                 they seem to die out around 4-5 hours of use, and I mean
                 compiling, debugging, etc.  I'd like something that doesn't
                 die over a long flight (say to EU).
                 \_ Ok, what PC today lasts 6 hours of compilation?
                    \_ I get a good 6 hours work done on my current machine:
               (portege r500, ssdrive)
                       Been using it fairly heavily day in and day out 16/7
                       for the last 3 years and the mobo is starting to have
                       problems recharging the batt.  And heh, the keyboard
                       letters have all worn off.
                 \_ Get a spare battery.  Dell laptops let you use an oversize
                    battery instead of carrying a spare battery.
                    \_ yeah oversized and spare batts are the way to go,
                       i don't think mac supports swapping batteries for
                       extending life :-(.
                       \_ You sure can switch batteries. I have three for
                          my Mac. Are you sure you know anything about Macs?
                          \_ How do you force it to hibernate so you can swap?
                             \_ Close lid, wait a few seconds. Or press the
                                power button and select Sleep. Or select Sleep
                                from the Apple menu.
                                \_ Sleep != Hibernate.  If you put your Apple
                                   laptop to sleep and remove the battery,
                                   you lose your session.  You can make
                                   them hibernate with energy saver setting
                                   tweaks, but the hibernate mode is
                                   very slow compared to PC laptops.  -tom
                                   \_ Actually, it is, and you don't. (I just
                                      tried it to be sure.) If you put the
                                      machine to sleep, pull out the battery,
                                      then put the battery back in, it takes
                                      a while longer to resume, but you don't
                                      lose your session. The same happens if
                                      your battery runs down while the laptop
                                      is on standby.
                          \_ Non detacheable battery?
                          \_ The new macbook pros are internal battery only,
                             but that is irrelevant, because...
                             there is still no extended battery option.
                             Why carry multiple batteries and have to power
                             down/switch batteries instead of having a single
                             heavier battery that lasts the entire flight?
                             I don't see the advantage.
                        \_ I get almost 7 or 8 hours of compute time on
                           my new macbook pro.  I guess I could whine and
                           wish it lasted longer and that I could fit in
                           another battery, but I will chill.  7 hours
                           is a long time.
                             \_ fair enough. What PC do you prefer? Toshiba?
                                \_ I've had toshibas and IBMs (pre lenovo),
                                   I've not liked HPs or Sonys.  I've even
                                   had an eeepc that I used as a spare.

        \_ MacBook Air.
           \_ This is as ghey as driving an Audio TT.
              \_ My wife loves her MacBook Air.
           \_ Before the tosh i've had:
2022/01/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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8/16    I just left my employer. They didn't ask to get their HW back.
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           A new ARM iOS based device, or opening the Apple TV to iOS apps
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           development, QA and other office use (HR, Finance, Receptions, etc.)
           from WinXP to Win7 a few months ago.  Our products now primarily
           support Win7/Win2008 and secondarily support WinXP/Win2003.
           \_ Any weird gotchas support-wise?
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        I always had matte in the past. I use my laptop just about everywhere
        and glare is a concern. Should I stick with matte? I noticed
        glossy is the default now.
        \_ It is weird, but I have the glossy screen that goes to the edge of
           the monitor for my 13" PB and it somehow seems bigger than the one
2010/4/5-15 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53770 Activity:nil
4/4     My macbook is dying. After three and a half years, I want to retire it,
        and get a new one, but I live in constant fear* that Apple will pull a fast
        one on me and update them as soon as I do. Anyone know anything about an
        impending Apple laptop refresh?
        * = hyperbole
2009/10/24-11/3 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:53466 Activity:kinda low
10/24   How well do you see color? I got 8, how about you?
        \_ 7
           \_ what monitor did you use?
              \_ LCD on thinkpad x32, under not so great lighting conditions.
        \_ I scored 101, which seems impossible. Then again, I didn't
2009/8/23-9/1 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53299 Activity:low
        \_ bad ass, screw the mac air,
           \_ BLASPHEMY!  The Mac is thine computer, thou shalt have no other
              computers before Steve.  --Macolyte
         \_ Yeah, that 2 year old computer is nothing compared to one
            today.  (Also, check out that blazing fast core 2 solo 1.4!)
2012/6/27-7/27 [Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:54424 Activity:nil
6/27    You can't put 16GB RAM in the new 13" Macbook Pro.
        Fuck you Apple!
        \_ Really?  I know they say you can't put more than 8GB in the 13"
           MBP, but I have 16GB in my 2011 13" MBP and it works perfectly.
           \_ I thought the new ones have soldier on HD and RAM just like
              the Macbook Air?
2011/3/31-4/20 [Consumer/CellPhone, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:54071 Activity:nil
3/20    Samsung lite notebook, macbook air clone?  Or no?
2010/2/26-3/12 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53730 Activity:nil
        best macbook covers ever.
2009/8/3-11 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:53235 Activity:low 70%like:53232
8/1     Where is the mac desktop going to go? It seems all the development
        in sw/hw now is for the iphone, imac.  2 finger Gestures won't work
        on the desktop.  What happened to the xserve line?
        \_ Two finger gestures DO work on the desktop.  Have you used a new
           Apple laptop lately...they support up to 5 finger gestures.
           \_ you're making my point even harder, do the 5 finger gestures
2009/1/12-15 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:52360 Activity:nil
1/12    Sometimes my Thinkpad hangs for 5-10 minutes when I unsuspend it.
        Sometimes it comes back in only 10 seconds. Whats up man? I've
        noticed that my MacBook is starting to take a while too (5-10
        seconds) but the old MacBooks were almost instantaneous. I've
        experimented with turning off services, and the only one that
        seems to do the trick is closing Yahoo Messenger, which...
2009/1/7-12 [Science/Battery, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:52329 Activity:low
1/7     new macbook 17" THE BIG ONE not the portable, has a non removable
        8 hour battery.  Dicuss.
        \_ it's like the airbook
           \_ no it's not, it's giant and i'm not going to carry that thing
        \_ stupid idea, will alienate customers.
         \_ Who will it alienate?  Assuming they can get longer battery
2008/12/5-10 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:52174 Activity:kinda low
12/5    I suggest CSUA buy a Mac and run MacOS on it. Maybe run Linux in
        a VM, too. I think students will get more bang for their buck
        trying to run services on MacOS than with "Just Another Linux Box".
        \_ On what basis? We do have an AppleTV, which we've yet to hack
           so it runs full OS X, but as a OS X user myself, I don't see the
           OS being useful for useful services except if we get OS X server
2008/9/29-10/1 [Computer/Networking] UID:51325 Activity:nil
9/29    I'm looking for a new wireless router / firewall, preferably
        something that supports 802.11n. Any recommendations?
        \_ Which 802.11n?
           \_ Draft 2.0 or whatever version is supported by the the
              MacBook and iMac.
2008/9/22-29 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:51261 Activity:nil
9/21    So I did it and got myself a Macbook Pro. Any suggestions for the best
        PC->Mac transition?  After finding out that Outlook is not supported
        under Mac; I bought parallels and am installing XP to grab my outlook
        mail archive (~1GB) from the original PC disk (the pc itself is
        basically dead). Any suggestions on a relatively painless import to
        entourage? The Mac Genius guy also reccomended an upgrade to 4GB and
2008/9/18-19 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:51217 Activity:low
9/18    My  7 year old Dell laptop is slowly  decending into its death throws.
        I am seriously considering an Mac laptop; but am having a hard time deaa\
        ling with the price. Curious to find out  if people really think that
        the extra $$ upfront was a good investment. a 2K macbook pro with
        standard config can buy a high end dell laptop
        \_ I have both a MacBook Pro (and before that a PowerBook) and a
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Important Notes When receiving hardware for RMS that is hard to replace, please, before you do anything else: 1 Do a full backup of the as-shipped state of the software on the device, in a way that makes it easy to do a bare-metal restore if needed. lemote yeeloong Previous Laptops From most to least recent: * Rms laptop - lemote lemote yeeloong with debian - Deprecated * Rms laptop - lemote menglan with debian - Deprecated" Rms laptop - lemote menglan with debian - Deprecated * Rms laptop - olpc xo with custom fedora - Deprecated" Rms laptop - olpc xo with custom fedora - Deprecated * Rms laptop - thinkpad with gnewsense - Deprecated" Rms laptop - thinkpad with gnewsense - Deprecated * Rms laptop - thinkpad with ututo - Deprecated" Rms laptop - thinkpad with ututo - Deprecated General Guidelines Backups When getting a new laptop, we want to create a backup, both to be able to get back to a known-good state, and to check up on the as-shipped freedom of the laptop later. RMS Acceptance In general, it is not a wise idea to give a laptop to rms until the following conditions are met: * Suspend is working completely (hibernation support is not needed) * We have the proper cables/tips for his numerous power devices (see below) - should order these as soon as possible after getting new equipment. Also generally look around for any big useless files / applications that can be removed if hard drive space is at a premium on the system. d and /etc/X11/Xsession to disappear, leading to hard-to-diagnose issues with X (login, but gnome-session failing to start, although it would work fine in failsafe mode). Printing Printing should work from the FSF offices, and (more important) from MIT Stata Center. Universal Peripherals These are peripherals that should be usable with most laptops, although additional cables/adapters may need to be ordered, and they all need to be tested with any new hardware. RMS Support boxes There are boxes in the Sys Admin office marked "RMS Support" - they contain duplicates of most of the equipment in this section, plus some other devices for testing and quick replacement purposes - if you buy a new peripheral for RMS and it is not disgustingly expensive, please buy two and put one in one of these boxes. They provide no useful technical specs for cables/tips on their web site. See rt:367502 for 2 alternative manufacturers of similar devices that seem to be more open with their specifications. Also, their web store sucks, is uncommunicative, and does not ship things in a timely manner. newegg - do not order from valence's yahoo store, it is a black hole - they do not respond to emails or phone messages, and you are lucky if things ordered with overnight shipping get shipped at all. Depricated Big Battery - Bix BP170 170 WH capacity battery, aluminum natural finish case, same footprint as laptop. com / BiX Computers 9651 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618, USA Tel. Has its own AC charger (which means another thing to carry around). RMS was going to look into using the other iGo adapters he has to avoid this. We have had major quality issues with these batteries and should not purchase another. Current Big Battery - APC UPB90 RMS is currently using an APC 90-Watt-Hour Universal Notebook Battery (UPB90). It comes with a bunch of tip sets, including tip set "b", which is what works with both the full-sized and mini lemote laptops. that is auto-sensed in a range of 15V-20V, although experience has shown it works better to manually set the output voltage via the front panel display on the battery. Besides the output for the laptop, it has 2 USB power outputs, which can be used to charge cell phones, or provide extra power to devices that need it via USB "Y" cables. It is Model UPB90, Serial Number 6A0734B96580 and the # for service is 800-800-4APC. See rt:397833 The hours left readout of the battery tends to lie in a way not favoring the battery. The Multi-charger - iGo Everywhere 85 The iGo Everywhere 85 replaces the previous iGo Everywhere 65 RMS had. linux-uvc based USB webcam for this purpose - uvc is the "future", and is a standard, as opposed to the fifty billion different chipsets that exist for a lot of older webcams. The linux-uvc drivers should work with Ekiga and friends, and they compile, install and load fine on gNS, and work. Update: The webcam works perfectly in Edgy, since the driver compiles correctly under Dapper I expect it will work fine with gNewSense/Ekiga. It's a very high quality camera and works astoundingly well in low light. ENCORE ENUWI-G2 USB Wifi adapters, which use the exact same chipset (as reported by "lshw" - "RTL8187B_WLAN_Adapter") as the Lemote Mini-Laptop (but seems to have a better antenna). USB Powered Hub Sometimes a laptop will not supply enough power for the USB devices. LG Black/Silver 8X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 6X DVD+R DL 8X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 5X DVD-RAM 8X DVD-ROM 24X CD-R 16X CD-RW 24X CD-ROM 2MB Cache USB 20 Slim External SUPER MULTI DVD Burner with LightScribe Model GSA-E50L - Retail. USB Sound Card What do you get for the man who seems to have everything? StarTech ICUSBAUDIO 2 Channels USB Interface Audio Adapter - Retail! It probably won't work with the Lemote 2e laptop either, but at least he can't say you didn't try... Swiss+Tech Utili-Key XT 8-In-1 so he can get at the insides of his laptops on the road if he needs to. This model was chosen because it doesn't have a blade and looks like a key, so will probably get by the TSA. Screwz-All 4-In-1 tools, but these have blunted tips which make them useless for small laptop screws. It is also supposedly faster for things RMS cares about, like initial boot time. It's a OCZ Technology 25" 64GB SSD SATA II OCZSSD2-1S64G (rebranded Samsung MCCOE64G5MPP-OVA). as of Q1 2009 these things look important to get: * Get SLC technology, not MLC * Be sure to research power requirements. Although some SSDs use considerably less power than conventional hard drives, plenty of them use more (due to the use of FPGAs and other low-volume cost-cutting measures). Using SSD Filesystem JFS with nointegrity doesn't seem faster than ext2 overall, and ext2 is more tested / probably has better fsck, so just use it for everything. Mount with "noatime,nodiratime,nouser_xattr" to minimize writes. dclark@tux:$ grep ext2 /etc/fstab UUID=3798bdac-3d77-4bcd-975f-38eaf083953d / ext2 noatime,nodiratime,nouser_xattr,errors=remount-ro 0 1 So use the ext2 filesystem with this drive to avoid extra writes that happen due to journaling since flash memory will eventually wear out. Ext3 also does things that don't matter with SSD, like trying to avoid file fragmentation. as SSD becomes more mainstream, ext4 or some new filesystem will probably grow a I'm-running-on-SSD mode. Elevator Use "elevator=noop" as the other elevators are all workarounds for the physics of spinning magnetic media. lst # kopt=root=UUID=3798bdac-3d77-4bcd-975f-38eaf083953d ro elevator=noop (then run update-grub) Temporary Files and Swap Use tmpfs for /tmp (and also no swap space or partition) to avoid lots of temporary writes to disk. Any programs that do a lot of temporary caching (eg firefox/icecat) should be modified to put their caches under /tmp (instead of user home directories). t=47512 SD Card Transcend SD cards use SLC, so should last longer than other cards. We will experiment with putting the ext3 log on SD, as if they do burn out from read/write cycles they are much cheaper to replace. We will also experiment with ext4, as ext4 checksums the journal, which may be more important with SD than other types of media.
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Autoshare makes certain YouTube activities public on the services you choose. Select only the services you are comfortable with - like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader - to let your friends know what you like on YouTube. Autoshare makes certain YouTube activities public on the services you choose. Select only the services you are comfortable with - like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader - to let your friends know what you like on YouTube. Marked as spam Reply Marked as spam Illuminati=ET kin aka gods, Annunaki, Ea, dragons, angels/demons, Satan, Pepsi, naga, vampires, bluebloods, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellars etc who rule cults like Freemasonry. Their agenda: repeatedly cull/victimize people via vaccines/other poisons, carbon taxes, Codex Alimentarius, internet 2, WW3 then stage an alien invasion to get a fascist world government/religion with us chipped. Support Dr Deagle, Stewart Swerdlow, Oracle Broadcasting, gardeners and free-energy technology! Autoshare makes certain YouTube activities public on the services you choose. Select only the services you are comfortable with - like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader - to let your friends know what you like on YouTube.
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It slips right into your briefcase, backpack or carrying case, practically unnoticed alongside files or papers. As the world's first notebook PC with a 7mm DVD-SuperMulti drive,* the Portg R500 series offers you full mobile multimedia capabilities. Use the DVD-SuperMulti drive* to record and play presentations, music, movies or any other media from 9 different disc formats. Outdoors, the transreflective screen ingeniously uses natural light to bring colors and images to life. In both settings, the display offers outstanding readability and image definition. This tremendous battery life means you can enjoy up to a full workday of normal computing on a single charge, enabling you to work longer without having to plug in. As thin as 077", the Portg R500 notebook PC sits about as high as an upright dime. You'll be amazed at how much performance is packed into such a small chassis. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offer are subject to change without notice. Toshiba is not liable for pricing, typographical or photography errors. Portg is a registered trademark of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Centrino, and Core, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, prices, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice.
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Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Submit your review Log in or create an account to submit your review for: Sharp Actius MM20 ORLog in with your Facebook account You are logged in as . Submit Submit your reply Summary:(10 characters minimum; required) 0 of 1000 characters The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks are prohibited. CNET's Site Terms of Use, you can report it below (this will not automatically remove the comment). Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Submit your review Log in or create an account to submit your review for: Sharp Actius MM20 ORLog in with your Facebook account You are logged in as . Submit Submit your reply Summary:(10 characters minimum; required) 0 of 1000 characters The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks are prohibited. CNET's Site Terms of Use, you can report it below (this will not automatically remove the comment). Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Select type of offense: Offensive: Sexually explicit or offensive language Spam: Advertisements or commercial links Disruptive posting: Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Comments (optional): Reportcancel Product description from manufacturer The Actius MM20 introduces a new way to remain productive on the go. This ultra slim lightweight notebook measures just 062 inches at the thinnest point and weighs only 20 pounds. You can confidently carry this lightweight beauty on the road all day thanks to the optional high capacity battery that provides up to 90 hours of battery life. Compare prices for Sharp Actius MM20 This product is currently not in stock at any of our online merchants.