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2010/1/22-24 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:53654 Activity:high
1/22    What's the difference between a job and a career?
        \_ women have jobs, men have careers.
           \_ true statement but one that is sexist and should be
              kept in a private conversation
        \_ A job could be anything that pays mortgage or feed the mouth.
           A career is something that is longer term, most of the time,
           something you do out of choice. People who clean toilets have
           a job. People who have a chance to climb corporate ladders
           have a career.
        \_ Most people have only one career path in their whole lifetime.  Few
           people have two or more.  Most people have several jobs in their
           lifetime.  For example, a person can have jobs and careers like
           Job 1: software engineer
           Job 2: senior software engineer
           Job 3: flipping burgers at McDonald's because he got laid off at #2.
           Job 4: software architect
           Job 5: flipping burgers at McDonald's because now he likes flipping
           Job 6: supervisor at McDonald's
           Job 7: Owner of a McDonald's restaurant.
           That translates to
           Career 1: software engineering (Jobs 1-4)
           Career 2: fast food business (Jobs 5-7)
           Job 3 is not a career switch because he considered it a temporary
2010/1/22-30 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53655 Activity:high
1/22    looking to buy a new development laptop
        needs ssdrive, >6 hr possible batt life, and runs linux reasonably
        Anyone have a recommendation? Thx.
        \_ thinkpad t23 w ssdrive and battery inplace of drive bay
        \_ Ever wondered what RICHARD STALLMAN uses for a laptop?  Well,
           wonder no more!
        \_ Apple makes the best laptops, IMO.
           \_ always disliked apple laptops. no pageup/down key, too heavy,
              have that silly apple light on the back of the display, and
              don't offer an extended-life battery as a mfg option --!OP
              \_ My MacBook Pro has pageup/down. I find some of the laptops
                 like the Air to be really light. Battery life also tends
                 to be pretty good compared to the Dells and ThinkPads I
                 have owned. I buy new 2 laptops every three years (one
                 Mac and one PC) and I far prefer the Mac.
                 \_ real page up/down or fn up/down
           \_ and you can run Parallels or VMWare and still get Winblows
              and/or Linux, which is really really awesome. Plus, you
              don't have to worry about having to reboot your Winblows
              every few days. You really get what you pay for.
                                -20 year PC user, 1 year HAPPY Mac user
              \_ why does every mac user say 'run parallels'?
                 why not just boot to a linux partition? -- !OP
                 \_ I recommend using a VM, but not Parallels. The reason
                    is that its far more convenient than booting another
                    partition. It's much nicer to be able to run both OS
                    at once.
                    \_ seconded, but that's because I run both a PC
                       and Mac and VM images are universal on both.
                       If I run Parallels, then I'm stuck in Mac OS land
                 \_ spoken like someone who never ran a VM. I can run
                    multiple OS's at the same time with only 5-8% penalty
                    in run-time (if the application isn't graphics oriented
                    like games). Obviously, if you're playing games, then
                    you need to run natively. But if you're doing web
                    or backend development, running OSs in parallel
                    is a godsend because I depend on apps that exist on
                    PC (shareware), Mac (Photoshop), and Linux (compiler,
                    apache, editor)
                    \_ Not a stranger to VMs, but certainly do not want my
                       long-uptime linux and freebsd work environments running
                       on something as unreliable as OS X.
                       \_ I hope you don't have a raid hooked up to it,
                          the upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 hosed my raid.
                    \_ I run linux on my older ibook.  PPC tho. Screw osx
                       pkg management is crap.
                       \_ oh wow, ok. America is great! Vote for GWB!!!
              \_ I did look at those and they didn't have the battery life
                 they seem to die out around 4-5 hours of use, and I mean
                 compiling, debugging, etc.  I'd like something that doesn't
                 die over a long flight (say to EU).
                 \_ Ok, what PC today lasts 6 hours of compilation?
                    \_ I get a good 6 hours work done on my current machine:
               (portege r500, ssdrive)
                       Been using it fairly heavily day in and day out 16/7
                       for the last 3 years and the mobo is starting to have
                       problems recharging the batt.  And heh, the keyboard
                       letters have all worn off.
                 \_ Get a spare battery.  Dell laptops let you use an oversize
                    battery instead of carrying a spare battery.
                    \_ yeah oversized and spare batts are the way to go,
                       i don't think mac supports swapping batteries for
                       extending life :-(.
                       \_ You sure can switch batteries. I have three for
                          my Mac. Are you sure you know anything about Macs?
                          \_ How do you force it to hibernate so you can swap?
                             \_ Close lid, wait a few seconds. Or press the
                                power button and select Sleep. Or select Sleep
                                from the Apple menu.
                                \_ Sleep != Hibernate.  If you put your Apple
                                   laptop to sleep and remove the battery,
                                   you lose your session.  You can make
                                   them hibernate with energy saver setting
                                   tweaks, but the hibernate mode is
                                   very slow compared to PC laptops.  -tom
                                   \_ Actually, it is, and you don't. (I just
                                      tried it to be sure.) If you put the
                                      machine to sleep, pull out the battery,
                                      then put the battery back in, it takes
                                      a while longer to resume, but you don't
                                      lose your session. The same happens if
                                      your battery runs down while the laptop
                                      is on standby.
                          \_ Non detacheable battery?
                          \_ The new macbook pros are internal battery only,
                             but that is irrelevant, because...
                             there is still no extended battery option.
                             Why carry multiple batteries and have to power
                             down/switch batteries instead of having a single
                             heavier battery that lasts the entire flight?
                             I don't see the advantage.
                        \_ I get almost 7 or 8 hours of compute time on
                           my new macbook pro.  I guess I could whine and
                           wish it lasted longer and that I could fit in
                           another battery, but I will chill.  7 hours
                           is a long time.
                             \_ fair enough. What PC do you prefer? Toshiba?
                                \_ I've had toshibas and IBMs (pre lenovo),
                                   I've not liked HPs or Sonys.  I've even
                                   had an eeepc that I used as a spare.

        \_ MacBook Air.
           \_ This is as ghey as driving an Audio TT.
              \_ My wife loves her MacBook Air.
           \_ Before the tosh i've had:
2010/1/22-30 [Transportation/Car] UID:53656 Activity:nil
1/22    "Humans Could Run 40 mph, in Theory" (
        "The top speed humans could reach may come down to how quickly muscles
        in the body can move."
        If this is true, Bruce Lee would have been one of the top sprinters in
        the world.
        \_ you should see how fast that 50 year old ultra marathon runner
           missing 1/8 of her brain can run
           \_ Huh?
              \_ Diane Van Deren:
2010/1/22-2/8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53657 Activity:kinda low
1/22    Scientific proof that prettier girls are bitchier (and I'm experienced
        in getting bitch slapped so this is hardly a surprise):
        \_ Runaway Bride. Treat people like shit, get special treatments.
        \_ I'd be bitchy too if I was mostly starved, and worked out continually
           and judge my self esteem only by the kind of man I could get that
           makes the other girls The Most Jealous.
        \_ Why do "scientists" often waste money doing researches to find
           things that we already know?  Just a couple weeks ago I heard on
           radio another research which found that people are happier on
           weekends than on weekdays.
           \_ Because scientists get NSF funds for this that they can use for
              renovating their homes.  Please rewatch real genius, and look
              at what Jerry is doing.
           \_ Same reason they lie to get grants about Global Warming.
              \_ Right, because the polar caps are melting and the sea
                 levels are rising for some other reason.
                 \_ Nice, did they teach you to chant that at hippie church?
                 \_ Sing up some kumbaya!
        \_ Exact same reasons why you should not hire good looking and/or
           charming people into your organization UNLESS your organization
           has a genuine need for charming/manipulative marketing/MBA type.
           Mr. Spock may be logical but he's not going to play golf with
           potential clients who may bring in $$$ for your organization.
        \_ Dance, Dance Testosterone Revelation:
           \_ information is mostly theory and of little use to people
              who read this article. FAIL.
              who read this article. FAIL. i am autistic.
        \_ Article FAIL: fails to say which UC this is (Santa Barbara),
           and fails to mention odds of this winning an IgNobel.
        \_ Can't they just figure this out by watching stuff like:
           pretty obvious pecking order repeated in any bar women frequent.
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